Galge Review – ALIA’s CARNIVAL!

NanaWind! It has been a long time since the last I saw of you! That would be back in 2011 with a little game called Yuyukana, but it’s was different times and your girls were not so round and cozy looking. Nevertheless, here you are with you second game…Or maybe third. I don’t know! What’s up with that “NanaWind 2nd Game Project” entry on getchu anyway?

Story & Characters

ALIASCARNIVAL16The area of Sakumo is full of mysteries and a technology to control supernatural powers was born in the form of little card-like devices called Arcane cards. This new discovery has shown control over the law of physics and opened new frontiers for a fantastic future. So what we do with all that? We build a school and give this experimental technology for children to play! Don’t worry! Nothing dangerous could possibly happen! Except for this chick who was about to be exploded using her own Fire Arcanum.ALIASCARNIVAL08Her name is Ousaka Asuha, and as you would expect from someone who was about to kill herself, she is the most infamous problem child of Sakumodai Academy. But, lucky her, Saijiyou Ren, who had just been transferred to the same school, saved her ass by manifesting an illusive power to summon a gigantic library. From there he received the perfect power to save Asuha’s life and he even knew how to control it, despite this being the first time he ever used an Arcanum.

ALIASCARNIVAL05ALIASCARNIVAL09Obviously this feat caught the attention of Asuha, as she is aiming to become this year’s ALIA and asks desperately for Ren’s help to achieve that. BUT WAIT! Isn’t this “ALIA” thing just a bad romanization for Aria? Apparently not:ALIASCARNIVAL01
Don’t you mean: “Arcanist of Law and order WHO acquired the Ideal Arcanum”? Arcanists are people too, you know? Well, Engrish aside, Ren couldn’t care less for that since he has recently moved to the city and didn’t understand the value this title had for students.ALIASCARNIVAL14He also remembers he had received a warning from Sakurakouji Tsukuyomithe president of the student council – to not get too close to Asuha, and since she was such a nice person by giving him a tour around the campus, he decided to follow her advice and rushed to his apartment.ALIASCARNIVAL11
Getting there, he came across an unexpected encounter. It was his childhood friend Asamiya Shiina. Ren has been away for quite a long time, so she didn’t recognize him right away and mistook him for a perverted burglar.ALIASCARNIVAL12
With the misunderstand solved, they are joined by Ren’s imouto Saijiyou Karin, who has grown into a reliable and beautiful lady. On the next day, Ren finds out she is quite famous on the school thanks to the accessories she makes on her club. You could say she is the polar opposite of Asuha, and just by introducing himself with the surname Saijiyou was enough to put a heavy pressure on him. Therefore, Ren decided to do anything on his power to avoid dirtying the name of his dear sister.ALIASCARNIVAL13Talking about club activities, those happen to be mandatory for this school, so Ren had to join a club sooner or later. Which is why he decided to visit Shiina’s club, the “Tomorrow will blow the wind of the future” club, (Ashita wa Mirai no Kaze ga Fuku Kenkiyukai, A.K.A. Asuken)…That is some obnoxious name they got there! I bet their president is a huge moron!ALIASCARNIVAL18
Since Asuha is hot and she asked very kindly, Ren accepts to join in her club…Yeah! So much about that “don’t cause trouble for you sister” thing. Anyway, this was also convenient for Ren, as there were many things he wanted to uncover about his unknown ability, and the reason why Asuha was also able to see that library…ALIASCARNIVAL17
Oh! I almost forgot! There’s this weird girl called Shinomori Yumi who talks with cats during her free time. She is also a member of the Asuken and she beats the crap out of Ren as part of the club’s “welcome ceremony”…


ALIASCARNIVAL39This game caught me off-guard! Ren is a unexpectedly strong protagonist. He got a very sharp tongue and can be considerably smart. He is even capable of some sweet talking, which is why the girls end up falling for him. The other male characters, on the other hand, are really pathetic

