Galge Review – Doko no Donata no Kanjou Root

Much like their brand name, ad:lib games seems so improvised. It feels almost like a Zen Film. Want to have a taste of their randomness? Just take a look at this game’s main premise…


dokonodonata09Koudzuki Shouta – the main character – is the son of the princess Kaguya from the Japanese Folklore, while the heroines are the reincarnations of the men who wanted to marry his mother, and now they want him, instead.


dokonodonata01Outomo Tsubasa is Shouta’s best friend’s imouto. Just like the other heroines, she has memories from her previous life, but is the only one to give a damn for it. So she feels the similarities between Shouta and his mother, proposes to him right away and, from that point, is always clinging to the protagonist.
dokonodonata03Ageishi Kokona has been Shouta’s classmate since before and always felt attraction for him, but is just too embarrassed to do something about it. Guess what she does to counter those feelings? She becomes a Tsundere! Naturally!
dokonodonata10Abe Miharu is Kokona’s best friend. She also has feelings for Shouta, but has serious self-esteem issues to go after him. She is very gentle and naïve.dokonodonata17
Ishidzukuri Sayaka is Shouta’s childhood friend who looked like a boy back then, but now became a very sex and popular girl. She is very playful and likes to tease Shouta a lot.dokonodonata19
Fujiwara Misato is the mature and sexy teacher who isn’t at an oba-san age, just yet. Despite being really hot, she is still a virgin and single because, you know the drill. She was bullied and thought she was ugly…

Themes & Routes

I am not joking! The “plot” is really so simple that feels like they just came up with stuff on the go. They even throw in some obvious and lame Dragon Ball reference to make everything even more ridiculous…dokonodonata04
The “Kaguya” theme gets completely forgotten by the writers by the time they started to work on the individual routes, where they just use a bunch of old cliché for everything. When they run out of ideas, the route just ends abruptly, with no conflicts or character development. What makes the game’s length being pretty short, going around 1 to 2 hours for each route. I finished the whole thing on a single day and still had some time left to do other stuff!dokonodonata15
I had high hopes for Shouta, since the game’s official synopsis goes on about how he inherited Kaguya’s elegance, charisma and prowess, but he is actually just a huge Hetare. So Hetare, in fact, that you could actually forget he is participating on the scenes sometimes! When something goes wrong, it’s always other people who solve the problem, while he just watches, For example: “Mom, help my teacher with her job problems!”; “Riyouma! My girlfriend seems depressed! What should I do?”; “On no! My girlfriend is being attacked by a stalker! I must call the mall security!dokonodonata11
The heroines are not as perfect and invincible as the ones found on other Galges but, the same can’t be said about Shouta’s mom, as she is an amalgam of many tropes that can be summarized as “she is god”, which makes her son uselessness even more apparent. She gets to decide everything for Shouta, even offering him as her substitute for the heroines and even dares to say “that has nothing to do with him”…dokonodonata02
Shouta is such a good-for-nothing that makes you whish other character was the protagonist! (which really reminds me something…).That’s where enters Outomo Riyouma – Shouta’s best friend, who is cool, mature and smart and actually gets a character development through a romance with yet another of Kaguya’s admirers who reincarnated as Amamiya Yuri. She is my favorite character in this game, so I am glad she got together with a decent guy!dokonodonata14


dokonodonata18“Moo℃dan” is the nickname for the character designer who worked on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai” anime. As such, the art found here looks really similar to it, even getting to some of the heroines visuals. Like Tsubasa – who looks a lot like the protagonist aunt from Denpa Onna, or Kokona – who is really resembles Rikka from Haganai.dokonodonata08
There’s also animations for mouths and eyes, but those are only for tachi-es. Regardless, they are not half-bad…but are not half-good either, as there is a lag of about 1 sec on the animation synchrony with the voices.


dokonodonata07Talking about voice, they are good as you would expect from a Japanese game, but there was nothing I felt “exceptional”. Nothing was exceptionally good neither exceptionally bad…


dokonodonata20This could pretty much be the worst Eroge for this month. It seems kind like a rushed judgment, as there’s still ton of titles for me to read, but I am pretty confident about this. JUST DON’T PLAY IT! IT’S BAD!dokonodonata06

7 responses to “Galge Review – Doko no Donata no Kanjou Root

  1. Damn, I love the character designs (they remind me of the Haganai characters). Too bad it disappointed.

    • Games from this brand always have characters who look A LOT with Haganai girls. Now that I look again, Miharu is very similar to Yukimura, on the face, at least! But, it’s weird how they never have lolis, even though every work made by Haganai’s artist (buriki) are always filled with lolis.

      • Really? I love these kind of designs, do they have any games you personally would say are GOOD?~

      • Moo℃ Dan – their character designer – worked for “ad:lib” since their first game:
        But, since there wasn’t a Haganai anime at this time, Buriki’s design wasn’t so popular yet. K-ON, on the other hand, was “the shit”, so this first game exploit on that. I consider it to be their most “inoffensive” title because, while there’s nothing great about it, at least there’s nothing stupid on it.
        Their next title, Aorio, was a different story:
        It was released after Haganai’s first season, so it had a big influence on the way ad:lib made their games. To make the atmosphere closer to that of Haganai, the setting, characters and events are much “wackier” than their first game (which is the same for their newest game on this review). This “wacky style” is not a bad thing, but if it goes wrong, it can make you feel really stupid. I like Haganai for the most part, but I hated almost everything about this game. So close but so far…

      • Thanks for so much information 😀

  2. Gee, it really does look like anime screenshots. If they dropped the generic harem antics, a story about life with Kaguya-hime as Mom might actually be somewhat interesting. Though if it was Kaguya from Touhou, she’d make a terrible mom! This also reminded me that Kaguya-hime no Monogatari should be available pretty soon.

    • Even if this premise sounds silly at first, I believe it could have worked perfectly fine if it was done as a more serious game with a mysterious and mystic atmosphere with elegant characters and exotic visuals. It’s sad to see the Kaguya hime story being turned into a generic love-come. They didn’t even needed to used the legend and the result would be the same…

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