Game Review – Super Heroine Chronicle(PS3/PS Vita)

Super Heroine Chronicle25This is the newest title in a series of SRPGs for the PSP which started with “Queen’s Blade” followed by “Queen’s Gate” (it rhymes!). Being the third game and the first released for the PS3 and VITA, this is “Super Heroine Chronicle!” (aaah…it doesn’t rhyme anymore!).

Story & Characters

Super Heroine Chronicle02Super Heroine Chronicle01The game follows Mel and Noel, two magical warriors who were in a journey to find their magic teacher, until they came across an amnesic lad by the name of Cloud. They suddenly get engulfed by a mysterious light and are teleported to another dimension where they are immediately attacked by unknown enemies. They manage to fight back and make new allies, but they keep being sent to new worlds with stronger foes waiting for them. Now, they must solve the puzzle behind this mysterious light and unveil the true culprit behind those attacks.

Routes & Themes

Super Heroine Chronicle20Okey, being pretty honest here: If it’s about the story aspect, this sure is a kusoge! But what were you expecting? This is a crossover, after all! It would be a miracle to have a good plot. Unfortunately, this game goes beyond and manages to surpass human levels of sucking! Super Heroine Chronicle38The first thing to be noticed is that, with the exception of Cloud, there is no male characters. Truth be told, this is to be expected, since the game also has a LoveSim gameplay, and Otakus would never forgive filthy women who hang out with more than one man. So, this is like a “IF” world were the heroes from other series never existed…Super Heroine Chronicle31It’s normal for Crossovers to have shitty storylines, but it’s undeniable that it’s lots of fun to see all your favorite characters from different series interacting with each other. However, you better be a big fan of Hidan no Aria or Infinite Stratos, since those franchises are the center of attention for most of the plot, while other characters get one or two chapters based on their respective series and nothing more. Honestly: It would be no exaggeration to say those series own over 50% of the plot for themselves, which makes more accurate to say this is a “IS VS Hidan no Aria” RPG with some cameos.Super Heroine Chronicle32A good part of the events are a rehash from the series in this Crossover. You would think there would be no mistakes, since those titles have good stories (except for Hidan no Aria! That series is stupid!), but they still manage to screw-up, since they have to put someone in the role of the male protagonist of each story, and this rarely goes well. They usually have Aria doing it, but without the protagonist of her series, there’s no one to stop her, which leads to her being a huge bitch with everyone…

Super Heroine Chronicle22Super Heroine Chronicle26

It’s not like the original characters do much to fix this mess. The main trio is ok at best. But very soon in the playthrough, you have to choose between two routes, which makes Noel or Mel disappear from the story for a while. They don’t do much during events either, Mel and Noel appear here and there, but it’s rare to have Cloud even appearing during scenes.Super Heroine Chronicle27

Oddities and Trivia

A recurring joke is to point out the unnecessary plot conveniences in Infinite Stratos, such as: “Why you need to fight using such indecent clothes” or “Why only females can use those exoskeletons. The answer is always something like: “You just asked something nobody is allowed to ask”, or “I really don’t know! You should ask who created this whole thing”.

Another very common Meta joke is to notice someone has the same seiyuu as other character. Like Houki from IS who doesn’t like Haruka from Twin Angel because her voice is very similar to her older sister.Super Heroine Chronicle13When Louise first meets with Aria, she complains about how rude Aria is with everyone. In other words: Kugimiya is complaining about how Kugimiya is being very Kugimiya with everyone…KUGIMIYA!Super Heroine Chronicle28For some reason, The characters from Hidan no Aria use alternative names for the legendary characters they should descend from, so instead of Arsène Lupin we have “Liyupin” and for Sherlock Holmes it’s “Olmes”. The reason behind this change is unknown and I thought that those names were already public domain by this point. Maybe finally people started to notice that those little girls are unworthy of those names, specially because they have nothing in common with those famous characters. The weirdest thing about this is that it makes the “H” from Aria’s name completely lose it’s sense…Super Heroine Chronicle35Sometimes, there is a Meta joke about characters from older series being unable to understand the newer teenager trends, and vice-versa.Super Heroine Chronicle36While it is to be expected a lot of shot-outs to other BandaiNamco games and collaborations (like God Eater and the “Tales of”) there are also many other references to other franchises, such as Ika Musume, Evangelion and even Doraemon.