With that said, the supernatural element and everything related to it is downright stupid! It’s chuunibyou on it’s laziest form. They throw some really lame and childish names without giving any mood or context. I just can’t take the story seriously when there’s a dork like Asuha using powers of mass destruction while shouting out random  Engrish names like “Lord of Vermilion” just because they sound cool, AND THOSE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE AUTOMATIC NAMES GIVEN BY A COMPUTER SYSTEM.ALIASCARNIVAL26And that’s the main problem with this setting. It’s too silly, but they try to present it as something very logical and realistic. There’s even a scene on the classroom where Ren’s classmate is reprehended for getting wrong the question for why Arcanums are used on the school, just to be corrected with “Because it’s best to let children get used to it while we study the extent of those abilities”…I think his answer: “To protect people from evil with our powers of justice” made a lot more of sense than that!

What’s more, battle scenes are a drag! They are too full of text with little CGs as reference for what’s happening. You just get some plain text or the regular tachi-es being used together with some simple effects to give the impression of action. It’s just lazy!ALIASCARNIVAL43The other major problem for me is that I didn’t find the heroines much interesting. They are not annoying or anything like that, but they all feel like non-fat yogurt. Actually, I find some of the sub-characters way more intriguing. This is just my opinion, but I believe most people are likely to love characters like the kawaii imouto Karin and the prankster Yumi.



ALIASCARNIVAL42The art made by Nanao Naru and Mitha can create some really cute girls, expecially with those giant torpedoes. The problem is, just like 12 no Tsuki no Eve, the heroines breasts are so big that it’s hard to notice the differences between their cup sizes.ALIASCARNIVAL37The designs for clothes are ok, I like the uniforms, but only the normal ones, the battle-oriented ones look stupid! The worst part are the poses. There’s some really ridiculous ones, including the classic breasts table:aliascarnival32To add to the boring battles, the CGs for those scenes are not as good as the ones for romantic scenes. It seems battle story is not the forte of those artists, so I hope the guys at NanaWind already know what to do on their next title…I am not talking about firing them! Just don’t make anything with battles on it!ALIASCARNIVAL34


ALIASCARNIVAL40I just love game music! Unfortunately, it seems NanaWind doesn’t give a damn about this and just hired some random people to compose some generic Eroge midis. At least, the same can’t be said about the voices, since the voice acting is pleasant for the ears, like usual. I just don’t understand why the aunt character’s voice disappeared middlegame. Did her seiyuu drop the role in the last minute?ALIASCARNIVAL38


ALIASCARNIVAL36And here you go: Another average title for this month. NanaWind almost had it, but they just couldn’t keep away from cheap trends like voluptuous boobs and chuunibyou battles. Well, half of a good game is better than none. I suppose…ALIASCARNIVAL41

7 responses to “Galge Review – ALIA’s CARNIVAL!

  1. I absolutely LOVE how you present your reviews. Hilarious word choices and descriptive opinions are definitely something that I need to inherit for my own.

    Regardless, I also admire how you seem to read my mind about “the games that I won’t play, but wish someone would make a review about it”. Alia is a title I decided not to play with its setting, and you’ve helped me confirm it. This is NOT just once or twice you’ve put my mind at ease for “skipping” a game, so I’m very thankful.

    The art, aside from the “giant torpedos” (of which, I was laughing like a madman when I read it), the background in each CG is very nice. I love the shading and the details, and like your review, I love how the protagonist seems like a highly-capable one instead of a weak one.

    Once again a great review! I hope you’re already on to another game right now: I’m off to finish my exams and Clover Day’s as well–it’s actually not too bad so far, but we’ll see how it turns out when I finish with it.

  2. Nice review, I really love how you review visual novels.

    And well definetly I won’t be reading this, I have a long list to read and enough troubles with my japanese level to read fast enough and finish everything fast enough.

  3. Lol love how you link dem galge tropes in your reviews… MOAR PLS. But love it or hate it voluptuous boobs is here to stay. It would be interesting to see a Minori utsuge with dem oversized melons lol.

  4. but alas I’m just dropping by telling you Tsukuyomi is currently first followed by Yumi in the polls 3rd I think is Karin if not the osananajimi Asuha is on the lowest of the heroines

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