Galge Review – Love Love Life

lovelovelife27A new Galge! New developments with lots of romance, conflicts and drama awaits…Wait, this is a Nukige, right? Hunmm…Never mind! Enjoy the cute pictures!


You can’t expect much of a story for games like these, but I believe that this one easily surpass the others I’ve played! But, no more delays! Now, for the rich plot:lovelovelife25Shirakawa Takuma wants to have a Harem full of cute girls, so he enrolls on the Saimei Gakuen, which is filled with the cutest and richest girls, and form his “dream-team”.


lovelovelife03Akemiya Sakura is good with studies, arts and sports. One of the school idols. She is very strict, in other words, a tsundere.lovelovelife09Kuroba Kasumi is the traditional Japanese lady. She loves flowers and admires the role of a Japanese wife who support her husband.lovelovelife13Leone Goldbach is the princess of Samuer, a country unknown to many (me included). She loves meat and, since her homeland is poor, she makes the most of her life in Japan by eating all the meat she can. Her culture approves polygamy, so she gives total support for Takuma’s ambition and even offers him to come to her kingdom to study about “the wonders of a Harem”.lovelovelife15Ginrei Otoha is a genius pianist who is admired by many. She is actually a pervert sadist and believes Takuma is a M, making a perfect couple with her.lovelovelife27Moegino ChiSachi are a pair of lolis composed by Chisa & Sachi. They work like one single character, since both have the same appearance, measures, personality, clothes, voice actress and are always together, to the point where there’s no individual routes for each. They are geniuses who use their great intellect to create sex-tools. Thus, saving all humanity! Or so they would, if they were not so lazy. They even take pride for being Hikkikomoris…lovelovelife21Shizaki Yukari is the most complex character of this whole thing! She is Takuma’s cousin and is in love with him since childhood, therefore, being technically the first member of his Harem. She has a bit of complex for not being as young as her students and activates a “Yandere switch” whenever she is reminded about that or when Takuma doesn’t give her enough attention. She is addicted to vibrators and has a huge collection that she lets at Takuma’s disposal. Is there anything more?…Ah! She has Colossal Cantaloupes of B104, K cup! That’s very important information right there!

Routes & Themes

lovelovelife14v1There was Three! Three Nukiges I’ve reviewed prior to it. THREE, I say! Wait! Was there a fourth? Whatever! If it’s about lack of plot, this one takes the cake.lovelovelife05 The story is so limited that I believe there’s about 10 minutes of dialog between each H-scene, making everything look like a big “fuck-fest”. The game is so rushed to get to the “naughty-bits” that I don’t even know when exactly each girl starts to fall for the protagonist. In fact, this really DID happen all of a sudden! It comes to show what is this game “true objective”. This results on the characters becoming even more “two-dimensional” then they already are by nature, but I suppose you have to make sacrifices to attain anything.lovelovelife04The playthrough happens during the period of 7 days until Takuma makes his trip to the Samuer Kingdom. That deceives you into thinking the game is very meticulous about this timespan. However, some events you choose at the last days give you a flashback about the first days, which is yet another proof of how the game cuts events to jump right into the “fun-parts”.lovelovelife26This world also feels so empty! While there are the occasional “invisible and nameless female students” and a delivery-guy, there are no characters other than the protagonist and his Harem. No parents, teachers, friends, nothing more! Just a Harem full of sexy and lewd girls! Oh, The Horror! By the way: The Delivery-guy’s voice is pure-shit! It was probably one of the programmers who voiced him, just to save a few bucks!lovelovelife07There are some lame misconceptions about archetypes and fetishes. Like with Sakura: Her official descriptions says she is an “EX-tsundere”…What the hell does that mean? According to the game itself, it means “a girl who treated the protagonist very harshly before, but has since began to act really kindly towards him”…THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT A DAMN TSUNDERE IS! Well, there is the fabulous Tsundere mk.2, which is immune to character development, so I think it makes sense…Problem solved!lovelovelife17Talking about the official characters bios, Otoha is described as a “dokuzetsu” girl, but these writers can’t capture the true essence of a “poisoned tongue”. For instance:  When she asks Takuma to tag along with her shopping, she just says: “Could you come with me, please?”. A true dokuzetsu would say: “I know a parasite like you have nothing better to do, so I give you permission to carry my bags for me. Oh! But since your touch would ruin my brand-new items, you have to wear gloves, if you don’t have a pair, I order you to buy now! Of course, with your own money! Could your poor excuse for a brain comprehend what I just said to you? Just come already! But not too close to me! Can’t you see I just took a bath?!”…THANK GOD those guys are not good at writing characters like this!lovelovelife19This game is also filled with absurd and amusing scenarios, like when Takuma gets lost on a desert island and builds his own kingdom there, which is inhabited only by his wives, daughters and himself. They don’t need to worry with the short of citizens, since every single one of his daughters wants to have Takuma’s babies, naturally!


lovelovelife01v2The opening is a flash animation and I LOVE IT! It’s hilarious! Hilariously bad, I mean! The scene right at the beginning where they literally have the boobs of all the heroines scrubbed on your face is so silly and embarrassing! It’s completely shameless, just like the art used on the game itself!lovelovelife22Since this title is a collaboration between Pajamas Soft and SkyFish, they used 4 popular artists from both companies: Rubi-sama, Wolly, Tajima Yoshikadzu and Hinata Mutsuki for SDs. Their styles are pretty good, specially the first two, who have worked previously on “Nyan Cafe Macchiato”.lovelovelife12Unfortunately, none of that relaxing atmosphere and delicate colors from that game were used here, because they had to use a different color-technique to make everyone’s styles fit together.lovelovelife18


lovelovelife16There’s nothing wrong with the voice acting, for the most part, but then, Otoha’s voice comes and ruins everything! “Haruhi An” is not that bad of a seiyuu, but she is really awful at doing loud screams like laughs or battle cries. It was terrible!


lovelovelife10Hey! What do you seek from a Nukige? I believe it’s nothing like fortune, virtue, the purity of heart or world peace. There’s only one thing you want from it. That’s right, it’s happiness! And if a bunch of cute and big-breasted girls doing ecchi stuffs can’t bring a smile to your face, I think we can just rely on money, then! But since this game is really short in length, you don’t lose too much by giving it a try…

One response to “Galge Review – Love Love Life

  1. Holy crap my sides hurt from that flash animation.

    It was just so embarrassingly silly that all I could do is laugh like a maniac, and I’m sure the entire plot is what I expect from a nukige with a perverted protagonist.

    For some reason though, I feel like playing through with this title. Yes, it does look pretty ridiculous, but considering I kinda enjoyed Skyfish’s artwork, perhaps this would be worth it…

    I’m glad you’re getting nukige experience! I kinda feel bad thinking it’s my influence, but hey, experience is always good……… right?

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