Super Heroine Chronicle14Super Heroine Chronicle37The battle system is very reminiscent of Super Robot Wars. You have little icons representing your characters on a grid map and once someone attacks, the graphics shift to super deformed models. Although there are some tweaks, like the W Impact, which consist in a sequence of buttons that must be pressed to execute an extra combo once all three special gauges of an enemy (attack, hit and speed) are broken.

Super Heroine Chronicle09Super Heroine Chronicle11You can also summon other allies to help with this if they are inside you “sympathy area” which is a special territory that surrounds a character. This gives an interesting dynamic and makes the usually slow-paced Tactics gameplay get a bit more thrilling. To put it simply: It’s very fun!Super Heroine Chronicle18XP is earned for each kill and characters can level up during battles, but if they die before the combat ends, they don’t get to spend their bonus points in the character’s attributes. After each chapter, you can get into a conversation with one ally unit. This section is very similar to a Galge. You even get multiple choices to raise the affection points with the heroine and get special CGs. This is a surprisingly fun read, as most heroines can be unexpectedly charismatic.Super Heroine Chronicle17I could also praise the level requirements, since you don’t really need to grind here, because the level you earn during normal event battles tend to be just enough to face the next fight. You just have to settle for one team and, as long you focus on using only them during every combat, you should be ok.Super Heroine Chronicle29The problem is that the game doesn’t really want you doing that! Which causes you to be tossed in battles with a bunch of characters you never had time to train with. This forces you to take them to free battles if you want to continue the game. I understand the advertising involved here, so it’s natural to make the player use as many different characters as possible, but as a game designer, this is just wrong! It’s unprofessional, specially because they give the fake idea of freedom by leaving all those characters to choose, only to end up restricting the player by forcing him to play with a specific team later one. In the end, this becomes as frustrating as level-grinding and feels just like labor.Super Heroine Chronicle08Taking a hint from games such as Disgaea D2 or Summon Night, there are events that are trigged by ending a phase with a specific team inside each other “sympathy area”. The conversations that follows are usually very boring and stupidly long, which ruins the pacing of the battle, some can take over 5 minutes to end! Like this wasn’t enough waiting time, half way through, the game starts to get very lagged in the isometric map. This is a PS3/Vita game, right?


Super Heroine Chronicle03The graphics during battles are pretty good! At first, you get only some icons that go hopping like a bunny every time they move. But once you attack someone, you get some crazily awesome battle animations with some decent 3D models combined with flash animations. Some few attacks are very lame (which is the case for most non-fighter heroines) and a few are just too damn long (Super Sonico got both problems), but most are very creative and badass!Super Heroine Chronicle21Plot events use 2D graphics in a visual-novel style. There are at least two artists working here, and they try to emulate the style from each series (usually prioritizing the anime version), the problem is that one of the artists SUCKS REALLY BAD! Just pray that you favorite character don’t get drawn by this guy!Super Heroine Chronicle16There is a nice variety of 2D graphics during battle scenes, but not for the main events, therefore, some characters get just two to three poses, which means that Louise never smiles and Higurashi characters never get that psychotic face.Super Heroine Chronicle12There is also an animated opening but, in my opinion, it’s mediocre at best. The music really don’t fit and the scenes are pretty uninspired and poorly animated with dull backgrounds.Super Heroine Chronicle10


The music is another thing that is surprisingly good! Even though I feel like it doesn’t fit much with this game characters, since most tracks are in a Pop-rock style. The opening theme is Dea x Crisis by Yousei Teikoku, and just like their past work with Mirai Nikki, it’s a very fast song with a mysterious and dark atmosphere.

A big minus in this games goes for the fact that there’s absolutely no voice acting for the main events. The only times you will be hearing voices is during attack animations or in the LoveSim parts, but since Galge heroes are rarely voiced, Cloud gets no dub for those parts either.


