Daily Archives: December 29, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Animes 2013

top10bannerSo, it’s that special time of the year and lists of Top 10 have been showing up all over the internet. We could not stay out of it, especially because I love top tens, so we sculpted a list of the ten animes we liked the best from the great list of 2013 and we came up with these. Notice, it is top ten of our favorite, I am not saying top ten best animes, so you don’t feel like the anime you find better and is not here (And I bet there is a specific one that a lot of people are going to notice) has been offended. It is just personal taste.

On a important notice, we are trying a kinda weird format, the idea is to avoid spoiling the next position as you read, it’s a test and I ask you to say if you like it or it’s too much trouble for too little gain. Thank you.

And let’s get this list going already: