Game Review – Ar Nosurge(PS3) (part3)

arnosurge62Ok, now, it’s time to review the gameplay aspect of this game, as well as some analyzes of the plot and it’s characters. This review might come in handy for those who are not familiar with the Ar Tonelico series and are not sure about buying this game yet.

Story, Settings, Characters & Themes

arnosurge34This game plot is great! It is full of interesting twists. They are not as predictable as other games and don’t need to sacrifice story consistency for that. The world setting is very interesting, full of places that are much different from your generic medieval fantasy setting, but it can also be much more creative than most futuristic settings. I personally don’t enjoy much the Japanese vibe GUST gives to those games, since it steals a bit of the “alien-world” feel, but I don’t blame people for thinking otherwise, because it gives a “mystic” atmosphere, after all.arnosurge40This is an environment rarely explored on any type of story, since you’re almost the entire game inside a giant space ship. Therefore, most of the places you’ll be visiting are dark and have few signs of life, but there are some secrets inside this giant space-shuttle…arnosurge64A big minus for me was the characters, being the cast that I most hated in the series. While there are characters I really love, there are many I just hate. Delta is a “good” example of this, it’s not like he is the best protagonist ever…Actually, he is a sandbag! When he is not being punched by Cas, he is being insulted by everyone else. This doesn’t make him a good hero, specially since, even when he says something very cool and heroic, the only reaction he gets is: “That’s stupid!” Or “Are you retarded?”.arnosurge63Even Casty, who I liked before on Ciel Nosurge, now follows every step from the book on how to be the most generic Tsundere possible. The worst about her is that not only she got a dokuzetsu, but she also became a violent girl…Seriously! Is there someone who still find those things funny? For me, this has become as dated as the “cream pie to the face” joke. The only thing I feel when she hits Delta is anger. Ney has become even worse! Even the game label her as “super annoying girl”.arnosurge24Nero is as bad as before, since she is all about “I want to go home” and never shuts! But, what really bother me is that she “suffers” from the “kawaii kara yurusu” trope. The main villain is the worst! It is very childish, has no good objectives or strategies and is not intelligent. It goes whining every time things don’t go it’s way.arnosurge19On the other hand, Ion is surprisingly a much better protagonist! She is still kind and innocent, but not as naïve as before, since she has an objective to complete since the beginning and will not hesitate to fight for it, even if it’s against her most dear friends.arnosurge28Earthes is also very interesting, as he is essentially “you”. When you start to control him, you can set if you’ve played through Ciel Nosurge or if you’re seeing Ion for the first time. She will act accordingly and even call you “darling” depending on your answers. Yours reactions to the events also go further than making you looking like a “good little two shoes” or a total asshole, you can even be a prankster too. The reactions you get to your answers tend to be funny, but sometimes can even make your feel like a badass!arnosurge22Talking about Earthes, this reminds me how this probably is the most “META” game I’ve played since Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. There is so much about how our dimension interacts with the game’s world. But this subject gets even more explored on the Genometrix, where the player relation with Ion gets questioned many times and on many different levels.arnosurge52Even with so many irritating characters, the plot kind of makes up for it, as it’s really great! Longtime Ar Tonelico fans will be delighted with so many new elements and possibilities to be explored. The end is also fantastic, and the final battle is nothing short of EPIC!


arnosurge35This is what every fan wanted from the third game. The battle system is an evolved version of the one found on Ar Tonelico 2. There are shop owners with names and personalities who have MANY special events with you (maybe even too many). New attacks are once again acquired by leveling up, Song Magic have many variations and properties, etc.arnosurge41Now, about the battle system: It’s great! My second favorite thing about this game. It is based on the classic system from the first two Ar Tonelico games, but expanded. You control only one fighter and one caster for the whole playthrough. You use just a few directional commands, and each button corresponds to one type of attack, each one with different properties. Once you end your turn, it’s time to protect the caster, and this part is all about timing and patterns. This system is much more fast-paced than the real-time-action one from AT3. Here, you feel totally in control of the battlefield, choosing when to release your song magic and knowing just how much destruction it will cause. You can also choose to not use all your attacks to make the song magic stronger. The only down-side is that the battles are a bit too easy, I recommend playing at “veteran” level.arnosurge30The most important thing is the “zapping”. This is when you change between couples. There are places and things only a specific pair can do, so you have to “zap” constantly to talk with different people and enter alternative areas just to open the path for the other group. It’s a really cool feature, but it could be further explored, like having 3 couples and making their interactions more complex…


