Daily Archives: September 11, 2013

News – The most terrible Monsters are yet to be Hunted

The new Monster Hunter 4 will have a collaboration with famous manga series “Baki“. Therefore, two set of clothes will be sold for hunters to cosplay as Hanayama and Yujiro (strangely enough, it will be avaliable for both genders…).news15-01news15-02

News – Promises are made to be broken in Blazblue

Arc System Works had promised to not make DLC characters for the next Blazblue, since many complained about the “Extended” version that included all DLCs + new exclusive content (just like with MvsC3). However, The console version of Chrono Phantasma isn’t even out yet and they have already gone back on their word in this week Famitsu reveal of Kokonoe as a DLC. She will attack using a weird drill hammer thing and her Drive will use her own special gauge. It is not explained how it will work, but it is teased she will use thunder and flame magic.news14-01