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News – Pakkuri

A new chinese original anime will be airing soon: Magic Index Library. It doesn’t look familiar at all!

news03-02news02-03“Tales of” series and the Monogatari series are now delving into the realm of Pachinko Slots. Tales of Destiny K is being made by Kitadenshi, while a Bakemonogatari machine is rumored to be in the works by Sammy and slated to october.

A new “Another” light novel was released today. It is titled “Episode S” and it seems a Gaiden chapter of sorts.


A new anime was recently teased here with a video on youtube with the lines: “A new type of heroine” and “An all out silly girl action”. It will be revealed in one week. However, japanese otakus already ruined the fun by messing with the source code of the video and discovered it is apparently a new Kaleido Star series.news03-03

Anime Review – Gen’ei wo Kakeru Tayou

Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou01One original series airing at this summer season. At first sight it seems to be more of those kawaii anime for K-on fans, but there is something more about it.


Galge Review – Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi

totono09Nitro+ always tries to offer unique experiences for each of their games. After working in such games as Axanael, where each choice you made could lead to one of the main characters dying, they decided to settle down with a more standard school romance with regular choices and flags…Or at least they tried!

(Spoilers Alert!)


News – New Sakura Taisen!

A new Sakura Taisen for Mobage is in the works. No further details yet…


Kyousogiga was just a ONA series, but now it was green-lighted as a TV series.


New demo of God Eater 2 avaliable for PSP and PS Vita. A weird-ass bug lets you choose the same character as a partner many times…


News – Main Otaku news for this month

Just a little retrospective with some high-lights from this month to get started. Hajime no Ippo, Guilty Gear, and many other Mangas, Light novels and Games…