Galge Review – Clover Day’s

cloverdays32This game has automatically become everyone’s favorite title for this month even before it’s release, but why? Trying to figure out the reason, I made this review…


cloverdays18Yuuto lived on an orphanage in England, until he was adopted by the Takakura family and moved with them back to Japan. He knew that his new family was very rich and wanted to make of him the next successor, but he was very shocked to know he would get two little sisters. Even though he was not the only child in that family, he was treated with love and respect by everyone.cloverdays05It was not easy at first, as he was still bullied on school for not being able to speak Japanese properly, and he also argued with one of his new little sisters, but it was in times like these that he had the help of Nodoka, his imaginary friend, who had the role of the ideal little sister and always supported him. That lasted until a visitor from another rich family became his friend, which was around the same time one of his sisters started to give him Japanese lessons. Thanks to that, he was finally able to open his heart to others and he never was able to see or speak to Nodoka ever again.


cloverdays17cloverdays19Takakura Anri is the main heroine. She was the one to teach Yuuto how to speak Japanese properly, but she didn’t stop there and still have study sessions with him every night with the pretext of being “training to succed the family business”, but she just wants to spend as much time as she can together with her brother. For that end, even though she is a year younger than Yuuto and isn’t a genius, she goes to the school library everyday to study the material from his class, just so she becomes able to give him lessons. This is obviously because she is deeply in love with the protagonist and it was probably at first sight, since she didn’t even get angry at him when he made her little sister cry. She always let very clear during everyone’s route just how much she feels for the guy and always get jealous when Yuuto starts to hit on other girls. She is always willing to do ANYTHING for her cool big brother, as she said herself, but tries to hide her feelings, since she thinks it would never be returned. The problem is, she is not very good at doing this, and even Yuuto makes very clear that he always noticed she was head over heels for him.

cloverdays09cloverdays15Takakura Anzu is Anri’s twin sister. She inherited her mother’s blonde hair, but was constantly bullied because of it, which made her become extremely shy and gave her an inferiority complex. She was the first one to notice Yuuto had an imaginary friend, but being a scared brat at the time, Yuuto defense was to shout at her and call her ugly and weird. She could not take anymore and ended cutting her hair very short by herself because, that way, she thought at least she could become friends with her new big brother. Yuuto felt really bad for what he did and, as an apology, he vowed to protect his little sister from any harm, so that she could proudly let her golden hair grow back. As a result, she became extremely attached to him, and loves to hug and sleep with him, which would make her Anri’s number one rival. However, she really just sees him as a brother and nothing more! That is until the middle of her route…

cloverdays20cloverdays25Kagami Hekiru is Yuuto’s first real friend and a super genius. Her father is a famous painter and she inherited this talent, having her works used on expositions since when she was a little child. However, she always had a very odd process of thought, which made her hard to be approached by other kids. For that reason, she immediately became good friends with Yuuto, who also suffered from a similar loneliness. She and her sister made a promise to get married to Yuuto once they get older, and she still takes this very seriously to this day.

cloverdays21cloverdays24Kagami Hikaru is Hekiru’s twin sister. She never had the same talents as her sister, which made her end up being ignored by her father, but not by her sister, who considers her to be her “light”. This made Hikaru worship her sister, but she soon met Yuuto, who also accepted her and became her friend. Influenced by her sister, she developed feelings for the boy and even made herself to hate other men, just so they could never get too closer to her. This was all to keep her body “clean” to when she met with her loved-one again. However, 10 years later, she completely forgot all about it, and her adoration for Hekiru took over, making her become a lesbian…She hates herself for not being as incredible and talented as her sister, and many times she says it’s like she mirrors everything about Hekiru, being just an miserable being while her sister is like a god. That’s why she is just a world-wide famous model who is popular even among girls and has her schedule always full…Such a pathetic human being!

cloverdays26cloverdays27Rindou Tsubame is one of Yuuto’s first friends on school and the one who helped him become used to his other classmates. She is a very lively girl who loves acting. She often speaks with a Kansai dialect but, different from her twin brother, she feels embarrassed about it and tries to hide it.

cloverdays28cloverdays30Yuibashi Izumi is another of Yuuto’s classmate since childhood. At first, she fought against him for Tsubame’s attention, but this eventually developed into friendship and later into love…A pretty obsessive love, I should say, as now is for Yuuto’s attention she is always fighting for. She tries too hard to hide her feelings, but she is even worse than Anri at it, since she is also very naïve and can’t help but to take Yuuto’s hentai-jokes seriously for an instant before she snaps out of it. It’s something like this: “Yes, you can grope my breasts to your heart’s conte…THE HELL THIS IS OK! WHO WOULD WANT TO HAVE HER BREASTS TOUCHED BY THE LIKES OF YOU? I WOULD! I AM RIGHT HERE! PICK ME!!

