lovepotion69-17Conquering new territories, here I am! Not only with my first doujin game review but also covering my second Nukige! Man, just the second? I should play more Nukiges…wait a sec! Should I?

lovepotion69-15This is a game by Steroider released in the last comiket (85), but differently from Chain-sou with their Offline Shoujo, they were nice enough to sell it digitally.

Story & Characters

lovepotion69-10Katsuragi Ren lives a life of leisure. With the absence of his parents, he has the whole house only for him and his twin sister Mafuyu. The siblings have a very uncommon relationship (even though it’s pretty normal in a Galge) and keep shifting from brats who are always playing pranks at one another, to “almost-lovers”, kissing and groping each other.lovepotion69-09Maybe the only thing who keeps them from crossing the line is the presence of their childhood friend Ichijou Cocoa (got have an osananajimi!).lovepotion69-18Cocoa loves any kind of sweet, which makes her steal a mysterious ice cream that Ren had just gotten from a mysterious witch called Reon Maxwel. The suspicious sweet is called “Love potion 69”, so it should be very clear that its effect is…”Make one learn what should be done to attain true love with the person of your dreams”…What? This doesn’t sound lewd at all! Well, they get there eventually!


lovepotion69-16Well, as this is a Nukige, there is not much when it comes to “routes” or “choices”. What you get is a Harem Path of sorts with the two main heroines, to later unlock Reon’s ending, leading to the only multi-choice in the game.lovepotion69-08The “main route”, as per say, is kinda of a tragic memory for me. While the pranks between Ren and his two future-girlfriends are balanced at first, when they finally become official lovers, Ren becomes a little bitch for the two. From this point on, the main focus of the events is to make the girls humiliate and tease him. This was a complete disappointment for me, because Ren was a smart and funny guy who, all of a sudden, can’t help but be tortured by girls who should be his girlfriends. I am not into this kind of thing, but if you appreciate masochistic comedy, this is certain to please you.lovepotion69-06Reon’s story is teased many times during the first playthrough, with her giving hints about having meeting with Ren before. Her Route turnout to be an all-out Steroider Cross-over, with characters from Color of White and S.I.S.T.A.R.S: KISS OF TRINITY appearing everywhere. It’s more of a fan-service play than a full-fledged route, as Reon gets just two H-scenes…on a Nukige! This is preposterous! (Yes! I finally got to use this word!).lovepotion69-19As one could expect from one Nukige, the development is simple and silly. Romantic triggers are your typical “I’ve always loved you”, while every conflict gets solved by a “let’s all have sex together” move! Fair enough, at least the romance is more convincing than Moteyaba, since the love potion doesn’t make people fall in love, only leading them to fulfill their already existing love interests. Nevertheless, taking into account this IS a Nukige, it is to be expected that it also makes the users aroused…


lovepotion69-05As mentioned before, from middle point on, this game has a “M-style” romantic comedy, but before that, it really tries hard to be as bat-shit-crazy as possible…maybe even trying too hard. Reon got this homosexual talking hat called Michael Jackson and  the“classmate” character is a real plant (taken from a photo and everything) who is called Uekibachi.lovepotion69-04It all depends on ones personal preference. Many will probably love it, but here it is a (fake) CM to give a taste of what it is to come:


lovepotion69-03lovepotion69-12This comes as a really impressive title in the graphical aspects. While the drawings are good, it’s a very commonly used art-style, so it doesn’t stand-out by itself. However, the game makes use of a series of visual effects for a lot of things, making even little details interesting to look.lovepotion69-20A good example of this is when Cocoa attempts to steal Ren’s Ice-cream. She could just make a jumping sounds while her “tachi-e” would go up for a bit, but instead, they made her go full “magical-girl-mode” to awake her 7th sense or something. She even got her own theme song just for this scene! It’s really crazy! This all works well together to make the game very funny!lovepotion69-21


The music here is very unique! It has a lot of vocal tracks and there are even fully English raps! (or should I say “Engrish”?). Those are very good and give a special atmosphere. It is certainly one of the most memorable soundtracks I’ve heard from a Galge.

Ironic enough, the voice work is not as good as most Galges. I mean, it’s usually good, but sadly, the writer felt that he should make everyone talk random English lines all the time because it makes everything more “WACKY”…Yes! It’s terrible! The seiyus are awful at this and their efforts to pronounce it correctly is laughable at best. They even have to sacrifice their acting skills in the process, as they talk in a robotic way! But given that the intent was to make it funny, mission accomplished! I guess…


lovepotion69-01What should I say? Being a Nukige and all, this undoubtedly achieves its goal. There is a lot of H-scenes with cute girls spiced with a lot of comedy, giving that extra 20% to it. I just find weird how I’ve seen story-centered Galges with a lot more H-scenes than this one…

6 responses to “Galge Review – LOVEPOTION SIXTYNINE

  1. I chuckled at the gaijin 4koma bit… and the totally random Powerpuff GIrls-styled banner. Did that actually show up in-game? o_o

    • The gaijin one was just a little edit by me (I just add other CG on the left side). The Powerpuff Girls banner actually shows only during the installation process. It made me very surprised, so I could not resist to use it!

  2. Oh wow, it’s already up? I was actually waiting for this to get uploaded. If it didn’t, I probably would be thinking of buying the doujin game.

  3. Haha, I’m also working on review for this game! (Albeit, I still need to finish up a review for another nukige I’ve played…)

    Geez gangrelion, your second nukige? You should play more nukige. I know this is really ironic coming from me, but with games sucking recently, nukige has been advancing. As strange as it is, some nukige have more “story” and “drama” than your average games (such as titles like “Pure girl”… which by the way has a spin-off called “Innocent Girl” being released soon :D)

    On that thought, you made a great review. Mine’s probably going to be really similar to yours when I get done writing it, but hopefully, I’ll be able to put in some interesting details you may have left out in yours.

    • I don’t know why, but I always end up stop playing almost every nukige half-way through, being the ones I reviewed the two exceptions. I wonder why. Maybe I am just too old 😦
      Don’t bother if you feel that your review got similar points to mine, since my review got a lot of “scenes a faire” written on it. I also think you can do a better job than me, since this was kind of a speed-review for me. It doesn’t even have 2000 words on it!

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