Galge Review – Bishoujo Mangekyou: Katsute Shoujo Datta Kimi e

bimanharu02Yeah! A new chapter of Bishoujo Mangekyou! This has become my favorite horror series since Resident Evil and Silent Hill became awful. But wait! This one is just a spin-off for this minor character! This minor character who has enormous breasts…OK! Count me in!

Story, the Characters and Everything

So, you start off with a brief introduction with Renge. The mysterious girl goes on to tell the player…I think on this case would be more like a reader. Anyway! She explains this will be a story about bakkaples, and I really should add this on my dictionary. I promise to do that later. For now, keep in mind this means “stupid couple” and it seems almost like an insult on Japan, for reasons unknown to me, since it basically refer to couples that goes icha-rabu (Ha! That one I already have included!) all the time regardless of the situation, making the atmosphere really awkward for the people around them.bimanharu01And the mysterious loli was right on about that, as our main couple for this game is the photographer Kamijou Souta and Inamori Haru, who has already being featured on previous games, but while she usually has a mysterious aura around her, we are now able to see a different side for her character…bimanharu04Yeah! They are a bakkaple, alright! Souta just got there, and they have already drawn the attention of everyone on the Hotel, including the invisible Renge, who notices Souta is capable of seeing her. She remarks how he is not important and tells she has no business with him, even though he is a “mieru hito”.bimanharu15What Renge actually means is that Souta is one of the few people who are able to see her, the other known exception is caught having a very passionate conversation with Haru-chan.bimanharu06This makes Souta “just a bit” jealous, but Haru soon clarifies she was just asking about the mysterious girl who Souta claimed to see. As it turns out, Souta is a pussy and can’t stand to anything related to ghosts, so he was very happy to see that Haru not only believed him, but also got out of her way to ask around about this shady girl just to make him feel better. This shows how strong their bound is. Actually, they are already dating for some time now. All started when Souta came to the hotel where Haru works to take some photographs, therefore, being optimal to have the weather clean on the next morning. For his surprise, the sun was there when he woke up…which is great, or we would all die, but this is not important! What matters is this cute Teru-Teru-bozu! Knowing about Souta’s job, Haru hanged that poor doll there and prayed for a good weather for the sake of a complete stranger.bimanharu05This gesture of pure kindness was more than enough to conquer Souta’s heart and he asked her to take a photo right away, which he treasures to this day!bimanharu08Isn’t that lovely? Now, back to the present, they have sex!bimanharu16After some delicious exercise, Souta returns to his room to find his precious portrait of Haru missing! Which means he didn’t actually “find” anything! He then hears a creepy feminine voice calling him. It was not his Haru, was something much sinister…But then, Haru comes to take him to the Hotel’s hot-springs…bimanharu09And then, they have sex!bimanharu17After a while, They return to the room and Haru treats him with a feast of the best dishes served at the Hotel.bimanharu07It’s when, all of a sudden, a horrifying zombie invades the Hotel and start to kill everyone. Souta sacrifices himself to protect Haru, but he was only postponing the inevitable!Just kidding! Nothing like this really happens, they just have more sex!bimanharu18BUT WAIT! Souta starts to hear those weird voices again!…But it seems this was just his imagination, so they have even more sex! After it, Souta decides it is time to give a very special gift for Haru:bimanharu10And then, she thanks him in the best way possible: SEX!bimanharu141After a very fulfilling experience, Souta sleeps, until he is awaken by some weird noises, it’s when he is surprised by this lovely figure:bimanharu11Souta wakes up in the next day thinking it was just a nightmare. When he is about to leave the hotel, he finds his precious photography. It seems this was just a huge misunderstanding, as the ghost was just trying to give Souta’s precious item back to him. Haru was preoccupied if her lover would return to the Hotel after this whole incident, but he says no ghost could be enough reason to make them apart. Specially when he can take such great photos from when they have sex…bimanharu12And then, Souta faints. The End!


bimanharu13This game has about 900 mb and it takes less than 2 hours to finish it. It is 2 times bigger than Erika’s route from Baka Moe Heart but it’s length is 2 times shorter. This is sort of a worm-up to the true new chapter. It’s kinda like how Ground Zeroes is for Phantom Pain, a lame-ass teaser that let’s you very unsatisfied. But since the graphics and voice-overs are still top-notch, it should be a nice extra for fans of the series!

4 responses to “Galge Review – Bishoujo Mangekyou: Katsute Shoujo Datta Kimi e

  1. Hey ! Nobody commented on that !

    I can say that for all your reviews but that was really funny lol.
    April’s fool I guess ? :p

    • Thanks! I think it was kinda like an april’s fool, yes. Unfortunately, the review is actually accurate (Well, except for the part about the zombie, I guess), as this game’s rhythm feels a little “fast-paced”. And the protagonist really don’t get good photos at the end. Poor guy! He now will have nothing to use for faps and will have no choice but to go with the real thing…

  2. i have iso and patch. i don’t know how to play. is this game need emulator?

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