Game Review – Mahou Shoujou Taisen ZANBATSU(PS Vita)

2014-03-29-124228A little review for this little game that surfaced this week on the Japanese PSN.

Story & Characters

A young girl is awaken by a weird creature. Both have no memories and have forgotten even about their own names! They are attacked by monsters, but the girl is able to fight them by wielding a lance she had on her possession while being assisted by her green fellow.mahoushoujozanbatsu02
After defeating the monsters, they met with a girl who introduces herself as a magical girl named Inada Maki. By seeing the heroine’s abilities, she recognizes her as another magical girl and tells them about their mission of exterminating those monsters known as “magatsuhi” and recommends them to go on a journey to destroy as many of those fiends as possible, for they could find clues about their identity by doing so.2014-03-28-230927For them to not get so confused, Maki decides to name the heroine as Sakaki Amane, because her voice is like a sound coming from the heavens (her words, not mine!). This event marked the start of their adventure…


2014-03-29-124945A very standard side-scrolling action game with some RPG elements like different attributes and leveling up. The action part plays very smoothly, with sharp controls and different abilities. However, the gameplay can get repetitive very quickly, as there are not much variety of enemies and your main objective is always the same. You have to aim at the big guy at the center of the battle field, which is always a circular one. The background textures and enemy colors change with time, but these doesn’t make for a significant variation.2014-03-29-125321You defeat tiny monsters to collect orbs left by them. By spending those, Amane can release a powerful beam attack at the gigantic magatsuhi, which is the only move that can damage the giant. As you clear missions, you get experience based on your rank and fill a bit of an “encounter gauge”, which opens an event with a new magical girl who, in turn, becomes a new ally and unlock new abilities and missions.2014-03-28-230606


2014-03-29-124920Since this franchise was created by the cooperation of many Pixiv users, there are many creative and cute designs for the magical girls.mahoushoujozanbatsu01
Story events are done on a visual-novel style, while the battle parts use 3D graphics. Those are pretty decent. Amane is very expressive and her movements are very elegant and powerful. In other words, the animations are pretty!2014-03-28-230710


The voice acting is very good. Some characters are voice by famous seiyuus, while others are more newbies. They all sound great all the same.mahoushoujozanbatsu03
Unfortunately, this game is not full voiced, while the main characters have voices for all of their lines at the prologue. They only get recycled voices after that. Which means they will only say things like: “Ok”, “Oh no!”, “I understand!”, “Leave to me!”, and such…mahoushoujozanbatsu04


2014-03-28-231631It’s true there’s nothing really outstanding about this game, but the gameplay is fun and, more importantly, it is COMPLETELY FREE!! That’s right, just like many other products from this franchise, this game is meant to promote the soon to be released anime and other works so, if you like this type of game and have a Japanese account, give it a try!

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