Galge Review – Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi

totono09Nitro+ always tries to offer unique experiences for each of their games. After working in such games as Axanael, where each choice you made could lead to one of the main characters dying, they decided to settle down with a more standard school romance with regular choices and flags…Or at least they tried!

(Spoilers Alert!)

totono11totono10Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi  (simplified as totono) is the most interesting Galge I’ve played since Axanael. I think that the people from Nitro+ are geniuses, but even I know that their games are pretty crazy! This game is not recommended for those who want to enjoy a solid storytelling with a deep plot, neither for those who like love comedies with convenient happy endings.totono20totono13One thing that seems to be a unanimous opinion between everyone in the net is: “You should not use a walkthrough for this game”. This is a consensus followed so strongly that no walkthrough for this game exist anywhere. The reason for this is simple: You don’t play this game, this game plays you! (yeah! My first Russian reversal joke!).totono12At first, everything point to a regular game with a normal boy called Shin-ichi who has no special traits or talents and his childhood friend Sone Miyuki, that is like god on earth. Everything pretty normal, until they met the crazy Mukou Aoi. She thinks they are inside a Galge and says she is a sub-character that has the mission to make Shin-ichi relationship with Miyuki progress so they could reach the end of their route.

At first, they try to avoid her, but Shin-ichi starts to pity her and convinces Miyuki to become friends with her. Everything works well and, “most of times”, the protagonist ends together with Miyuki. However, Miyuki was to be the main role in a school play, where she would get kissed in the end. This revealed Shin-ichi ugly side, since he could reach dangerous levels of jealously. Sensing this, Aoi says she will contact the god of this world (the game system) to de-activate any possible routes of Miyuki with any other person other than Shin-ichi. (You could try to stop her, but since nothing happened in the demo, I choose not to).totono19After this, nothing really happens and the two childhood friends become lovers just like in the other routes. The real shit start to happen after you decided it’s a good time to try “capturing” Aoi’s route. The game explore a really advanced level of 4th wall breaking. Miyuki gets batshit crazy and decide to use Aoi’s smart phone to contact “God” to rewrite the game. The game breaks, your save data disappears, all the HUDs become something like a MS-DOS game (how nostalgic) and you become limited to events involving only Miyuki! She will always know what the player does behind her back because she can just read the backlog, besides, she can create her own save data, so she will never get trapped. She will eventually reveal that the source of all evil is you! The player! Because you were too jealous to accept her kissing with other man, you let Aoi curse her so she could only have a “route” with the main character.totono07totono08This is some serious charge right here! Most Japanese otaku are extremely obsessive and jealously with their 2D “wifus”, reaching levels where they would destroy their books and games or even threat the lives of the creators only because a heroin touched/thought about other men that was not the protagonist (whom they see as themselves). This reflects greatly in Shin-ichi behavior, to the point where one could really feel like he is on the shoes of the character.totono05totono22She furthermore explains that, if Shin-ichi doesn’t choose her, she will end alone until her death. This is also very clever! Think a little about all the heroines from every Galge or love-comedy, those rejected by the protagonist never have the opportunity to be happy with someone else, they are left alone forever. I am sure that, for the first time, many Galge players noticed this cruel “really” thanks to this game.

totono15totono16 totono17totono18From this point on, Miyuki stop to talk with Shin-ichi, she doesn’t need anymore since he is only a hollow body used by YOU! The player! She knows there is someone playing the game and even confess she still loves you! She doesn’t even use text to talk anymore, since what she says isn’t on the script anymore, besides, she is now talking directly with you!totono14This game really is something else! It’s insane and frustrating, but it’s also very satisfactory. In the climax, you have to make a final decision, this decision can’t be remade and you will have to reinstall the game to play from the beginning, but this is the message the game wants to pass. The Miyuki and Aoi from that time existed only in your first playthrough, and you can never turn back your answer from that time.totono03To finish this game I had to do things like mathematic problems, quizzes, and investigation. Things I would never imagine to be necessary in a Galge! In the end, it was worth it! The ending I choose was simple, but was a very satisfactory ending! Thanks Nitro+!totono21This game was so unpredictable that I lost the chance to take screen caps from several important points. I would had to reinstall the game and work my way through the game’s ending again, but since I didn’t want to erase my game I got some files from this site:

Thank you! You helped me a lot!totono01

19 responses to “Galge Review – Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi

  1. Thanks for your review !

    Now, I really want to play this, but well, I’ve only studied japanese for one year.
    Maybe one day, too bad xD

    • Since this is a Nitro+ title, there’s a small chance of this game be localized or at least translated. I’ve heard about Nitro+ working to localize their titles, starting with Stein Gate.

