Manga Review – Ar Nosurge (part1)

arnosurgemanga01I will review Gust’s new title on three parts, starting with this tie-in manga. It was released before the game, so I thought it would be appropriate to give a look at this prequel first.

Yes! This is a prequel that takes place during the time Delta – one of the protagonists – was still working for the Plasma squad. But, hold this thought! First we get introduced to a new character.arnosurgemanga02Right at the first page we get this mysterious girl who returns to Felion after a long absence. She seems to be looking for something and gets to watch some soldiers fighting against a group of Sharls – the enemies of humanity!arnosurgemanga14It’s when we finally get introduced to our couple of heroes…at page 9!arnosurgemanga03They are the golden pair who everyone on Plasma looks up to. To answer to all those expectations, they prepare to fight andFREAKING MOTHER OF GOD!!!arnosurgemanga04That was cruel man! Well, whatever! Next is Casty, she prepares a Magic song, which for the time should be of a pretty basic type…arnosurgemanga05Ok! That was pretty awesome…But it was pretty stupid at the same time! In the game I had to make my way through a lot of hardships using only a plain energy ball! I call hoax! Hoax I say!arnosurgemanga06This initial battle scene is very decent and good enough to get you excited for some fairy- slaughtering, but then, the main couple decide it’s more important to argue over a pudding. This was meant to be funny, but I honestly find it very lame, as it made all the action seem very unimportant and dull.arnosurgemanga15After some fighting (between themselves), they decide to make a pause for lunch…Wait a sec! This is the same place Delta uses to open his restaurant during the game! Will he kill the owner to get the room for himself later?arnosurgemanga07We get some exposition about the Genomirai Church and how evil they are (Japanese people are really afraid of religions), it’s when they notice the manga-exclusive character and start to suspect she is a spy from the church. That’s why Delta goes to find her true identity in the most subtle way possible.arnosurgemanga08She obviously doesn’t take Delta’s friendly approach very lightly and a battle breaks out!arnosurgemanga09Then, we get an explanation for Delta’s odd weapon. Apparently, his tonfas are “cel-weapons”, which means they are portable weapons that get disassembled to atomic levels to be transported to the user’s hands whenever they are necessary.arnosurgemanga10Anyway! They start a fight to the death and YEAH! This fighting scene is really AMAZING!arnosurgemanga11Until they get interrupted by Casty using her Song magic…HOAX! Hoax again! In the game, she has to charge each attack for many turns before she is able to do anything. That’s why Delta is so important, since she is open to attacks during this time. She can’t instantly cast a powerful attack like that! The only one capable of that is Mir – the most powerful Song-magic-user, and she is not even born yet…probably. This time line is still confusing!arnosurgemanga12By threatening to expose the girl’s pants even more, Casty puts an end to the fight, as the new character flee with the little of what was left of her clothes. But our heroes were sure they would be meeting with her again…And this character never reappears on the game…arnosurgemanga13In the end, this manga was no good for me. It explains little about the world setting, the focus goes all to a manga-only character and there is a lot of inconsistencies with how things work in the game. Additionally, the characters are not very charismatic, specially the main pair, since they don’t have a good “couple chemistry” and their arguing is boring. Supposedly, the plot will take the reader through events related to Delta’s discharge from the Plasma forces. But this manga was not capable of making me interested enough to see what happens next. If things are different for you, please, click on the awesome poster below to be sent to Nico Nico Manga page, where you can read the first chapter for free (raw).01

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