Galge Review – Juukishi Cutie ☆ Bullet

juukishi01 What do you do when people make fun of you and your work? It’s obvious: You try again by doing exactly the same thing!

Story & Characters

On the city of Lovre, capital to the Japanese country of Blubon, there is a prestigious group of people known as “Juukishi” (Gunner Knights). They serve the kingdom, fighting for justice in groups, like the little Shirobara (white rose) squad. Unfortunately, a series of accidents and incidents are putting this squad at a risk of being disbanded, and this isn’t for nothing.juukishi04Their commander Fujikura Miyabi is a good-for-nothing who can hardly hit a target, gets scared with the sounds of her own weapon, has no leadership skills, is very dense and not so bright. She has to be constantly supported by her older brother Fujikura Ayato to get by. Who died and made her boss, anyway? Ah, that’s right! It was her father! On a flashback scene, we see their father on his deathbed while he gives the exposition that having female commanders are the norms of this kingdom, so it doesn’t matter how incompetent Miyabi is, she had to succeed her mother. But why do they have to be so restrict about this rule? Because girls are cute! Probably!juukishi19To be honest, there is one exception. As oppose to his queer name, Meyqueen commands the akabara (red rose) squad and has become a father figure for the Fujikura brothers. They trust him so much that they even lend the master key to their room.juukishi02 As one can clearly notice, Meyqueen has an obsession for muscles. So much, in fact, that he tried to make Miyabi into a muscular girl when she was struggling to surpass her weaknesses. Thank god Ayato avoided this by saying muscles are not necessary for a juukishi, which can be true…depending on your style, weapon, situation and many other factors. But it doesn’t matter how good you are, your arms will be destroyed if you’re as retarded as this skinny girl with TWO SHOTGUNS!juukishi08But will Miyabi really be ok now that they will have to pursue the legendary juukishi Dartagnan now that he has gone evil? Bah! No worries! Because she becomes incredible fast, smart and strong when she is sleepwalking, and even her brother has no chance against her when she is like that (even though her eyes are constantly closed during this…), which shows she has many latent talents to be the ideal juukishi commander. It’s a shame she can only channel this power when she is asleep…juukishi17And there’s no need to fear this legendary hero so much! After all, reports say he is a male, so he can only be an impostor, since everyone knows the real Dartagnan is a girl….WHAAAAA? That’s right! If it wasn’t clear enough until now, this is one of those feminist worlds where they turn every historical or cultural reference into a girl for no reason other than “because girls are cute”.juukishi09They discover that there’s more than one fake Dartagnan around and both are using guns! But this can’t be true! This technology was not opened to the public. Only a small factory on India produces them and the inside of each unit is like a black-box!…..Ok, seriously? I almost forgot to say but, just like on Koikishi, the setting is based on our contemporary world, so they have things like cell-phones, DVDs and even super fighting robots!juukishi05 With so much technology, how the making of a gun can be such a mystery to the point where NO ONE is able to recreate it? By what they say, even a group of very intelligent people is unlikely to do it. We have those since the Old West period! It’s not all that complex. At least not as much as a cell-phone!Psycho-Pass-11-05 But, hey! I may be “jumping the gun” here! Those guns are probably much more complex and difficult to replicate than I could imagine. Just like those from Psycho-Pass!juukishi22

Anyway! Miyabi is incriminated with distributing those guns and now, both her freedom and the squad existence are endangered! To prove his sister’s innocence, Ayato gathers a team of very capable people:
juukishi10Their first supporter is princess Reina Do Medecies. She always gave her backup for the shirobara squad, and her faith on them didn’t change even after Miyabi being accused. But it seems she specially favors Ayato, who is one of the few men she had contact with.juukishi20They later go after other legendary hero said to be second only to Dartagnan. He is known in the battle field as “Rodrigues” but it turns out she is a young and cute Japanese girl named Minami Mayu (naturally!). Her skills are the real thing, but she is also a klutz and is clueless about her own female charm.juukishi18The last member to join is Sara Tifall. She has come from a contry who has this weird language which sounds a lot like Japanese, but everything she says sound like she is being cocky or rude, while she actually is trying to be very polite and friendly toward everyone around her. She is a sharp shooter and a master sniper who has a talking dog for a partner!juukishi23After a brilliant analyze by Ayato, it is revealed that the one behind everything bad happening to our heroes, since long before, was commander Meyqueen all along! I never saw that one coming! It seems he even plotted Ayato’s father death and he now wants to destroy everything related to him. He became commander just for that. He even sabotaged the other candidates with slimy and smelly things to get the post. But they were such best friends! Why! What happened? Apparently, it was because Ayato’s father asked him not to go to the Gym to exercise his adorable muscles just for one day to participate on a special training with other squad instead…I wish I was kidding right now! Yeaaaaah! Can’t wait to see the thrilling conclusion for this plot! Such drama! Such compelling villain! I just can’t have enough !juukishi15


