Galge Review – Yes, your highness

YYH01Well, I needed a something to do while I was playing those long  grind sessions in Conception 2. This was when I stumbled across this very innocent little Galge from the newly born Himawari which got only one main heroine. Well…it was long since the last “single-heroine” game a played, so I decided to give a try.

The story goes something like this: On an unnamed country lives Munakata, a war hero who returns from the battlefield after a great victory, which leads him to be adopted by a count, thus becoming part of the nobility. With his new status, he is appointed as the personal guard of princess Sakurako who will be the next ruler of the entire kingdom.YYH05Things don’t turn so well at their first encounter because of some misunderstandings and her hate for soldiers. However, Sakurako is way more mature than she looks! Not too long after, she formally apologies to Munakata and even gives him a day-off.YYH08Things were developing a bit slowly for a while until an event where Munakata saves Sakurako’s life during a royal party. Even though it wasn’t her fault, Sakurako blamed herself for Munakata’s injuries while still feeling terrible for her behavior around him.YYH06She tries to talk alone with him in his room during the night, but he ends up attacking her on his sleep while having terrible dreams about the war. When Munakata finally awakens, instead of complaining about the whole thing, Sakurako decides to sing him a lullaby while patting his head to help him get rid of the nightmares. This is when she starts to feel something special for the young soldier.YYH07From this point on, the game take on many different routes involving many different characters, some don’t even have voices or a standing graphics, but even so, all of them are very charismatic and complex. I love this game for its simplicity. Himawari knew they would have only one heroine, even so, they did their best to create an interesting world around her so it would not look like she lives in purgatory with an invisible man (which is the case for most “single-heroine” Galges).YYH13While every character is very likeable, Sakurako is something more special. She is a strong heroine but she is not all-mighty, meaning she needs someone like Munakata by her side, and this is what makes their romance not only interesting but also very convincing, since Munakata is a man capable of giving support for a future queen because his is a very strong lead character. They both got their own weaknesses, but are capable to help each other, just like the scene with the nightmare and lullaby.YYH02Other characters include Suzuran, Sakurako’s maid and the only one who was able to stand Sakurako’s cruel and egocentric personality before Munakata’s arrival. She ends up being more than a maid for her later, becoming more like a big sister, but not in a cheap level, since they really start to develop a kind of love and respect only seeing between relatives.YYH03There is also Asagiri, who seems like a very suspicious person at first, but turns out to be a very reliable Onee-san who got an interesting and complicated relationship with Munakata.YYH12Kikko is kind of a secret character who only appears after some very specific routes and options are taken. She is the comic relief character, but even her is full of great moments.YYH11The BGM fits very well with the environment, having that Victorian style. The art style is also very beautiful (even though the artist draw some low-angles in a very weird manner). Some guys are saying that the drawing gives the impression of a more dark game, I don’t get why, maybe it’s because of some Light titles (such as Kajiri Kamui Kagura). Even so, it’s still very good.YYH14This was a really great start for Himawari! A simple and satisfactory game. I will be looking forward for their next releases!

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