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  3. Hey, thanks for the review here. Can you tell me which girl you chose at the end? Was it Miyuki? I hope so.

  4. It was Miyuki. Although I love eccentric girls like Aoi, I thought it would be just lame to forget all about the original crush and first girlfriend.

    • Wait, the original crush and first girlfriend is Miyuki, correct? I also believe that it’s cruel to forget all about your original crush. So, from your previous message above, you chose Miyuki, correct? I just want to make sure that it’s actually Miyuki, especially since she’s far more interesting as a character. Either way, you chose Miyuki in the end, right? Also, can I ask you questions about what happened in the VN, especially what happened after choosing Miyuki? Considering that this will be officially translated in probably 15 years, I want to see how the story and characters go.

      Is there some way to contact with through other means? I’m fine with the comments section here.

      • Yes, I choose Miyuki, the black haired girl. This game gets really chaotic halfway through it, and it has been a while, but if you want to talk about it, feel free to talk to me on twitter at @gangrelion

  5. Also, Miyuki is the black-haired girl wearing a black hair-thing, right? Aoi is the one with pink hair and a black cat hair-pin, the eccentric one, correct?

  6. Hello, have you read my previous two comments? Can you answer to the questions in them?

  7. My bad, Miyuki Sone actually has purple hair as stated in, but her hair color looks black. Sorry for the misinformation.

    • Technically, you’re not wrong. Her hair color is primarily black, but with feint shades of purple to stylize it. You won’t notice the purple in it unless you look really close. The guy who wrote the vndb entry was just trying to be too specific.

      • Oh, thank you for telling me that. You told me that you chose Miyuki, the black-haired girl, at the end of the VN, so I didn’t want to be confused of who she is. Also, I tweeted at your twitter page, @gangrelion. Have you received it?

        By the way, this quote you said, “The Miyuki and Aoi from that time existed only in your first playthrough, and you can never turn back your answer from that time.”. What do you mean by this? It’s near the pic with Miyuki and Aoi looking at YOU.

      • Yes! I saw your comment and gave a like to it. Thanks!
        At the very end of the game, you need to choose between the 2. After this, all of your previous save data will be deleted and you will be unable to start the game from the beginning to play other routes, because this choice is meant to be FOREVER!

        Unless you uninstall and re-install the game. XD

      • So, from what you’re saying, at the very end of the VN, you need to choose between the two girls, to be happy with only one of them? After making your decision (aka, after choosing Miyuki Sone obviously for good reasons), you won’t be able to start the VN from the very beginning to play the other routes because the choice you made (choosing one of the two girls, here it’s Miyuki) is permanent, it can’t be remade once you decided the girl you TRULY want to be with at the bottom of your heart; this is meant to prove if you’re able to man up and be ready to accept the consequences of this decision with no regrets. Am I getting this right so far? What happens when you start a new game at the main menu after getting Miyuki’s True Ending? Does it loop Miyuki’s True Ending again? Can you tell me what her True Ending is and what happens in it?

        Also, when you say “other routes”, aren’t there only two routes, Miyuki’s and Aoi’s before the crazyness happens? Additionally, the “beginning” you’re referring to, is it the beginning before Shinichi and Miyuki even meet Aoi for the first time, before the game is hacked by Miyuki herself?

        I can talk to you on Twitter if you want, but there’s a character limit there. I can try to do so if you wish.

      • That’s right. This final choice is made to test if you really have the resolve to choose to truly love only one of the two to the end. By doing so, options like “New Game” or “Load Game” will disappear. If I remember correctly, you can only see an epilogue (which shows the couple living their high school life happily ever after) or you can look at the Gallery (although all of the CGs from the girl you didn’t choose will be gone, unless you use a “special code”, which I don’t remember what was it anymore).
        You can use Direct Messages on twitter, which has no character limit.