juukishi03The humor here stinks! It’s really low level! It’s that type of humor that is constantly throwing disturbing and annoying things at you, always at the worst moments possible. Like in the scene where the king is talking about disbanding the shirobara squad, but he and the villain can’t stopping coughing! There is also the death of Ayato’s dad, which was caused by his “best friend” doing a cardiopulmonary resuscitation that went very wrong…That was dark! This type of things are not funny! AT ALL!juukishi08 Ok! That one was funny as hell! But you need the appropriate mood for that. This game has this kind of joke during important and serious stuff. I don’t know when the developers want you to take their story seriously and when it’s just a silly joke! It’s so misleading! The only theme I am sure it keeps constant through the game is that men do disgusting and stupid stuff while girls act very cute and while doing sexy things…


Yuuki Hagure’s art is damn good! It’s a shame there are so few CGs in the game, and most are for H-scenes, leaving most battle scenes with just boring “tachi-e action”. The art is certainly the best thing about this game! The art direction and character design not so much! Since this is British Japan, the juukishi use a uniform akin to the ones used by some officers from the Navy, but with the addition of some shoulder and leg armors that must really come in handy when someone tries to attack from the side or on the shin. There’s no other piece of armor and female soldiers get even less protection, since their breasts need to breath…I guess.juukishi07 But let’s not forget this is also based on our current era! As such, we have the heroines using all kinds of outfits, from goth-loli to cosplay-like! Those are not so bad and ridiculous.

This time, there is an very decent animated opening! They did a fine job replicating Yuuki Hagure’s art-style and the scenes are…Pretty Ok! Hey, I like the part where Zordon summon the girls to the Command Center!


juukishi21The other good thing here is the voice acting. The seiyuus deliver a decent performance and make their characters sound very cute. I just can’t remember any music from the game, except for the opening theme. I think it’s the only good piece on this game.


juukishi16This time, Effordom Soft didn’t do much better than their last time. While I admire their conviction to “stick to their guns”, they could have done much better! They had a fairly decent protagonist and a lot of cute girls that are not annoying, and I must recognize there’s many Galge brands in need of these! As I said before, the art and voice acting are really good! So, if you want to play this just for those, I recommend to get a save data somewhere and skip right away to the lucky-sukebe moments and H-scenes. After all, it’s a really short game!

9 responses to “Galge Review – Juukishi Cutie ☆ Bullet

  1. Wut you finished the game so fast!!!
    Is this a world record run or something xD i’ll play the game for yuuki hagure’s art it looks really nice.

    • I had played the demo before, and the demo is really long! It gets near the part where you start a heroine route. Each specific route isn’t very long either…

      • Checked EGS and the game got a really low rating like 3 from 31 reviewers. Seems like alot of people were very disappointed in the game. Lets hope they do better next time… The art is really nice though xD

      • I think I need to check EGS ratings more often…

  2. I swear, your reviews are getting hilarious every time. I haven’t started Juukishi yet, but now that I’ve read your review, all the more better to delay reading this (I’m still stuck with this frustrating SRPG). Oh, I heard there’s a patch for a certain sub heroine to come later this April.

    • Oh, thanks for the compliment! I was really needing something to give me more self esteem these days…………just kidding………….
      Anyway! The patch is for this chick called Wakaba. She is a bit funny, I guess (and she would be the second non-gigantic-boobed girl on this game). But her real worth lies inside her. The truth is that, within her is another “Waka”! A much stronger one!…………….It’s Norio Wakamoto!!! I doubt he will have anything to do with this patch, though. After all, he is not cute, right?

  3. please help me !! i have some trouble with installation. can you give some tutorial ? or where i can get it? because the languange is difficult to read.

    • I will try to help with what I can, but I can’t give alternative links for .iso downloads. I hope you can understand.
      Is there some error message? If there’s one, can you write the message or give me a link with a screenshot of the message?
      If there’s no message, please describe what exactly happens when you try to install it.

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