Galge Review – Hello Lady

hellolady294Yeah! This was one of my most hyped galges from this years! I just can’t help it, since I love (almost) all Akatsuki Works games so much! But, this new title goes beyond, as it goes against nearly every plot element a galge player would be used to, and I just need to describe the game’s prologue to show this…

Story & Characters

We have a brief scene showing two unknown girls preparing to fight. They look very secure about themselves, even when about to face a life-threatening danger, so you know they are very powerful and possess some kind of special powers.hellolady01Them we are introduced to a eccentric rich boy who attends by the name of Narita Shinri. He have just arrived on the country and goes on and on about how Japan is such a mysterious and yet beautiful place. His meido Hishiya Mori gets very angry at him for being so lousy and for keeping ignoring her. This Shinri looks kinda dumb, has a strong personality and is voiced, so he will probably be the protagonist “best-friend”, right? No! As it turns out, Shinri himself is the protagonist!hellolady03Wait a sec! It seems a group of terrorists are about to attack! And this rich boy is just around the same area. But, it’s ok! One of those girls from the beginning, Otonashi Saku, is passing by on a limo after her mission. I am sure she will save Shinri’s butt and become “The Girl”! She will save his life, and force him to partici…hellolady04
On a twist of events, Saku is reveled to be the terrorists target, since she is from the organization popularly known as “The School” (On engrish!), and people are not very happy about them experimenting and training young girls with supernatural abilities known as “Helo” to fight against crime and “other things”. It seems Saku’s powers don’t make her immune to bullets, so she is on a pinch! It’s when someone comes to the rescue, and it is…hellolady08
That’s right! Shinri makes short work of the crazy people who were about to kill the main heroine. THAT WAS AWESOME! And then, he gropes her breasts…hellolady10
On the next day, she learns Shinri was enlisted on The School, and not only that, he is also classified as the highest rank among Helo users on that school! Hold your horses! This “Helo” thing wasn’t a Girl-only power? It doesn’t seems that way, and even Saku is confused, until the teacher says: “We told you how the manifestation of those powers work, right? What made you think only girls could have abilities? By the way, this was never a female-only facility, including your dorm, so he will be studying and living with you girls from now on. Bear with it!”. Oh Noes! Now she will ignore him and treat him like a pest for the rest of the game! BUT WAIT! She got so intrigued by Shinri’s complex personality and values that defies the school’s teachings that she forgot the whole thing!hellolady17
During his tour though the school, Shinri comes across this girl and…this other girl. Ha! Katsuragi Sorako is a “reverse trap”! I noticed right away, but I am sure Shinri will not…hellolady12
Unfortunately, it seems this violent girl didn’t take a liking for the protagonist and decided to respond to his taunts by using force. Watch out Shinri! She is a “cute girl”! You have no chance to survive! Make your time!hellolady15
Well, on an unexpected turn of events, the protagonist easily defeats Akahito Tamao, who was said to be the strongest physical-based Helo user among the elite known as “Crowns”. This was even before Shinri’s first class!hellolady16
This is crazy! Crazy, I say! The last and only time I’ve seen something like this was Suginami from the Da Capo anime!SuginamiGif01
It seems Tamao was depending too much on her powers of super acceleration, and Shinri defeated her with a Tai chi chuan technique, without even using his powers. By his words, any human being can reach her level with plain training, she just got too spoiled by her special abilities and forgot to train her body. Thankfully, she wasn’t injured, but since she became catatonic by Shinri’s speed and technique, he decides to take her to the infirmary with a “hime-sama dako”. As a result, every student knows the School has a new King now. Hey, look to this guy! He and Shinri become good friends immediately, so maybe he is the stupid friend?!hellolady36
Nah! Mikado Taigi is just too cool for that! Skipping a bit to when Shinri has to participate on a training exercise, one of the top ranked Crowns decide to test his powers by using her “Kamaitachi” (wind blades), but Shinri is able to dodge every single attack.hellolady38It was not perfect, as he was scratched a little, but since Kabutoyama Mitori is an Ojou-sama, there’s no doubt she her pride will get in the way and she will not admit defeat…hellolady37
Mitori considers her abilities to be assassination techniques, and if such an attack fails once, it means she would be open for attacks and this means she failed on her mission. Therefore, she elegantly admits defeat and becomes friends with Shinri, specially after he saved Saku and Sorako from a fire, because he is insane.hellolady23
Sorako is willing to make anything as thanks but, as perverted gentleman, Shinri demands boobs. Yeah, I know! He will be punched in the face and Sorako will start to hate him…hellolady25
Now it’s time for Takazaki Eru to act. She is not very powerful, but she is an unpredictable adversary thanks to her sly moves and her unconditional love for Saku, since she is her lesbian groupie! Which is much more reason for her to be enraged with the pervert who touched her Onee-sama.hellolady31
She starts by stalk him to look for his weakness and even sleeps with him, Shinri doesn’t care too much, even if she is not his type, because she reminds him a little about his imouto. Oops! This was suppose to be a secret! Shinri almost killed Sorako when she accidently read his heart with her ability. Which means Eru is in trouble and Shinri will probably…hellolady35
Who cares for secrets anyway? Specially when they become such good friends! That’s right! Thanks to Eru’s “otakuness” she was very troubled with losing the release day for a game, so Shinri brought her out of The School and the two (+ Mori) got on a late-night date, eating beans barbecue (which both really love) while talking about Otaku stuff. It was so fun that they became best pals. So much that, on her own accords, Eru decided to keep secret about Shinri’s sister, even from her Onee-sama. Which shows a strong bond of trust has formed between her and Shinri.hellolady33
Hey! I almost forgot! Shinri IS one of the Top ranked Helo users, which automatically makes him part of the Crowns. For that reason, Saku goes to him and announces he will become part of the “stundent council” as one of the strongest, so to serve as an example for other students. Hoho! I can already imagine all the wacky events about this seitokai! And Shinri will even become Tamao’s assistant, but she hates him! This will be hilarious!hellolady20 The only problem is that Shinri says “DAGA KOTOWARU” to Saku and points out there’s no rule saying he should become a member, but even if there was such a rule, he would still refuse, for he has a far more important objective…hellolady39


