Game Review – Tears to Tiara: Avalon no Nazo (PS3/PSP)

teartotiara (76)A year after the PS3 remake, Leaf/Aquaplus released one more game for the Tears to Tiara series. There is even less information about this title than the previous one, probably because there was no anime or manga adaptation for it. Therefore, it’s time to unveil the mystery behind this game.

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“Tears to Tiara Side-Story: Mystery of Avalon” would be best described as a Galge “fan-disk”. Which means that it is an after-story but not a full new adventure. For this reason, there are no futher character development or new characters (except for a character coming from the anime: Decimus…well, he was in the PS3 game, but was faceless and nameless).teartotiara (40)There are some welcomed changes and new elements. Arthur, for example, finally gets the respect he deserves and Arawn gets the scolding he deserves for being a lazy bastard.

It’s finally in this game that Arawn makes Limwris one of his many wives. It’s as easy as expected.

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The story revolves around the characters traveling to a parallel world through a mysterious cursing device found in one of the castle towers. This world has Avalon castle as it’s center. The heroes have to gather the “strings of fate” which the universe is made of. Former allies and old enemies first appear enslaved by the strings and ordered to kill the heroes, but they join the team once defeated.

teartotiara (48)teartotiara (44)There’s no side-chapters with slice-of-life events like in the previous game, but it’s alright since the game plot itself is like a wacky slice-of-life or a parody of the original game’s plot, with hardly any serious moment.teartotiara (37)teartotiara (38)The game starts with (I shit you not) boar hunting…The heroes are around level 26 to give the impression they are the same characters that have won the final battle from the previous game. However, in the best “Metroid” fashion, they soon lose their powers and return to level 1 at the start of chapter 2.teartotiara (43)teartotiara (46)The only significant change is the EP system, which means “Existence Points”. Every character (aside from Arawn) loses one point out of 5 each turn. Reaching zero points cripples your character, making him becoming practically useless. This is to force the player to use other characters with the new command “change”. The reason behind this implementation is probably the additional character in the game. The intention was to make players try every single character and make them join the action without having the screen full of stuff.teartotiara (56)teartotiara (57)The PSP version was announced one year later at the same time as the PSP port of Kakan no Daichi, with Avalon no Nazo being released one month later.teartotiara (58)teartotiara (59)This game is a good investment for those who really loved the characters from the first installment and wanted to see more funny and echii stuff with them. But it’s not recommended for those who prefer the complex main plot from the original, since this is nowhere to be found here. It could have bteartotiara (60)

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