Galge Review – 12 no Tsuki no Eve

12 no Tsuki no Eve-01Aaah…Minori! Even considering all that thing with the “Overseas Galge Crisis”, which made a lot of sites going off-line for non-japanese IPs, this doesn’t bother me too much and I still enjoy your titles. This comes to show that bad fame can’t win over true quality! Nah, it’s probably because of the big titties!


12 no Tsuki no Eve-35Yuki is a young girl who must travel back in time using the powers she inherited from her deceased mother, but not for a heroic mission like stopping a tragedy from happening or anything like that. Her mission is something much more selfish: Save her own life. The thing is, she inherited something more from her mother, as she is fated to spend her final days in a hospital bed, as a congenital decease take her life slowly but steadily. Her only hope is to use her special ability to meet her parents during their youth and work as a cupid to assure her birth. Or maybe there is more to it than she expects…


12 no Tsuki no Eve-1512 no Tsuki no Eve-14Furuhata Naoto is the protagonist for this one. He is very intelligent and reliable, but is a bit anti-social because of the few opportunities he had to make friends during his early childhood, the only exceptions being the Shina sisters. They have spent so much time together that Naoto feels like part of their family.12 no Tsuki no Eve-16He is the active-type of protagonist who goes into action once he gets involved with someone or something and surpasses any obstacle at any cost. A really admirable guy!

12 no Tsuki no Eve-1112 no Tsuki no Eve-05Shina Mizuka is a very mischievous girl who has a very erotic body and is very intelligent, which gives her enough points to become the most popular girl in the school. She does have some weaknesses, as she is very lazy and carefree at her house and she is not good at some subjects either, which is why she has Naoto tutoring her often. The truth is that they use those alone times to secretly keep a very intimate relationship, even though they are not officially dating, meaning they have a very unstable bond.12 no Tsuki no Eve-06They eventually become lovers, but an accident takes Mizuka’s memories. During this period, she gets very scared and lonely and Naoto helps her, which makes them become lovers again. She eventually gets cured, but also ends up losing all the memories from the time she got amnesia. Nothing too bad, until she finds out what happened during her blankness, which makes her full of insecurity. This leads her amnesic-self to exchange places with her randomly, which means she essentially got an alternative personality.12 no Tsuki no Eve-12Different from a certain title, Mizuka’s multiple personalities have a creative development with an interesting dilemma. The thing is: She doesn’t become best-friends-forever with her other-self, she actually gets very scared, anxious, jealous, angry and insecure. This is a good example of Cognitive Dissonance, since you normally wouldn’t notice, but usually, anyone in this kind of situation would have a lot of negative emotions. At least in real life…

12 no Tsuki no Eve-2512 no Tsuki no Eve-26Shina Anzu is Mizuka’s reliable and mature little sister. She can look like a very strong and independent woman, but she actually has many traumas and complexes connected with the complicated circumstances around her parents’ divorce. She feels fooled and abandoned by her mother and tries to deceive herself with a fantasy she creates about the ideal family.

12 no Tsuki no Eve-2112 no Tsuki no Eve-20In the end, her plans get shaken by her feelings for Naoto, but her inferiority complex and ideals keep her from accepting Naoto with a woman other than her sister, even if it’s herself. In the end, she tries to settle this with another of her “play-house” settings, where she acts like Naoto’s little sister. However, our hero is not satisfied by that…

12 no Tsuki no Eve-2812 no Tsuki no Eve-32 Finally, we have Unahara Yuki, our time-traveler and main heroine for this title. A very energetic girl and a bit of a klutz. After being saved by a senpai from Naoto’s school, she grows used with her daily life in the past. She uses the opportunity to enroll in the same school as her future father and gets closer to him. Her dad is soon revealed to be Naoto, which makes sense! After Minori’s last title being all about imouto-love, it would be weird for them to not have some form of incest here.12 no Tsuki no Eve-29Anyway! Yuki is the one who is actually pulling the strings behind Naoto’s relationships. At first, she does this to make sure Naoto gets together with her future mother. The problem is, her mother died when she was still too little, and her father would never tell anything about her, which made her mission a bit complicated. Later, she starts to suspect her true mission to be finding clues about how to cure her decease. It’s when things start to get overly complicated!12 no Tsuki no Eve-30Yuki’ romance is actually pretty well developed. She starts off simply enjoying the father-daughter daily life she always wished from her negligent parent but, little by little, she fails to perceive the teenager who is about the same age as her as her father, and her feelings begin to shift to that of romantic love.

