Top Ten Favorite Animes 2013



Yowamushi Pedal
I have to say something: I like sports. And I am not talking about sport based animes, I like those too but what I mean is sports in general. Even so, I have to admit I never cared much about Bike races.
So, what’s so good about Yowamushi Pedal? . It has all the ingredients for a very good sports anime, it has a protagonist that is very talented, so you learn the sport with him but his progression isn’t too slow to compete with others, the races are very exciting (something I never thought about bike racing) and the characters show you that “Seishun Heat of Love” a lot. It’s easy to find myself cheering in this anime.
Yowamushi Pedal is also a very good profession anime, because it gets something that you, most likely, don’t know much about and teaches you stuff. And you like it and find it interesting. Like, I can’t ride bikes. I have almost 30 years and I cannot get on a freagging bike without it going against the very laws of reality to just throw me to the ground. And that kinda makes me dislike them a little… Still, this anime got me interested in what kinds of races exist and how do those weird killing machin…. I mean, how those super awesome race bikes work.
Last but not least: This one is really fun. I like being entertained and this one always makes me laugh a lot. The characters are very charismatic and they just work well together, it’s nice even to just hear them talking. And now, if you excuse me, my japanese is kinda rusty, but there is something I have to do…

Hime Hime, Hime!
Suki Suki, Daisuki Hime
Hime! Kira Kirarin
Kimi to minna ireba
watashi tte zettai, muteki!
Hime Hime, Hime!
Suki Suki, Daisuki Hime
Hime! Kira Kirarin
Ookiku nare mahou kaketemo,
hime wa, hime nano, hime nano da!
Hime, love Hime! Faito!

Top N-02back

Top N-000

6 responses to “Top Ten Favorite Animes 2013

  1. I read this on the WordPress Reader, and it just combines all the pages back into one. I don’t see a problem with spoiling positions either way, so go with whichever format is easier for you, I guess.

    I don’t think I’ve seen Red Data Girl on anybody else’s toplist for 2013. Izumiko is lovely. The rest of the characters are decent too, and I love supernatural elements in a real, modern setting. The Shinto/Buddhist seems more authentic as well. The main problem is that 12 episodes didn’t cover nearly enough plot to be satisfying. It feels rather like an introduction to the series, and there’s about zero chance of a sequel anime, and zero chance of me being able to read the novels.

    Even when I reached your number 1, I knew there had to be more… the Araki “To Be Continued” arrows were a dead giveaway!

    • Yeah, this format gave me a hell of a hard time, but now that I have a model made is much easier. Still not sure if it’s good, I’ll probably make a different to try and decide.
      RDG does feel kinda lika an Intro, but neither me nor Gangrelion have readed the novel, so I can’t say for sure if it has reached the point it has stoped there, but we still think it’s pretty sweet. Maybe I’ll search the manga later. (manga still my favorite Japanese Media)
      And there is going to be a lot of Jojo here in the future!
      Thank you for your feed back!

  2. Good to see Gargantia on the list. I really enjoyed that show.

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