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Galge Review – Hello Lady

hellolady294Yeah! This was one of my most hyped galges from this years! I just can’t help it, since I love (almost) all Akatsuki Works games so much! But, this new title goes beyond, as it goes against nearly every plot element a galge player would be used to, and I just need to describe the game’s prologue to show this…


Galge Review – ALIA’s CARNIVAL!

NanaWind! It has been a long time since the last I saw of you! That would be back in 2011 with a little game called Yuyukana, but it’s was different times and your girls were not so round and cozy looking. Nevertheless, here you are with you second game…Or maybe third. I don’t know! What’s up with that “NanaWind 2nd Game Project” entry on getchu anyway?

Game Review – Mahou Shoujou Taisen ZANBATSU(PS Vita)

2014-03-29-124228A little review for this little game that surfaced this week on the Japanese PSN.


Galge Review – Juukishi Cutie ☆ Bullet

juukishi01 What do you do when people make fun of you and your work? It’s obvious: You try again by doing exactly the same thing!

Galge Review – Koisuru Shimai no Sextet

Sextet08Ah! PeasSoft games! It brings such good memories! Like when my PC was stolen. Personal problems aside, it has been a while since I last played their games, but then, they came up with this title that’s all about sisters, brocon and siscon. Naturally, I just couldn’t let this one pass by!


Page Update – The Most Obscure Japanese Tropes

bururaji25Here is a new version of this fabulous page that shows how much better are your old and regular stuff. In this update: your favorite Galge shenanigans!

Page Update – The Most Unnecessary Japanese Dictionary (Dirty Revision)

bururaji23v2A new update for the evergrowing Japanese Dictionary, now with even more perverted words. Because people become hornier and hornier endlessly.