hellolady14The game is not so chuunibyou and actually has a bit of technobabble, with talks about a type of waves within ones body called HMI that have its frequency changed to create the manifestation of Helo powers.hellolady46 Even so, it seems like the writers (Hino Wataru and Shudou Jou) are big Hunter X Hunter fans, since there are many similarities between Helo powers and Nen abilities. Like how the power is divided into 6 categories: Enhancement, Transmutation, Conjuration, Emission, Manipulation and Specialty (for when the author comes up with a super cool power, but don’t know how to classify it).hellolady45While there are some few differences with the usage (like how Mitori create her wind blades) it’s basically the same basic idea. I don’t think this is bad, since there are differences (Helo is much more chuunibyou) so, I can’t say it’s a shameless rip-off. In the end, I just love Hunter X Hunter, so it never feels bad to see an element I like being used on a decent manner.hellolady43Since there are special powers, you could expect a decent amount of battles but, for their own good, those never take too long, and those scenes always manage to stay interesting and creative, so you don’t feel too bored from just reading about the whole action.hellolady41Characters have so much deep for them that they can truly surprise you by showing a different side you never imagine they would have. All routes explore those aspect properly and then, give you some more…hellolady44And, at the end of the day, the game still manages to be funny! I often find myself genuinely laughing at the majority of the jokes. I believe this is mostly thanks to the writing being so good and fresh, which means there’s rarely an overused joke from other games. And even when it is, the reactions and punch-lines are different from what you expect, so those are still funny!hellolady293


hellolady42Like previous Akatsuki Work games, the graphics are great! Military stuff like helicopters have a different art style that makes them feel more realistic. The dialog box and menus change during action-scenes to give a different mood. hellolady02All the art is by Saeki Hokuto once again, and it looks great as usual! While his style has simple forms, it has a unique charm and an undeniable quality on colors and details, which help his characters feel very distinct on every single of his works. Furthermore, there are no ridiculous poses or stupid clothe designs and everyone is very expressive.hellolady26


hellolady27The BGMs, opening themes, vocal tracks, are all really catchy, and I am glad for it, since those are all very decent, with a variety on each composition, which helps keep each track fresh and different from one another. The voice acting is also great. Everyone is voiced, including the main character, and his voice is just perfect! It fits his crazy personality but can also sound very badass during serious parts. I specially love hearing Ousaka Kai’s voice, since she rarely does anything aside from Akatsuki Works games, which is such a waste!hellolady40


hellolady30Such a suberb game this was! While I can’t say this title is not free from it’s own fair share of clichés and tropes, it’s still refreshing to see a Galge that goes against some of the most saturated plot-devices! It isn’t flawless, since characters like Mitori and Hishiya need urgently to get their own routes, there isn’t enough icha-rabu and the way every end that is not the “True Ending” feels like a bad-end leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Nevertheless, the complete experience was really satisfying! I am sure everyone will go with Clover Day’s but, in my opinion, this is the best game for this month! It was simply excelent!hellolady19


4 responses to “Galge Review – Hello Lady

  1. Great review and i have to agree with you Hello Lady! blew my mind lol. Definitely the best eroge so far this year with Clover Days just behind.. Here’s hoping that this Ruitomo team keeps making more games together =] oh and lets just pray we will get the “true end” in a fan disk later xD

  2. You have no idea how frustrated I am to be missing all these Akatsuki titles…

    I really need to get to them ASAP but my schoolwork OTL

    Hello Lady is definitely on my list to play, so I’m also looking forward to it. Glad to see a great review for it, so I can get my hopes up!

  3. U said 4-3 routes are translated but i cannot find the ones translating it.
    Could u tell me wich group or a link to their site?

    • Did I really say that? I don’t know anything about a translation. Just to be sure, I read my own review again, but I found nothing. Are you sure you’re not mistaking this for other game?

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