Manga Review – Kemomimi Goshujin-Sama

kemomimi01So, I had to make a post about this manga just because how freaking weird it is!

The story is about this unnamed hikkikomori who had just gone out of his room after 2 years being shut-in when he is abducted to an alien planet governed by giant beast-people.kemomimi02It’s a simple and yet disturbing concept, specially considering every male at this planet are giant intelligent animals while females are basically giant humans with animals ears and tails…kemomimi04It becomes even more disturbing when you see that humans are basically seen as pets, that’s why the poor nameless protagonist is sent to a petshop, it’s when you notice how psychedelic this manga is. What you would see as a normal treatment for animal is also valid for humans in this world. The “people” of this planet are not conscient of the whole thing but, from our point of view, the scene at the pet shop is pretty cruel.kemomimi03Oh, but I forgot to introduce the other main characters for this manga, the family who adopts the protagonist. Here is the daughter Aon:kemomimi05This is her Mama:kemomimi06And finally, Papa:kemomimi07They choose the protagonist because he is of the popular bread “hikki-neet”(-_-) who are known for being a very quiet race who enjoys staying home. Therefore, they are the ideal pets…and that’s ironically true.kemomimi08Now the hero is properly renamed as “Pochi” and has to go through all the stuffs you would do with a pet, like teaching the right place to poop, and of course the whole family has to watch him doing it, because he’s cute!kemomimi09And, yes! He stays naked all the time! You wouldn’t make your pet wear clothes! That would be stupid! (sorry if I just offended anyone) But he’s still a human, so he decides to look for some clothes. Anything would do, as long it was a cloth he could cover his body with, so he looks for something at his loli-owner bedroom and eventually finds this:kemomimi10Anyway, why in the hey he doesn’t try to communicate with the family? Well, interestingly enough, even though their culture is basically the same as modern Japan, they have their own language and alphabet, which means the reader get a “translation” of what they are saying, while Pochi keeps hearing lots of “Wan Wan Wan”s from his owners.kemomimi11Wait! If their culture is about the same as normal humans, what about the products we make to represent the form and image of animals?kemomimi12But why this world is so similar to our own, what is the history behind this? Well, on most manga, the author wouldn’t give a damn about this, as it’s just a silly story. But not here! They actually explain!kemomimi13kemomimi14And then, you find out this was just the desilusions of Aon’s chuunibyou friend, because those things exist even here!kemomimi15It’s a really disturbing title, but in a good way! This may not make sense for some people, but I guess you have to be at least a bit crazy (like myself) to understand it.kemomimi16kemomimi17As for now, there isn’t any group translating this, which is a waste, since it’s one of the most creative and amusing manga I’ve read recently, but you can still give a look at the official raw version for free! Just click at the giant lolis below:kemomimi18

3 responses to “Manga Review – Kemomimi Goshujin-Sama

  1. I just read the 10 chapters in one sitting. That was amazing.

  2. This is amazing… Somewhat of a copout with the females being human-formed kemonomimis, but obviously nobody would read it if they weren’t (no complaints here).

    I didn’t know about NicoNico Manga… wow, complete with scrolling comments, very interesting way to read manga.

  3. This seems like a Japanese version of Gulliver’s Travels to me. I found the original story to be rather pointless though, so I’m not sure if I’ll like this title.

    Looks… unique though

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