Super Heroine Chronicle39This is pretty early, but I believe this will probably be my choice for “shit-game of the year”. Yes! It’s pretty bad! How bad? Let’s say that my friend saw me playing it for lack of a better game and felt sorry for me, so he offered me his Nintendo 3DS full of games I am yet to play and even asked if I wanted a new game with it! What an awesome friend!Super Heroine Chronicle19And since people tend to think I am too positive in my reviews, I will let this very clear: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME! Well, if you’re a super fan of every single one of those character, have a lot of free time and just love to do repetitive labor, then maybe this game could be for you…Just maybe!

7 responses to “Game Review – Super Heroine Chronicle(PS3/PS Vita)

  1. @_@ I’m seeing double Kugis… now triple Kugis. Koto seems to be the odd one out, though (as is Kyousogiga in general, how did they pick out that one?). Do all four Kugis ever show up at once?

    Yeah, the 2D art quality looks all over the place. Huge stylistic clashes when multiple character sprites share the screen. I have a feeling that the quality of the portrait art of the Urushihara Satoshi-designed character (Noel, was it?) in that Route Select screenshot is leagues above everything else in the game.

    So Sonico’s “attacks” consist of NicoNicoDouga comments, her scary oni-masked producer, and smothering the enemy with her enormous rack? ….no comment.

    This isn’t actually related to the Queen’s Blade/Gate games, is it? Besides being an SRPG featuring crossover characters from various franchises.

    • There is a bunch of Kugis and they eventually come all together in the same party, but never in the same scene because, while Aria substitutes almost every protagonist during events recycled from one of these series, the other characters have little participation. Aria and Infinite Stratos basically get 80% of the screen-time, while the original characters and other heroines share the rest. Yes, it’s very unfair!
      When Koto was confirmed, there wasn’t a Kyousogiga TV series yet, so she doesn’t have much deep as a character. She just enjoy traveling around dimensions, saying her original world was boring, while her main villain goes after her asking her to come back. Then, Aria and Infinite Stratos girls show up to steal the scene.
      Urushihara Satoshi sure got some skills, but I wonder What The Heck was he thinking when he designed Noel? Magic Magician girl? Seriously? I just hope this was not his idea…
      To my knowledge, Queen’s Blade original book had a spin-off book called Queen’s Gate, which as a crossover between many franchises. Those two got a PSP game with a story loosely based on the originals, but they shared the same gameplay and graphic style. This game is the first in the series to have no connection with Queen’s Blade whatsoever, but the gameplay, graphic style and story-feel are very similar, as it is by the same developers. Which makes this game related to the PSP SRPGs, but not with the Queen’s Blade franchise. Now that I think about it, it’s surprising how there isn’t a single Queen’s Blade character here…

  2. I watched the trailer and it was pretty obvious that the game would be PRETTY BAD.

    Banpresto should just focus on Super Robot Taisen series xD

    But well, thanks for your review, it was funny as usual.

  3. I mostly agree with everything this review has said…unfortunately, I was stupid and bought the game before I had seen this review. I have had nothing but problems with this shitty game, and yet I cleared it 5 times. The game was very hellish, choked to death with flaws, freezing, etc, for no reason whatsoever, including lengthy loading and saving times or when you’re about to start your next Stage/Scenario. Each one dumps a shit ton of random generic stock enemies at you, a lot of them will randomly choose one character and just gang up on that one character and others will follow suit and gang up on you as well. It’s pathetic. Oh, and also, Claude, your so-called “Hero” is the biggest stupid-looking wussy that I have EVER seen in any Japanese Simulation RPG game. What the fuck is up with this sickly weak-looking about ready to die fragile character whose only skills are running away like a bitch instead of fighting with all the girls and just supporting the girls (yeah, right…) with healing? Funny, because all the heroines can heal themselves just fine without his help. They have plenty of attacks to use and can level grind their asses off in the tank ton of Free Stages (the DLC Free Stages are your best bet in this shit game). Oh man, I could go on and on about how fucking bad this game is but your review already made it clear as Crystal that this game sucks. I just wish that I had took your review much more seriously. This game. Fucking. SUCKS. Banpresto fucked up bad with this worthless pile of horse shit. Just stick to the Summon Night and Super Robot Taisen series and you’ll gladly have my money.

