News – Rorona no Remake

Scans from the newest Playstation magazine shows that a remake of Atelier Rorona is in the works. It will be released for PS3 & PS Vita. There will be new events, items, changeble clothes, battle systems, and better graphics. The game will have cross saving features and the first press edition will come with a code for Rorona’s swimming suit. It seems that the game is not being made by the regular Atelier team but by a group from Koei Tecmo.news05-01news05-02White Album 2 will also be out for Vita on November 28.news05-04Have watched the anime Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko? If yes, then how about playing a Galge for the PSP? You choose how to react to the girls topics by selecting being honest to your feelings or just fake a reaction.news05-03

4 responses to “News – Rorona no Remake

  1. Oh man, they announce a remake for Rorona like a few months after I buy the game… Great…. -_-

    • Ha Ha! Sorry for that. Such a shame I am the one to ive you this “bad” news. If it makes you feel better, I brought the japanese Totori remake a week before they announced the USA version…

      • Ahh, that sucks 😦
        Something similar actually happened to me as well. I bought the Japanese version of Project Diva F on PS Vita and then a month later they announced that it was being released on PS3 in English… Oh the misfortune….

      • Wow! I actually got very close from doing the exact same thing…

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