Galge Review – Koisuru Shimai no Sextet

Sextet08Ah! PeasSoft games! It brings such good memories! Like when my PC was stolen. Personal problems aside, it has been a while since I last played their games, but then, they came up with this title that’s all about sisters, brocon and siscon. Naturally, I just couldn’t let this one pass by!

Story & Characters

Sextet12Kazaura Shouma has a pretty normal life like any person of his age. He lives next the Mihama sisters, which is why he is always helping the kind older sister Yuuka with her job as the student council president, while keeping a friendly relationship with the shy younger sister Suzuka, who is his classmate.Sextet14He also befriends the positive and reserved Makinose Mai, one of his classmates whose family runs a restaurant he frequents. Consequently, he became good friends with her younger sister Mayu, who is kind of a prankster.Sextet09One certain day, his two sisters return to Japan, while their mother joins their father on a trip, leaving the three all alone. Since their parents where paying for their expenses, there was nothing to worry, until his older sister Kotone declares her love for him from the school’s rooftop in front of every student. She is soon followed by her imouto Shiho who, in turn, declares her hatred for her older brother. This was the prelude for the most fulfilling period on Shouma’s life.

Routes & Themes

Sextet17As opposed to common belief, this is NOT a nukige! It just happens to have a very simple plot and all characters are heavily based on stereotypes. But if you’re looking for a “quick fun-time”, you better look for other games that are actually nukiges, because this one is full of normal daily-life events and it takes very long to reach any H-scene. And before that point, even lucky-sukebe scenes are scarce.Sextet15It takes long to get to a specific heroine route and there are TOO MANY choices to do. Even though there are 6 heroines and “threesome” routes for each pair, it feels like an exaggeration to have this many choices. By the way: The threesome routes, while much shorter, don’t recycle events or dialogs from the normal routes, which means they don’t suck like the routes from Koishiki Manual.Sextet13The story and characters are very predictable and there’s never a real conflict or drama during any route, but nothing feels irritating or too stupid. This game is just full of clichés and I don’t feel “evil” on games like this. Since you don’t need to concentrate too much to understand the “rich plot”, you can let it running on auto-play while you study or play other games (like I did).Sextet18Those who have been playing Galges for a long time are probably tired from seeing the same archetypes being used for the millionth time here, but I think this can be the perfect game for newbies, since there’s nothing too difficult to read on the text. But, more importantly, it teaches you all the basic knowledge about “The art of Galge”. Let’s get into some examples:

1- Heroines always have a terrible fashion sense and use exaggerated clothes for any kind of situation.Sextet022- Girls are always tormented by having small breasts, while the big-breasted holders just love their giant melons.Sextet05
3- Unusual and weird poses are “normal”. What is important is to look cute!Sextet034- Your best-friend idiocy has long gone over human limits and he has become a pathetic and disgusting creature.Sextet04
There’s much more to learn! You can play this like it was one of those old educational games. Think a “Putt Putt” game about boobs!


The game has three different artists (Hatori Piyoko, Kumatora Tatsumi and Kazunari), they technically have Amakarasurume doing SDs, but those are just for promotional material and none of those are used in the actual game. The drawings are pretty decent, but nothing exceptional. You can clearly see the difference between the art-style used on each heroine pair, but the coloring technique used on every character has the same style and pallet so it helps making the difference less obvious while making everything feel more organized.Sextet06


Sextet11Musics are your usual forgettable Eroge-BGMs. There was much more attention given for the voice acting, as there are many experient Eroge-seiyuu working here, like Miru or Tamiyasu Tomoe, but none of them are too “famous”. At the very least, they are good enough for a game like this and do a decent performance.


Sextet16March is almost ending and the next month releases are just around the corner. If you didn’t pick this game until now, you did not lose much. However, if you’re in short of Galges and wanted a relaxing and easy read, you just need to turn-off Takumi’s annoying voice and you’re good to go!Sextet07

One response to “Galge Review – Koisuru Shimai no Sextet

  1. Another game I successfully avoided due to good judgment! I thank you for a review that confirmed my decision wasn’t a bad one.

    Heck, I think this is a half-rip off from another title from Cube: Futagojijou. I’m pretty sure we talked about it too.
    Oh well. Let’s see what March has in store for us! 🙂

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