    PS: Don’t get me wrong, I did at least like a majority of the characters, including the originals (no, not you, Claude, sit back on the bench like the wussy that you are/those Free Talks were pointless and stolen from the Queen’s Blade series, along with practically everything else). But yeah…the game was more bad than good, it did do some things right but fucked up practically most things, flawed to death…ughhh….the sad thing is, even after clearing this game 5 times, I still occasionally play this garbage, i don’t even know why. I was really hoping that this WOULD INDEED be a very great game, I was “wowed” by the anime characters of multiple series, which practically made me buy it in the first place, I saw trailers and everything. But when I actually PLAYED the game, I could already tell that it starting to suck…LOL.

    • So very true! I’m sorry you had to go through all this, but who can blame you? The premise certanly sounds sweet! All those cool heroines together would kick-ass if the game was at least fairly decent…
      Let’s make no mistakes here: This game is one of those things that focus only on girls, (like K-ON, Love Live and such) so, Claude can’t drawn much attention to himself, because the writters would not allow it. Claude is just there as a place-holder for the player, and he’s not too different from your usual male protagonist from poorly-written love-comedies, like the main characters from Love Hina or To Love-ru…

  4. I apologize for my rant, lol. I mean, the game, yeah, it’s very flawed, very bad, but it actually does do certain things well that I like. Despite slogging through 63 boring stages and fighting repeatedly or watching lengthy dialogue scenes between characters (poor Claude barely gets to say jack shit!), it actually is…somewhat fun and amusing to W-Impact pretty much every enemy you clash against, mainly bosses, since they drop Skill Coins, permanent stat items, or just some random crap items. As well as getting your favorite character MVP’d, which allows her to up her stats…even though it’s only a paltry 4 points per MVP…I actually still have fun with that. It’s literally pathetic and sad that after a few playthroughs/clears, you can permanently break the game’s difficulty, which appears fun at first, but then, you’re so damn powerful that it becomes boring as hell! I abused a certain DLC Free Stage to power grind my weaker Heroines up a lot…yeah, not much of a life playing this game, right…? Do it repeatedly until your next kill for those formerly weaker heroines offers them 1. Freaking. EXP. But, yeah, I addressed my main problems with this game, so many bad things than good, but even the “good” things about the game doesn’t save it at all. Maybe Banpresto was actually trying to make a good game here? Or maybe they just figured “Hey! We will make a sim rpg that every weea-er, otaku fan will go crazy over! Even non-Japanese will buy this game (me…unfortunately…). Summon Night and the Super Robot Wars series, which has existed all over the PlayStation and there is a ton of SRW games on the Japanese PSN right now are perfect examples of what it means to be a sim rpg. Yeah, I first played it, thinking that I was just going to love this game to death…I rarely even play this game anymore, just doing it to grab my last few trophies til Platinumized. I feel bad for the anime characters, especially Rem Ayanokouji for being put into such a shitty game. I mean, the game no doubt sucks, but…I kinda still like it….only for the very limited and small “good” things in the game. I don’t mind those things…screw the Free Talks with Claude, they are just mere distractions. Right now, I’ll just be playing something way better than this: Dragon Quest Heroes and put that game on a very long hiatus. For some reason, it just seems like that game wants to play it more and more. I did play the hell out of it, but I wonder if I really feel fulfilled? Ah, who cares! I won’t bore you to death about this game!

    • Hehe! I know how you feel! The cast of characters makes you want this game to be good, you keep playing it because you love the characters and some of the gameplay elements! Yes! This is one of these games. It’s a torture! But remember that Banpresto didn’t developed Summon Night, they just published it (I don’t know about SRW, though), which means they don’t exactly know how to make a good Sim RPG yet! I don’t know who developed this game, either. But I hope they can learn how to make a good game…someday!

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