arnosurge46It’s true that the graphics were made by Flight Unit, the same people responsible for God Eater 2 graphics, but since the people who animated the 3D models were different, it doesn’t look as great. In fact, if you played Ciel Nosurge, you will imediatelly notice most animations were directly recycled from there, and those were never too “super-special-awesome” to begin with. Their graphics look awesome on screenshots, but it loses much of the appeal when you see them on motion. I suppose there are different people working on the animations for the battle parts, because they look GREAT. It’s so smooth and makes your character look so cool! However, during any event, the facial expressions, gestures, clothes movements, walking animations, weight, lip-synch…pretty much everything feels awful…arnosurge48To be honest, the presentation of this game could be much better. There are many moments of “Show! Don’t talk”, as the screen just goes black during some events, just so the developers don’t need to make animations for what is happening.arnosurge65Characters sometimes don’t even look on the direction of the person they are talking to, and they move like the floor is made of butter. There are just a few NPCs, and they get reused over and over at the same place, making a world full of clones.arnosurge17The game also gets frozen for about half a second every time your character gets close to an object that is connected to an event, any event! Even if it is a chat with a NPC, it will still freeze you game for half a sec just from getting close to that NPC, you don’t even need to press the button!


arnosurge66The Music! THE MUSIC! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!! This soundtrack can be so many things, but it really feels like a song sang by an alien civilization. It can be mysterious, but can also be disturbing sometimes. Just like with Ar Tonelico, It never feels like the song is coming out of the singer’s mouth, but with time, I stopped caring about that, since those OSTs are so fantastic…When you are able to hear it, at least!arnosurge69The truth is there was a bug which makes the BGM volume suddenly go up a 200% when a cut-scene was about to end. They tried to fix this on the update 1.01, but it just made it worse, because the volume now gets very low when changing locations. This is a big issue for a game that is all about music.arnosurge15The voices, however, are not as great. Don’t get me wrong! The seiyuu voices are really good as usual for a Japanese game, but the recording was horribly done! I will not pretend I didn’t notice the many times where seiyuus spit on the mic or hit it with their teeth during recording. Specially Ion’s seiyuu (Kakuma Ai). This really bothered me!CD_case_cs3


I was expecting so much from this game, but it ended not being as good as I wanted. Regardless, It was still an awesome game! It was worth my time and money, since my playthrough was over 70 hours and it is not even necessary to grind!arnosurge36I definitely want more from this series, but I wonder how they can make a sequel from the way it ended. It will be kinda difficult, but I don’t care! Even if it feels like a forced sequel. Just do it!arnosurge32

9 responses to “Game Review – Ar Nosurge(PS3) (part3)

  1. Eh I was expecting more from Casty’s character and Tsuchiya really wanted Delta to be the ‘think with his fist’ type. But oh, well, its better than AT3. Redemption! Thanks for this!

    • Nothing against the idiot protagonists, but it’s pretty possible to make a character like that who is actually reliable and confident (I know this because I have just played a game with one). He takes too long to start doing something cool, and when he finally starts to receive the credits he deseves, you find out that…well, I don’t know how far you got in the game yet, so I will stop here.
      Anyway: Completely agree with you about this one being much better than AT3, specially considering the battle system. I just hated the battles from AT3!

  2. that reminds me I think Casty’s character got fleshed out of her character development since Ciel nosurge FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DIDNT PLAY CIEL Nosurge TOUCHE move there KT TOUCHE welp…

  3. is delta a smart protagonist?

    • No, unfortunately. He suggest stupid plans, make silly mistakes, and even needs to have things explained for him more than one time. To make matters worse, he is always being punched by Casty, (even during serious events) which makes Delta looks even more stupid…

      • Oo…that’s quite a huge downside though..between this game, fairy fencer f and Tears to tiara 2, which one do you recommend ? Thank you for replying my question: )

      • FFF is a good choice if you want a story full of hard-rock action, wackiness and fan-service.
        Tears to Tiara has some cut-scenes that take more than 3 hours to end and the graphics during those events are in the style of Visual Novels, which makes a bit boring to watch those long scenes. But, if you have lots of patience and want a more serious and well-written plot with strong and charismatic characters, I recommend this one!

  4. Honestly, at this point, donkan protags are the norm in EXA_PICO. Lyner, Aoto, and Delta are all sort of dumb but righteous while Croix is smooth, calm, and calculating. He’s probably one of the best JRPG MCs considering how he’s capable, good at a lot of things but not perfect, and (best of all) the most romantic motherfucker out there (especially if you go for Jacqli in AT2). In the end, I guess I’ll just have to play Ar nosurge for myself but I don’t think a few meh characters will get in the way of the plot. I’m pretty good at tolerating weird characters though its sad how Nay gets a downgrade from her amazing backstory and purpose in Ciel nosurge.

    • Delta is not exactly a “donkan”, he is just plain stupid! A “hetare” would be a better word to describe him. Think “Love Hina” to have a closer image of how he really acts and gets treated. When you think about this, Nay isn’t the one who got the worst downgrade, it was actually Delta! Nay still has a serious and interesting character-arc and is respected and loved by everyone, while Delta is a sandbag.
      Croix certainly ROCKS! especially during Jacqli’s ending! That was not only one of the most memorable scenes I’ve seen in a RPG, but it was one of the most romantic scenes EVER!

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