Galge Review – Monobeno -Happy End-

monobeno30Monobeno was a Galge with a very well-written and interesting plot, but it had a serious fault: There was not nearly enough lolis! That’s why “Lose” came to fix it and give the definitive “happy end” to this story.


monobeno06Before it’s release, the original game had many CG samples that made people misunderstand the plot about the protagonist’s little sister magically aging as just a gimmick to have lots of H-scenes. While this certainly isn’t untrue, many got very shocked to see a very solid plot behind those circumstances and a very serious development dealing with a little innocent girl who had her time and youth stolen from her. Now, in this sequel, it seems the game has finally assumed it’s true nature as a Lose’s title, for now there are lolis everywhere! Everyone turns into a loli here! Even girls who were already pretty young. They are able  to find a convenient excuse to rejuvenate any character, even God is not safe!monobeno16

Plot, Characters, Routes & Spoilers

As this is a sequel to a game, I will not go explaining about everything, but I will summarize the basics and it should be enough:monobeno05Sawai Touru and his very young sister go to their birthplace in the rural town of Monobeno, where humans and Ayakashis co-exist to a certain extent. They stay at their family’s old house alongside with Sumi and Hishakaku, two Youkais who act as guardians for the Sawai family. At a certain point, Touru’s little sister Natsuha starts to age really fast and after many divestures and twists, Touru finds out she not only was affected by the divine treasure Otomemizu, but she also suffers from IAGS, a very rare illness that makes people age faster. From this point on, Touru seeks many different solutions for his sister condition during the different routes.

monobeno09monobeno10v2Sumi’s route is most likely to be the canon one, at least it is made so for this game (see the cover). This was probably because how confused people were by reaching her end in the original title whenAaAAAaAAAaAAaAAAAAaAAAh!!!monobeno01aaAAAAAAaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAA!!!! OK! That was some heavy shit! A poor innocent child was turned into a decrepit old woman and there was nothing her loved ones could do to help her. All they could do was to live on as happily as they could just to show her that life goes on and that she still could be happy in that state. This was…Disturbing and Depressing! Those guys at Lose have balls! Well, at least until the release of this sequel (Noticed the sub-title?).

monobeno21monobeno20Therefore, Sumi’s After-Story is actually dedicated to Touru’s quest to find the god Nanatsurao to restore Natsuha’s body to it’s former youth. His spiritual training takes over 7 years, and during this time, Sumi gives birth to their first child: Emi – a cute little girl.monobeno22This route has not enough Sumi love! Touru has little time to have some fun with his little wife. Natsuha and Emi are clearly the focus of this scenario, even though it is called “Sumi’s After-Story”.monobeno24Natsuha’s route is considerably simpler, as her problem is solved by doing sex with her big brother…No kidding! It’s Magical Sex!monobeno31With the Otomemizu out of her body, Natsuha’s life was to go back to normal, but Touru still has to deal with her IAGS. As it was not enough, they find out there was still a portion of the Otomemizu remaining on Natsuha’s body, and the only solution for this was to have a very lovey-dovey daily life with her. Oh the Pain!

monobeno03monobeno04Alice‘s route is a mix between the serious tone from Sumi’s story and all the Erotic fun-time from Natsuha’s. It takes place right after Touru and Alice decided to run from Monobeno with Natsuha while going against the elders and Nanatsurao’s Miko Himemiya. Now in the big-city, they try to find a way to help Natsuha, but Touru’s body is still too damaged by their suddenly escape, and they don’t even have enough money to eat properly. It’s when the Himemiya from the previous generation comes back to life and makes everything better by making everyone become a Loli….No! I am serious! This is what she does! It’s…complicated…But whatever! Alice is a super cute little girl now and Touru must make sex with her because IT’S THE ONLY WAY!monobeno26In the end, Sumi’s storyline is undoubtedly the main feature of this game, and it’s worth it! I love the characters and situations in this adventure! Touru is a very cool and heroic protagonist, Sumi is an ideal wife and Emi is…a very realistic child…which means she is a bit annoying…But it’s alright! Hishakaku is there too and he still freaking Awesome! I Just don’t get it! He is just an umbrella, yet I find myself getting all emotional by seeing this admirable Youkai reaching his final days little by little, and when it finally happens, it is just too epic! A FREAKING UMBRELLA!monobeno15There is just too many characters, but just like the old Hishakaku, there are a lot of charismatic fellows, even among the most unimportant supporting cast, which shows how much work they put on this game.


monobeno13The graphics are great. The drawings are of high quality and are all done by the same artist “Cura”, which gives a pattern in quality and style. All characters on screen have blinking animations and mouth movement, and while all animates pretty smoothly, this is not just for standing graphics (tate-e), and all the countless CGs in the game receive the same treatment! There are some times where the mouth animations don’t seem to be able to keep up with the voices, but nothing that gets to bother.monobeno18This game is certainly an eye candy! The backgrounds, the effects, the characters, everything is so great! I believe this is one of the most visually appealing Galge’s I’ve ever played (and I played a lot of those!).


monobeno08monobeno07Making a perfect combo with the graphics, the sound is also great! The game is truly “Full-voiced” for a change! Yes! This means even Touru got a voice actor (at least when he is not partaking to a H-scene), and he is excellent…when he is not laughing, that is! A team of bad-asses worked to dub this game, and they did a fantastic job! I was even surprised by some performances, since I never expected to hear Suzuta Miyako (Kudryavka from Little Busters) doing a mature and intimidating voice!

The BGM also does a great job at keeping the atmosphere of ancient gods and Youkais by using many classic instruments on it’s tracks, creating pleasant and interesting soundtrack.

Systems and Others

monobeno29For those who did not play the first game, this one still has most of the original title’s scenario in it. It rarely summarize anything and it sums to over 50 different CGs. Consequently, this game probably becomes the eroge with the most H-scenes EVER! See that shot above? Up there you see a list with almost 20 scenes! Not impressed? So keep in mind this is only Alice’s H-scenes! There is about the same amount for the other 2 heroines, plus some more for other characters!monobeno28Since it’s a combination of two games, It takes a loooong time to watch everything, but the system helps you keep track of what you’ve already seen by using a very organized scenario selection and a progress-bar very similar to the one used in media softwares. By using those, you can easily jump to any part of the game.


monobeno19Surely a Holy Grail for those who love some good loli-content in their Galge. However, Lose does not forget to deliver something more to those who wish for a more complex and serious story, but why would you want that with SO MANY LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS!? The answer is: Because you need an excuse to be playing this and not be considered a total pervert, just like I did!

8 responses to “Galge Review – Monobeno -Happy End-

  1. Way too few new Sumi scenes, damned imouto stole all of them.

    Touru continues to sound like the tryhard siscon pedophile he is (we are!?)

    W-wait… Himemiya has Kud’s voice actor!? Mind blown!

  2. Had started this when it came out, but just now got around to finish it (…the main stories at least, still have the ton of H scenes). Agree that in both original and expansion Sumi route is the best part. And that Hishakaku is a true bro.
    Don’t agree with Tooru’s voice opinion, though; I did think at points that an unvoiced MC would have been better.

  3. Can i ask any of you a question? Is the narration in this VN fully voiced? I can understand spoken japanese 100%, but i’m still learning written japanese. I was wondering if it could be played anyway.

  4. Wierd, this game has the ‘voiced narration’ tag in VNDB. I found an accesible import copy, i may give it a go.
    I really shoud continue my kanji practice, not knowing to read japanese closes a lot of doors in the VN world.

  5. can i download this free?

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