Review – Little Princess: Marl Oukoku no Ningyou Hime 2(PSOne)

littleprincess (56)When I was in middle school I played a game called “Rhapsody” and loved, it was just recently that I learned about its spiritual successor: “Antiphona no Seikahime” for the PSP. The game was very fun and gave me the incentive to look for the other games in the series. It was when I noticed this game for free on my PS Plus account.

littleprincess (11)littleprincess (40)Little Princess was originally released for the PSone on November 25, 1999. Like every other following game in the series, it was never brought to the west because of the poor sales of the original game.littleprincess (41)littleprincess (34)This is the sequel for Rhapsody, starring Cornet’s daughter: Kururu, who not only looks like her mother’s doll friend but acts just like her too. She has a strange obsession to find her own prince, just like her mother.

 littleprincess (52)littleprincess (51)

The interesting part is how they deal with the plot, since it’s almost as everything that happened in the first game was inverted on this game. Etoile, for example, is not the protagonist’s rival anymore, she actually acts more like a mother to her, while her daughter Crea is Kururu’s best friend. Kururu, by the way, is totally different from her mother, she is not loved by everyone as the cutest girl in her village. Honestly, she has a terrible reputation. Those and more elements prevent the story to repeat itself, even when it seemed it was destined to.littleprincess (19)littleprincess (33)There are many other characters, I could look for an illustration and description for each one, but since Kururu decided to write a school report about her vacation and friends, I decided to put her work to good use:littleprincess (43)littleprincess (44)littleprincess (45)littleprincess (46)littleprincess (48)littleprincess (47)The battle system is way more simplified than its predecessor, making the pacing of the game faster. It is more like a traditional turn-based RPG (similar to the style used on the DS remake of Rhapsody). What I like about it is that, when you assign all the actions of your allies for one turn, they all attack at the same time, this creates some great action scenes. It’s very simple but also very fun.littleprincess (15)littleprincess (35)The graphics are one of the main attractions for the game. During the PSone era, Nippon Ichi had one of the best 2D graphics for the system, unfortunately their fame turned upside-down with their jump to the PS2, but it’s very nice to remember how those hand-drawed graphics looked gorgeous on the system.littleprincess (38)littleprincess (30)The levels of details are also incredible, you can see that the staff really put the feelings on making unnecessary touches just to make the experience even better. There are some really incredible scenes, and they don’t need to use CGI of any sort to do it.

littleprincess (28)littleprincess (29) littleprincess (6)littleprincess (5)Other important part of a Nippon Ichi game is its humor. It’s not different with this one, as it is a wild ride into the world of crazy.littleprincess (8)littleprincess (9)littleprincess (37)littleprincess (25)The sound is also top notch. Just like the other games, this one also features musical scenes with the characters singing really catch songs. Those songs also tend to be hilarious.

littleprincess (23)littleprincess (14)

To summarize: This was a great experience; it made me feel very nostalgic while playing a great game. However, I am aware that this series is essentially for children. The story is good but simple, The difficult is easy even in the highest levels and the layout and texts are all made to be easy for children to understand. Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that is greatly fun to play. I believe that many gamers who like the Atelier series will appreciate this series as much.

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