Galge Review – Otonari Koi Sensou!

Otonari Koi Sensou02The second project from Sugar House is finally here! Is has been almost two years since Chuning Lover, and I even used a different PC back then. I just hope this new title make up for all that waiting…


Otonari Koi Sensou03This game is about three girls who are madly in love with their childhood friend and are constantly fighting over his attention. Their number is eventually increased by 2 and the competition gets even more complicated, as every single one of them is already with their affection points at max levels (except for one)…It’s basically just that!


Otonari Koi Sensou04Otonari Koi Sensou05Miyabe Yuuto is a pretty boring protagonist, as most of his lines are so predictable and worthless that you can even forget he is present on the scene at times. There is nothing really awful about him, but he also don’t do anything “right”. He is just average…

Otonari Koi Sensou06Otonari Koi Sensou07Akamine Yui lives right next to Yuuto and also sits next to him in class. She uses this to her advantage to “collect” many items and left overs from him, as it turns out that, even though she acts like a Tsundere, it’s just a facade to hide her obsession for the poor guy. She has Yuuto’s room all wired and her hobby is to hear his voice while she chew one of his belongings.

Otonari Koi Sensou08Otonari Koi Sensou09Aoi Suzuka is the other childhood friend who had to move away due to her parents work. Her return marks the beginning of the “war”. She usually acts all composed and positive, and she smiles even when things are not looking so good for her. She is the most proactive of the girls, but she is weak to high Yuzu exposures.

Otonari Koi Sensou14Otonari Koi Sensou15Koto Manami is the only one among Yuuto’s lover candidates to not be his childhood friend nor being in love with him since the beginning. No, what actually makes her take notice of the forgettable protagonist is his smell…That’s right! It seems like Yuuto smells just like her late pet dog named Joseph…huuuunmOtonari Koi Sensou01No, Yuuto looks nothing like it…Anyway! She also just happens to be the school’s idol and an extremely rich and talented one, no less. So, when she starts to stalk Yuuto, hell breaks loose…

Otonari Koi Sensou12Otonari Koi Sensou13Aihara Yuzu is the mysterious kouhai who suddenly declared herself as Yuuto’s imouto. She insists on this, even tough the main lead is an only child, but she also refuses to explain her origins and objectives.

Otonari Koi Sensou10Otonari Koi Sensou11Shirakawa Hotaru is the shy and quiet imouto-like girl who is the landlady’s daughter and uses her mother’s conveniences to find ways to sneak up into Yuuto’s room (specially into his bed). She also loves to kiss him on the cheek and enjoys to lick his fingers…Did I say she is “shy”?

Routes & Themes

Otonari Koi Sensou16So, this game could very much be the pinnacle of Galge clichés coming together. Nothing you see here is interesting or unique. Everything is so predictable and generic that it almost bored me to death. You would think at least crazy characters like Manami and her smell fetish would give interesting routes, and as “You would think” implies, everything end up being developed in the most generic way possible. The only way for you to not see things coming from 1 mile away is for you to be less creative than Kanna, which the odds turn out to be pretty low. Get Yuzu as an example: If you expected her origin to be something shocking, be prepared for a boring story about a bullied little girl saved by the cool onii-chan who considered her as his little sister. And the rich lady? Of course you will be watching a drama about different social classes and a fight for approval…


Otonari Koi Sensou17Being a world apart from their previous title, this game gets Kagura Yu as an artist (this staff sure loves to use the kanji for “god” on their aliases). His art is nothing to write home about (but you can write awful stuffs about it for a stupid blog). Like everything on this game, it’s not bad, but it’s so generic that fails to impress on any aspect, specially because it lacks the impact from Chuning Lover. The character designs also falls at the same category, branching from generic to forgettable. This is intensified by the art-style being anything but unique. They also tried to pull out animations for the mouth, but the lip-synch is the worst I’ve seen on a Galge! It’s almost as bad as the one from Ar Nosurge I am playing recently…almost!


Otonari Koi Sensou19Nothing remarkable about the BGMs and some of the voice acting for the extras characters are really awful! But the main heroines at least did a decent job, even though they had this weird idea to add voices of a specific heroine when you high-light an option that activates her flag. This was very unnecessary and you get tired to hear that pretty soon.


Otonari Koi Sensou18This games is a long step back from Chuning Lover. It certainly gets my vote for most forgettable title of this month. It’s not the worst, but I can at least assure that terrible games, like Koishiki Manual, will not be forgotten so soon…

3 responses to “Galge Review – Otonari Koi Sensou!

  1. Yep, another galge that I successfully “predicted” and avoided like a baws. I really feel bad to how you’re bulldozing through all these boring games, though, and feel like you’re at least somewhat capable of being able to predict what games would be good and what would be bad.

    Then again, you might be that one friend who’s drinking the soda when his friends are at the party, just so he can drive them back. I respect you in that sense.

  2. That Joseph Joestar hahaha.

  3. At least Chuuning Lover was decent. I actually dumped this one in my backlog but eh, I guess I’ll take it out and dump it in the trash bin instead. I’m surprised you actually finished this game.

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