Routes and Themes

12 no Tsuki no Eve-19As it is, this game has only a single route, something similar to Root Harem, but being even more linear, since it doesn’t give you multiple choices that can skip scenes depending on your answer. Here, all you have to do is sit down while the story plays by itself. It is as linear as Final Fantasy XIII.12 no Tsuki no Eve-10If you’re expecting a detailed explanation for each bit of mystery, flags, hints and weirdness, you will be left alone in a dark corridor. Think like this: Just like Romero never bothers to explain the origin of his zombies, the writers for this game are not preoccupied to give a perfect clear reason for everything within the plot. In other words, this is not a scientific or logical story, it is much more of a romantic or poetic tale about coincidences and destiny.12 no Tsuki no Eve-27Many things are intentionally left for the reader to wonder about. I usually hate this kind of thing, but what helps a lot here is the atmosphere. Everything is so dark and the music is mostly serious stuff.12 no Tsuki no Eve-18While there is a lot of energy and comedy in many scenes, it never goes too far to the point where you can’t take the characters seriously. This is not to say there isn’t at least one character who represents an unnecessary trope and fetish…12 no Tsuki no Eve-08


This is one of the most impressive aspects in Minori’s titles. It’s so beautiful! The drawing style is simple, but the finishing touches, light effects, colorings, shading, backgrounds and other details make everything look polished. There is A LOT of CGs! Pretty much every important action or scene gets a specific CG, and they always have animations for the mouth and eyes, with decent lip-synch! Which reminds me of other kick-ass game: Monobeno!

12 no Tsuki no Eve-1312 no Tsuki no Eve-07Like it was mentioned before, the atmosphere used here is a very serious one, so there are not wacky scenes enough to justify cute SD scenes, and I don’t miss them at all!12 no Tsuki no Eve-09The character designs are not very original, but the graphics are so beautiful and detailed that this doesn’t bother too much. While most poses are pretty normal, there is the obligatory booby table!12 no Tsuki no Eve-03I like the clothes! Casual clothes seem normal and cute enough and the school uniforms are not overly cute, it manages to not be too plain while it actually looks like something people would wear to go to school and not to a doll house. The proportions are…ridiculous! At least I find it funny how the heroines have exactly 5 cm of bust apart from one another!Not that this makes any difference, because their breasts look to have exactly the same gigantic size, anyway! Well, even the game itself is not trying to hide their lust!12 no Tsuki no Eve-04


I am very impressed with the fact that there’s only 5 voiced character in this game. It’s a pretty long game, but there is so much interaction that I didn’t even noticed this game has just a few characters. Each voice is very pleasant to hear and easy to recognize. The acting is good enough, there is even a decent crying scene from some heroines.12 no Tsuki no Eve-17The music is good overall. There is this track called “Roguish” that really sounds awfully similar to Cowboy Bebop’s opening theme, I am not so sure if this was intentional, but I don’t care much, since I get to hear an awesome music!


12 no Tsuki no Eve-33This is not a game for everyone! It is certainly a high-quality game, but it’s story and developments might bother some. I recommend to give a try to this title with an open mind and with a happy mood. Who knows? Maybe it could even help put a smile in your face, instead!

19 responses to “Galge Review – 12 no Tsuki no Eve

  1. Heh, won’t probably play this but the time traveling incest reminds me of the Tasogare no Sinsemilla FD

  2. Wow, you’re calling ME a review machine?

    Thanks for another good review. One thing I didn’t want to see was that there IS the small spoiler up there with Yuki and Naoto, and since it’s another time-travel themed story, I should expect to see some paradoxes here and there that’s not explained.

    This game is probably going to be slightly above average at BEST (perhaps more because of the breasts–huehuehuehuehue), but I’ll definitely give this a run and see how I find it compared to others.

    • Spoiler? Not really. Believe or not, this is revealed pretty early in the game, and even before, you already can see some clues, both in the events and in the getchu page (can’t access site…). But I might consider adding a spoiler-warning to future reviews…

      • Ah okay. Well, from how it was designed, I wouldn’t think Naoto = Yuki’s Dad immediately.

        I’m actually really looking forward to this. Dangit, I might have to suffer some crappy exam scores TT_TT;

  3. Boo… looks like Minori’s assets inflation is here to stay. Now how do you cure that?

    With Ribbon left me out hanging with regards to time travel incest, but now I can finally get to see how such a paradox rolls out! In a linear single route story no less! But wait, there’s other heroines…

    • Was there a route for the daughter in With Ribbon? I remember people going berserk because it lacked one. At least I remember it’s hinted that a certain little girl – who came from even further in the future – could be the protagonist’s daughter with his daughter from the future…That’s crazy!
      Paradoxes, hunm? This game reminds me about a Futurama episode…the one about Fry’s grandpa…

  4. I just finished Eden* yesterday, and i think i have become a totally Minori and TENMON fan. It really captured my heart. But, can this even compare to Eden? I heard the latest VN’s by them is full of Nuki compare to their past titles? Eden is my first read among the Minori titles so i thought i might go for Ef a tale next. The fact that all the heroines have such huge boobs seems like another way to milk us. I’m just a huge plot person, so i don’t care much about the sex. In fact, all ages is more than welcome to me so long the plot is good.

