Galge Review – √(Root) Harem!

rootharem19If my memory isn’t failing me, I never reviewed a nukige before, so it’s time to fix this.

Story & Characters

rootharem01 Nagata Riyusuke was one of many normal high schoolers with no special talents and average appearance. Until one fateful day when an alien crushed him alongside his house by accident, killing him in the process.rootharem02rootharem03Just like with Ultraman’s case, this alien did everything to help him, even taking a human form as Motosaka Maya, she fixed his house and even restored his body, which, for some reason, involved the two having sex during the process, meaning everybody wins! The only problem was that Maya did not have data on “normal high schooler” so she had to use other trait to fix Riyusuke’s body. For this reason, Riyusuke became a “lucky pervert”, meaning he will get involved in a lot of H situations by accident.

rootharem04rootharem05As a result, this draws attention of the class pres. Aomamoru Inaho, who decides to keep her eyes on him all the time so he would not do Ero stuff. When the two were at their way to school, Riyusuke tried to save a child from a car accident, but almost died. This made Inaho change her opinion about him, as she used her powers as a shrine maiden to cure the protagonist, which, of course, involve sex!

rootharem07rootharem15Thanks to his “lucky powers”, Riyusuke have the big-boobed Miyasu Yumeko falling from the school stairs above him, he saves her and this makes her become kind of obsessed about him, activating her special powers to enter other people dreams, where the two have delicious sex many times. Riyusuke forgives her in the next day (and who wouldn’t?) and the two become “very special friends”.

rootharem08rootharem09Finally, Riyusuke gets involved with Hirayama Alice, the teacher responsible for his class. He helps her by bringing her back to her house when she was depressed and drunk. With those elements together, it was inevitable for them to have sex. From this day on, Riyusuke started to treat Alice like an adult woman, which, by looking to her appearance, it’s easy to predict that this was more than enough to make her fall for him.rootharem13


Just like the title implies, there is just one route: The Harem route! Fair enough, because each heroine has one chapter that works as their specific route and gives many conflicts and develops their characters considerably. This is actually very impressive! As far as plot quality goes, there is nothing breathtaking, but considering this game is aiming solely on H-scenes, the writing is much better than some other serious Galges out there. I also like the protagonist. It’s true that Riyusuke is nothing special, but he knows how to react during difficult situations, and while he himself has no special powers, it’s his ideas and leadership that make the heroines use their talents in the right way.rootharem18Most heroines tend to be pretty likable, except for Maya, who spend most of the game as a parasite in Riyusuke’s house, at least he can put order in Maya’s head by punching her every time she goes too far (That’s right! It’s the heroine being punched by the protagonist this time! VERY RARE!).rootharem12So, at first, the main theme for this game seems to be “sex saves the day”, but later there are plots that involve much more and don’t even have H-scenes…for a little while (this IS a nukige after all!)


rootharem17rootharem16Something very rare happens with this title: There is only one artist, something even rarer for a Nukige, but here everything is done by Sayori. The drawing quality is decent enough and every character looks different from each other. There are some standing graphics with silly poses, but nothing absurd. Proportions go from normal to enormous, specially the breasts, but I’ve seen proportions much more stupid than these, like in Gleam Garden no Shoujo.rootharem14


The voice actresses are decent, but there are some problems with their acting during serious scenes, specially for Oukawa Miyo (Maya’s seiyuu), who has a very cute voice, but her high pitched voice can’t give that serious tone when it’s needed…


rootharem23This game doesn’t reach the point of becoming a hidden gem, but it certainly was a surprise for me. It actually took a while to make a full playthrough of it, and there were some times where I actually had to pay attention to understand what was happening in the plot! There were even a few parts were the story was a bit interesting! How dare you! You mere nukige! Know your place!

8 responses to “Galge Review – √(Root) Harem!

  1. ” You mere nukige! Know your place! ” was REALLY funny.
    The text on the pictures too.

    I’ve only played one nukige and well it was…not really good. xD

  2. nice review,i’ve been playing it and sometimes i can choose what i can say-i create multiple saves,some of them end up with naughty scenes but after a few minutes they all end up on the same :3

  3. If I remember my shit right Sayori worked on this while pregnant… still I guess that didnt change her quality… Mmmm I still curious about her next project for comiket… ohh yeah she just gave birth and played kancolle… MAN… such a mom

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