News – No More Berserk

There is a rumor going on 2chan about a new Idol M@aster being announced on the next Tokyo Game Show. Kentaro Miura will never work on his manga again…news04-01

Talking about rumors, there is one going on in the other side of the world about a pack with the PS4+PSVita for 500 bucks. Interesting…

Did you even imagined having to buy games with covers like those below? Acording to this, it seems that is a new reality on Chile.


Dark Souls is now a FPS thanks to a hack made by this fellow called “Soul Slasher”. It seems more generic than ever.

Dengeki Online Informed about the remake of Criminal Girls for the PS Vita. New characters, scenarios, costumes and punishment. However, nothing about better graphics, which means the game will be a papercraft show once again.


One response to “News – No More Berserk

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