    Ehm…okay, i guess my question is, will 12 no tsuki and Natsuzora no Perseus ruin the Minori image?

    • Sorry! I didn’t play Eden yet, so I can’t say how it is compared to this one. Even though I can’t deny what you just said about this having girls with stupid proportions and lot’s of H-scenes, there’s still a plot. However, just like I wrote in my review, the plot can feel a bit weird and full of holes, but that’s is because it doesn’t try to answer questions, as it tries to be poetic and symbolic all the time. For exemple: The main heroine see candles when she activetes her powers, that’s because she first awake her powers during her birthday when she was looking to the candles of her birthday cake, and each time she uses her powers, her life is consumed, so “it’s symbolic”. Unfortunately, they don’t give explanations like “where did her powers came” so, if Eden is more “scientific”, it is very different from this one.
      But why, Minori? Well, it’s because of this game “”, it’s all ages and it’s said to be one of their best, so you might just love this one. The sad part is that this was suppose to be Minori’s master piece and they invested billions of Yens in a title that they wanted to extend to other media and make many chapters to it, but sells were horrible and the first game got no real conclusion to it (they said, maybe, they would make a light novel to finish it. Don’t know if they did it yet). They must have got pissed off at their fans, since they returned with a title that is all about a cute imouto obsessed by her onii-chan, school life, lot’s of sex and those gigant boobs which became Minori’s registred mark since then. It sold really well, and saved their asses, so I can’t fully blame them for what they are doing now.

      • I will see whether or not if i get to 12 no tsuki, seemly, it’s better than Natsuzora, so i can put it on my maybe list, you saved it from the none list at last. I just hate to see a good company turn all nukige. Minori had good criticism, so this is probably sad for many, i guess at last for those who love plot and emotional story’s like me. I watched the Ef a tale anime a few years ago and it broke my heart in a good way. I could make a 10 pages article about the bad tastes the Japanese have(angry about all the moe that is airing) but i will leave that out of your blog.

        Oh, yeah, i read about Supipara a while back and how Minori put so much effort and money into it that they thought they would go bankrupt. If Supipara were supposed to be their Masterpiece then..have all the nukige gone to the heads of the japanese fans? I don’t really wanna insult anybody. But, if sex with cute anime figures is what’s going on in their heads 24/’s just sad. I wonder what minori thinks about all their japanese fans that once had TENMON music playing loud and talking about how beautiful and touching their visual novels were, are now sitting in their room full of posters of naked anime girls using way more tissues than they should be. Sorry, before i know it i start talking Negative.

        But yeah, i will probably take a look at Supipara sooner or later, just need to wait for Eden hype to die a little down. You could probably finish it in one day, it is really short and damn beautiful. I suck at reviewing so reading your detailed impression of it would probably be fun. (Seeing your other reviews is so detailed i figured Eden will also be)

      • Thank you for the recommendation. I usually focus on the most recent releases because I think people would not be interested to read about a game that was already released for some time, but since there’s someone like you saying good things about this game and my reviews, it gives me the motivation I need.
        I also watched Ef’s anime. It was great! It’s sad no more good galges get anime adaptations nowadays!
        The funny part about this is that Minori still delivers plots that are much better than most “serious” Galges out there. I remember that both 12 no tsuki and Natsuzora were one of the best titles I played on the months they were released, and giant boobs or H-scenes had nothing to do with it. Their characters still feel so “authentic” and there’s good drama. For example: The incest conflict from Natsuzora was one of the best I’ve seen, just because no one acted as it was all normal and happy, like Galge characters usually do. That’s why I still wait good things from Minori.

  5. I’m more of a person that want to find those hidden gem games, i guess. I couldn’t agree more on the part Galges not getting adaptions anymore, there is so many wonderful masterpiece out there that could make such a mindblow of an anime. Seemly the Grisaia game is getting one, i started to play that in 2012, i read some into common route, but stopped for some reason. Thought i found the kostle guy a little interesting so i grabbed his patch, only read Amane and Makina thought.

    I’ll follow your blog for a while. If you don’t mind, that is. I might not read your every review but the way you detail them makes me actually curious about a few that i would never even think of trying. Hopefully i will see Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet, soon. 🙂

  6. EDEN EDEN… actually the games I can recommend for entering minori-dom are ef-tale of the two (damn that game was gut wrenching depressingly…good) and Eden* a title that made me a partial time lolicon… <__> ohh and chikotamu art ^_^ after that… I’m lost after supipara… it became a bazoongy fest… Makoto Shinkai (explains the BG quality) stopped working on the backgrounds… TENMON is still there… but I think minori lost it’s flair

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