Galge Review – Shoujo Kyouiku (Warning: Lolis)

Shoujokyouiku01Here is a review of the game I’ve been reading during this whole week. I saw all endings and got every single CG!…DON’T LOOK AT ME! NOT WITH THOSE EYES!

Story & Characters

Shoujokyouiku03Shiraishi Youichi (or whatever you choose to name him) is a teacher at an elementary school. He is a virgin passing the age of 30, which is the most important data on his profile! Anyway, he was doing fine with this teaching thing, until he draws the attention of the self-proclaimed “god of the toilet”. It seems like Youichi got spiritual powers and can see ghosts and other stuffs, but he doesn’t really enjoy this, so he tries to ignore her, which leads to her playing pranks with other students. Since he doesn’t want to end up in jail (which shouldn’t be a problem in this setting) he succeeds at convincing the victims about the ghost, and thanks to some “divine providence” the girls become able to see the true culprit as well.

Shoujokyouiku06Shoujokyouiku04It turns out the one behind everything was a loli all along! I should’ve know this from the start…it is a Tanuki soft game after all! With everything cleared up, the girls decide to name the little criminal after the famous toilet ghost, giving us the poetic name “Toireno Hanako”. Apparently she gets some super-special powers, which she uses to make herself visible for the group, but she needs a special source of power to use it: Piss Energy! The best energy! She likes to use her abilities for all kinds of fun echii games, but she also has to re-charge, so…YELLOW SHOWER TIME!

Shoujokyouiku09Shoujokyouiku07Naturally, all girls involved at this “toilet-god” case became best friends with the entity, and Youichi used the chance to make the girls befriend one another, because they all had social problems. What a big coincidence! Inagaki Sae is kind of the leader of the group, since she was the first to be “attacked” by Hanako and the first to believe Youichi. She is good at both sports and study, but is very shy to make friends. Her life changes for better(?) when she befriends Hanako, since she also starts to spend more time with Youichi and develops a attraction for him because he reminds her about her dad, and she so happens to have a father complex (fazacom?).

Shoujokyouiku10Shoujokyouiku11Hinada Asami is the single member of the photography club, which the protagonist is responsible for, and this was more than enough to make her path cross with Hanako. She is very unconfident about her appearance and dreams to be popular. Thanks to Youichi, she gets a new look, which rebuilds her self-steem. Consequently, she gets a handsome and popular boyfriend and becomes the center of attention at school, but soon gives the guy a kick on the butt when she notices how immature he was, totally different from the Sensei who helped her get this far…

Shoujokyouiku15Shoujokyouiku16Somehow, Youichi’s imouto Shiraishi Nana got her ass involved in this mess. I would call her a chuunibyo, but this wouldn’t be fair, since she isn’t even at the first year of middle school yet! Maybe for this reason her classmates don’t really understand her disillusions, so they call her a liar and ignore her. Like 99% of Galge imoutos, she has a route where she gets into a romantic relationship with her brother, but the interesting part is that, different from most cases, she was not born with a brother complex. Because of their age difference and with Youichi living by himself, she doesn’t even knows much about her onii-chan and doesn’t feel anything special for him at first, but she eventually fall in love for him when Youichi protects her from bullying and solves her social problems…kinda! Which means, at least for once, the sister route is not an automatic victory!

Routes & Themes

Shoujokyouiku02It’s really disturbing to see that, even though this is a nukige, it has developments and conflicts way more interesting and well-written than many other “serious” Galges, such as Akabanzu and Koishiki Manual.Shoujokyouiku18Youichi is another unlikeness for this game, since he is a surprisingly good protagonist! He is reliable, mature and half of the stuff he says isn’t completely predictable. It’s also interesting to follow his character-arc, since he doesn’t start off like a disgusting lolicon, but circumstances make him turn into one little by little.Shoujokyouiku14Talking about this, the routes work on a very simple way, you first see many events dedicated for each girl, in which Youichi gets on a situation where he can get aroused by one of the girls or he can completely ignore her. It’s your choice! The power is yours!Shoujokyouiku17So, after a series of events making the protagonist get “special feelings”, his transformation into a pedo-bear is finally complete. However, in a big turn of events, all the girls became emotionally invested for our poor pedophile, and they start to confess their feelings one after another. Now, It’s your job to select the victi…I mean: his future wife!Shoujokyouiku08Something also very unexpected was how the rejected girls feelings don’t suddenly disappear, they will get a bit sad when discovering Youichi has a new girlfriend, some will even get frustrated at seeing him doing iccha-rabu.Shoujokyouiku12After spending some sweet time with your little lover, it’s time for the last and most important decision: Will you impregnate your loli-girlfriend? Oh! Don’t worry! Nobody is gonna be sent to jail! This is happy loli-land, remember?


Shoujokyouiku19I like this art style. It’s simple but it has vivid colors and expressive characters. I also like how they don’t use much of those weird red marks in the girls’ bodies to make them look more cute. As you can notice by the CGs at this review, this game has no gigantic boobs, which is very rare for recent Galges, but even this brand couldn’t resist to make Asami with a bust of 80. Et tu, Tanuki Soft?


Very boring and computerized tracks. But the biggest let down is with the voices! Not that they sound bad, but you can easily notice those are just the usual adults making loli voices. This is outrageous! I demand real little girls doing erotic performances…Wait!… Never mind!


Shoujokyouiku05I usually get bored playing Nukiges, since there’s not really much to “read”. This was an exception, because it had much more story than I was expecting, and the H-scenes start to appear just by the end. So, if you’re a maniac like me, or is just tired of all those breast-mountains from other Galges, this is the game for you!…This is really not a good recommendation to make…And what is today’s lesson? Elementary student girls are the best! (I needed to make this reference at least once!)

6 responses to “Galge Review – Shoujo Kyouiku (Warning: Lolis)

  1. YES, IT’S HERE!!!!!!!

    I was actually hoping you would make a review for this, because I wouldn’t. So awesome you did, and gave me a heads-up on what’s coming up!

    Obviously, I am a hardcore loli-maniac, so I’ve played every single Tanukisoft game and saved its CGs extracted in high-quality.
    For some reason, I seem to have the fetish of “impregnating the loli”, so this was a serious plus for me. NO DON’T LOOK AT ME WITH THOSE EYES

    It’s so strange how most of the other Tanuki games have a perverted and sadistic protagonist, yet they change up their style now. I haven’t gotten to this game yet, but I guess this is another reason to do so: I would love to see how Tanukisoft changed up their protagonist.

    But gotta agree that the exaggerated breasts in other games have been getting to me. I mean, I like all sizes, but when they become as big as the ones in 12Eve, then it becomes a turn-off.
    Tanukisoft’s selling point is the loli, so I find them a “safe choice” for nukige. amiright, or Am I right?

    Thanks for the review!

    • Man, this probably is the most perverted game I made a review for. If you’re saying the other Tanuki games are even crazier, they must be REALLY hardcore!
      I am sure that during this boin-boin regime, Takuni-soft and Unisonshift represent the resistence on this war! I have nothing against big boobs, but I think they don’t look sexy when they don’t even look like breasts…

  2. Show you guts cool say what 最高だぜ!

    • Great News? Well, at least it will not be a TV series…
      “Will our hero be able to cum inside his favorite loli? Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion next week!”

  3. Gonna admit, this review has me interested. Is there anywhere I can find a download of it? I’ve been searching for 20 minutes and haven’t a single site for it.

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