Galge Review – Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony

tojita01This game sure came as a surprise. It is easily a hidden gem among other major releases of Galges for the last month. It deserve more attention. Therefore, here is a review.

Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony (A bird’s colony in a closed world) is the first release of Tiny Bell, a sister brand for Bonbon Company. Different from its parent, Tiny Bell is more interested on doing games with more mature contents, and I am not talking about H-scenes. What I mean is that this game is not about a poverty god with a mushroom on her head (?) or magic girls that get stronger the more they hold their piss.tojita13So what is this game about? Is the plot so original and revolutionary? Well…not really.tojita12One fateful day, the protagonist Minato see himself trapped in a time loop between the first month of the new semester.tojita03This period represented great changes for him, like the transfer student Arihara Nodoka, who became his first girlfriend.tojita04He learning about his childhood friend Inori’s true feelings; The school festival in which he got very involved;tojita08He even became a more dependable person to his little sister Korone and his kouhai Yuki. But everything returned to zero on a certain morning.tojita09So this is a story used many times before, right. It’s not new even for the Galge world, the difference? It is well executed! The player will not make countless routes with a save file at each new option, instead, there are many loops, each one representing a different choice the main character did. When the month starts again, he will remember what happened before and will even change some of his actions automatically according to some occasions, this also reveals more choices and flags for the player.

Each loop has something interesting. There are those standard H-scenarios, but some of them can be very romantic or even hilarious, there are a few that are not even about any of the girls.tojita11The game gets my respect for having well written characters. While the protagonist can seem like a regular good-for-nothing lead, he actually has a very strong personality. Not only that but he gets to develop alongside the other heroines. Character development sounds like something obvious, but it’s in fact very rare in games like these.tojita05One of my favorite parts in this game is about the protagonist’s childhood friend: Inori. She was always seeing as a genius girl who could pretty much take care of herself since young age. For this reason, Minato’s parents entrusted her to look after their “slow” son. This made her act very strictly towards the protagonist, punishing him for no good reasons with violence and insults. Because of the peculiar way she was raised, she thought this was the best way to express her love for Minato and she also believed the protagonist understood her actions as it was the most natural thing.tojita07However, when Minato starts to date Nodoka, she learns he actually hated her for all those years from the bottom of his heart. This made her broke, but she did not became a Yandere, what happened is that she became unable to accept herself as she could do nothing to change all the stupid things she had being doing since her childhood. Therefore, she could not face the main character anymore.tojita06To go against an abusive girl from Japanese fiction is something really impressive! It need balls of steel! Something most of Japanese main characters doesn’t have nowadays, like Keitaro from Love Hina.tojita10But Minato has much to do, He needs to find what is the cause for the loop. This mystery is also very well done, it seemed like something out of a Agatha Christ book!

It’s only in the end where the player comes toward a choice to decide Minato’s definitive partner, following by each individual ending. The endings are very short and don’t even have H-scenes, but after everything the protagonist has to go through, it is a very satisfactory ending.tojita02After this one, I will certainly be looking after new releases from Tiny Bell.

3 responses to “Galge Review – Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony

  1. This game certainly is a hidden gem among other titles. Thanks for reviewing this, because of this I was able to have a wonderful experience with this game. Looking forward towards your next review.

  2. Man, great review! something new to add to my list 🙂 I’ve been looking for a time loop game like this for a while ^^

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