Galge Review – Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade

chiisanakanojou00After getting two anime adaptations of its titles, Feng became a pretty famous brand in the Galge world, so each of their releases became a big deal. By noticing this, Feng always delay their games a little to polish things up. This was not different with this game. Was it worth the wait?


chiisanakanojou17Takumi is a high-schooler that lives in the fictional village of Suminoe. The whole city is excited and busy with preparations for the mermaid festival and this include Takumi as well, as he had a full day running around to make delivers for the café Mermaid owned by his family. During such a day he is helped by his childhood friend Mizuka, meets with his senpai Kaede, and gets to know two eccentric girls: the impulsive rich-girl Matsuri and the mysterious little Shione. After a series of unexpected events (well…not really, if you have already been playing Galges for a while) Shione starts to live with him and Matsuri transfers to his school.


chiisanakanojou07chiisanakanojou08Katagai Shione is the main heroine. She is very short and timid. She has a very beautiful singing  voice (at least it’s what everyone in the game says), but she gets too embarrassed to sing next to others. By hearing her singing Takumi is convinced that she is the Mermaid from the festival legend and starts to try to find her “real identity”.

chiisanakanojou10chiisanakanojou11Motosuwa Matsuri is a very different character. She is introduced in the official site as a “NOT perfect cold (?) beauty”, which means she is a “deconstruction” of a VERY FREQUENTLY  used stereotype in Galges. I love deconstructions since they are extremely important in this overly repetitive genre. Matsuri is specially a nice change of pace from the typical perfect rich girl that can do everything alone, as such, making the protagonist seem useless. It’s exactly because she needs help that she becomes closer to Takumi.

chiisanakanojou14chiisanakanojou13Moriya Mizuka is everything you could expect from a childhood friend (in a Galge), she comes to wake the protagonist every day, likes to take baths with him, and is a obviously in love with him. She is a bit of an airhead, but her determination to help others make up for it.

chiisanakanojou16chiisanakanojou15Shirasato Kaede was almost Takumi’s girlfriend from a while back, but he lied about his age to better fit her tastes and even gave a fake name so she could not check trough the school. Obviously, which made then eventually brake up. However, she could never forget her feelings for him, causing her to become a quasi-tsundere, even though she is not so good at it…

chiisanakanojou18chiisanakanojou23Take Kobato from “Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai” and give her two giant melons and you will get Shirasato Karin. She is Kaede’s little sister and a chuunibyou. She is the last character to be introduced, being the only one to not appear in the first chapter. She decides that Takumi must make a pact with her because he finds out about her secret rituals (he only read the light novel she was writing), therefore, she starts to call him “servant” and keeps following him around to give him orders. Unfortunately for her, nobody takes her seriously.


chiisanakanojou21chiisanakanojou12This game focus in the café atmosphere, making it a “kisaten game”, which means that, somehow, every girl (and a trap) in the game will have to work part-time on Takumi’s café, just for the sake of seeing them using cute uniforms. This is – like many others – a school comedy, for such, every girl that interacts with Takumi will eventually be in his same school, club or/and class.


The game almost feels like a “nukige”. There are some short introduction chapters and a few choices to get to a route, from there on there are just some lovey-dovey scenes and a bunch of H-scenes. Each scenario have almost no drama to it and the writing is very simple. It felt even simpler than “Ichiban Ja Nakya Dame Desuka?”. For such, even though the game got 5 routes, one could complete it with a few hours.

chiisanakanojou20…There is one thing that I really enjoyed about this game, the heroines DO care when they are not chosen by Takumi and almost every route has scenes to deal with this. Sometimes it is a comic event, sometimes it is a very dramatic scene, but each event fits with the route’s atmosphere.chiisanakanojou06chiisanakanojou19


Generally speaking, this game feels very “short”, just like its title: There are few support characters, the routes are very short, the screen resolution is small and weird, and there are just a few choices to decide the route. If there is one thing that is not limited is the GIRLS BOOBS! They are HUGE! Take a look at Karin’s breasts! They are literally bigger than her head!chiisanakanojou24I am not a huge fan of the art style used here. The girls anatomy is very weird and with everyone being too skinny (except by the boobs! Of course!).chiisanakanojou03There are 3 artists to make graphics for this game, plus one just for the SDs, but they all got very similar styles, which makes difficult to notice any difference.

chiisanakanojou02chiisanakanojou05 There are no visible men, except by Takumi during some CG events, but even them he is mostly depicted with no face and a very generic visualchiisanakanojou22


The music is mostly average, but there is one particular track during H-scenes that reminds me of a music from “Castlevania – Symphony of the Night”, which is awesome and weird at the same time.

The voice actors are decent, giving very cute voices for the girls, but there is nothing that really stands out. One thing that particularly bothered me a lot is that Shione never sings during the entire game, not even during her route that is all about singing. I looked in the music section but only the opening and ending theme get vocals.



chiisanakanojou04This is a very simple game indeed, but it’s a nice one at least. I didn’t find anything to hate about it and fans of Feng games will probably enjoy it. I just don’t think this will be getting a anime adaptation anytime soon…

4 responses to “Galge Review – Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade

  1. I’m thoroughly pleased and excited to see another regular eroge-player like me.

    As for Feng’s games, I find that they are indeed, too simple. The plot is just there and with no specific significance, and while some games from producers like Whirlpool may hint a moral or a theme (or obviously place it there in front of you), Feng’s games have none of that, making as if one wasted his time in the end if he was looking to “get something” out of the game (like me).

    Despite this, I found that Feng’s games usually have the best humor. With Hoshizora AA being top ranked in my list of games for humor, I just remember that from the first hour, my knees were red and my stomach was in extreme pain.

    Seeing your review encourages me to play this game (when I’m done with exams), but not have too much hope for the title itself. It seems like the stereotypical Feng game where I should really only play it for the humor.

    Since you seem to be much faster at finishing games than me, I shall be keeping a close eye on your posts from now on. Thank you again for a great review!

    • He he! You’re right about me finishing games much faster than must people. This is because I am quite disoccupied right now. But this game was very short as well. I completely forgot to write about the comedy part, sorry about that. It’s indeed good, but nothing like you described with Hoshizora AA (at least in my opinion). There are some innocent and good humor, like when Karin calls herself “warawa” but ends up saying “wawawa” by mistake and everyone makes fun of her, so she insists that it was on porpose, as it is an even more noble form to refer to oneself, so she keeps saying “wawawa” throughout the game. However, there are some bad parts was well, like when Takumi starts dating a certain someone and the girls react this time by getting very pissed with him (maybe because they can’t accept the chosen girl) so they start with the trend of saying “the summer is over” for everything! (Ex: don’t need to hurry up, the summer is already over after all!) Summer is the season for love (at least in this game) so they are trying to indirectly say that the love of their lives ended, and it’s Takumi’s fault, and they really insist too much!

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