      • Hey, gangrelion, it’s rick12uw. So, once you make the final choice to pick one of the two girls to truly love to the end (for YOU, gangrelion, it’s Miyuki), you will then see the epilogue/True Ending of the girl you chose, which for Miyuki, it shows her accepting Shinichi’s request to become his girlfriend while shedding tears of joy on the school rooftop (what the, did the world get reset or something? Before this, the world had a red sky. Not only that, Miyuki was talking to US after choosing her.)? Of course, both Shinichi and Miyuki will receive a photo of Aoi from an unknown sender, where they won’t remember her at all, aside from a sense of deja vu. Is it because she’s erased from existence?

        So, after seeing Miyuki’s True Ending, we’ll be taken to the title screen, where the title itself has changed and Aoi’s phone is not there. If we select ‘New Game’, it will loop back to Miyuki’s True Ending where we see it again, right? What about ‘Load Game’? Is it the same as well? Is the reason why the game loops back to Miyuki’s True Ending is because of us choosing Miyuki to truly love only her and that we shouldn’t regret on it while having the resolve to go through with that choice without looking back on it? I sure as well don’t regret Miyuki as I care about her as a character. Also, even the Gallery is changed where the CGs of the girl (Aoi) we didn’t choose are now gone? Can you explain this for me?

        “…you can only see an epilogue (which shows the couple living their high school life happily ever after)”. Isn’t Miyuki’s True Ending/epilogue having her become Shinichi’s girlfriend when he asked her out while shedding tears of joy, which makes them a couple in her True Ending? Of course, the new couple will now live their high school life happily in the future. Also, have you seen Aoi’s True Ending? You don’t have to see it, just asking if you did. Hope to hear from you soon.

        Also, what made you choose Miyuki? What about Miyuki did you like more than Aoi, who has far less character development?

      • I played this game a long time ago, so there are certain details I might not remember (for example: I don’t remember if Miyuki sheds tears of joy in her ending), but as far as I can remember:
        The game warns you that the heroine you didn’t choose will be erased, together with all her CGs and all of your saved data (I don’t remember if there’s even a LOAD GAME option on the title screen after that, but even if there’s one, it will be useless, since your saves will be ALL gone, no exception. Miyuki has already deleted them prior to that, anyway.)
        As you know, choosing the NEW GAME will only loop the epilogue.
        I never went through the trouble of seeing Aoi’s ending after that. It was already a nightmare to finish the game once, going through countless loops, menus that move by themselves, options that disappear after a few seconds, math puzzles and more! I don’t need any more of this in my life!
        I chose Miyuki because she felt more like a proper character to me. She has a more complete arc, her story is intriguing and impactful and her obsession for the protagonist is also quite exciting to see. Aoi, on the other hand, is just a vague existence that suddenly fell into that world. Therefore, she doesn’t have connections with anybody and she has almost no development. Although she is actually not meant to be a good character, since her whole existence is to be a comment on how cliche, one-dimensional and poorly written an Eroge heroine can be. In that sense, she does a perfect job!

      • So, the heroine/girl we didn’t choose in the final choice will be erased (the game itself warns us of this) along with all her CGs and all of our saved data (due to Miyuki deleting all of them prior to her taking control of the game)? Also, everytime we choose ‘New Game’ (after seeing Miyuki’s True Ending), it will only loop back to Miyuki’s True Ending/epilogue since we chose her, locking us into it permanently?

        Now that I think about it, like you, I also will choose Miyuki because she felt far more like a real and proper character to me. Like you said, she has a more complete arc, her story is far more impactful and intriguing, and her obsession with the protagonist, Shinichi, (or in actuality, US, the Players) is very interesting and exciting to see occur. However, Aoi is nothing more than a vague existence that suddenly fell into the world of Totono. Because of that, she has no connections to anyone and has almost no development to her as a character. Of course, like you said, Aoi was actually made this way to serve as a comment on how cliche, one-dimensional and poorly written an Eroge heroine can be. She wasn’t meant to be a good character, unlike Miyuki who’s far better in every regard that Aoi lacked. Am I getting it thus far?

        Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon.

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