Routes and Themes

cloverdays11I don’t know why but, while clover symbolizes luck at most places, it seems it stands for twins in Japan, as every heroine in this title have twins…cloverdays29

But wait! there is Izumi, who is an only child, so she…


Anyway, I played the trial version months ago and felt I could hate this game. I was so worried about this, that I even bothered this nice gentleman by making him promise to play it first so he could tell me if it was good or not. But since he was too busy, while I was “the-opposite-of-being-busy”, I decided to play this for once and put an end to it!cloverdays23One of the reasons I believed I would probably hate this game was Hikaru. While I still can’t fully forgive her for the silly reason to why she treats Yuuto like trash (quite literally! As she compares him with the trash he was throwing), I found her “threesome route” with Hekiru to be really nice! I thought she would always try to get in the way of Yuuto and Hekiru’s relationship while saying some disgusting things, but it turned out she actually rooted for them and even helped the protagonist.cloverdays03The other reason, however, did not change, as Nogisaka Shion – Yuuto’s maid – is still a violent girl who is mega strong just because she is cute and is able to be intimidating for the characters but is not even close to be scary for players (At least, not for me). Not even God knows the extent of my hate for characters like her (only the Devil is able to measure this), but when she bluntly says her master is only good for making money, she ruined every possibility to make me respect her as an adult or as a human being!cloverdays12This is not something you would say for your lover, not even as a joke! Specially in the position she is. From this point on, I simply couldn’t respect this character anymore. This was a big minus for me, since the game constantly tries to sell Shion as the ideal mother figure, but my concept for this doesn’t include a greed person who soon resorts to violence.cloverdays31The other problem was Yuuto’s foster father Takakura Yoshiyomi. I wanted to like him, since he took over an unknown boy and treated him with the same love he gives to his blood-related daughters. This is something admirable to do! Respectable father figures are a rarity for Galges, after all, they are not cute! But, as it turns out, he is not just a digusting dad, but also a hetare on his relationship with Shion. Doesn’t matter how I look, they don’t form a good couple, and this had a big effect on my overall enjoyment for this game.cloverdays02What I didn’t expect was how Izumi developed on her route! I fell in love with how amusing her antics with Yuuto were, but I soon “stood up” from this love, as I saw she became a completely different character. The girl who was obsessively in love for the protagonist for over a decade, turns into a violent girl and a liar overnight! I couldn’t call this “character development” for how suddenly it was, without mentioning it was out-of-character.cloverdays34Talking about “out-of-character”, this can also be used to describe the protagonist. Yuuto seemed like such an interesting character full of qualities and faults, but once we get to his “current form”, we find a stereotype protagonist who is a simple-minded pervert…Well, most of times, since there are some events and routes he acts completely different. For example: On Izumi’s route, he is always hitting on other girls, and fantasizing about Ero-stuff with them. While, on the other hand, the Yuuto from Anzu’s route is a gentleman who remains loyal to her and even resists when Anri tries really hard to seduce him.cloverdays10Why is that? Is it because Anzu is much nicer than Izumi? Yes! Probably! But I don’t think this is the real problem. I believe the fault is on the multiple writers. Having more than one writer for the same story is not as easy as it seems, even if it’s just two, and this game has four! (Seo Jun, Miyazo, Hozumi Kei and Soranoshita Hajime), which could have lead to the many inconsistencies in the characters, since each one has their own ideas of how a character should act so, it’s possible the writer who worked on Izumi’s route was not the same one who wrote her lines during the normal route (Or maybe, they just had no idea what to do with her, once she became Yuuto’s lover).cloverdays07You can also notice this mess in the writing by analyzing the protagonist, who is an orphan, a gaijin, a paranoiac person, a ex-student council president, a ex-member of the drama club and the heir of a big company. But most of those elements are only slightly touched upon during the flashback events, and just a few are further developed later.cloverdays06Talking about the flashback events, there are a lot of these here, which reminds me of the time when NekoNeko Soft games were a bit more complex. The crazy part about this is that, different from the NekoNeko titles, this game starts at the present period to later throw you back to events in the past many times, and choices to decide which route you will take happens only during said flashbacks. Which means…cloverdays33Something worth of praise is how they deal with rejection and unanswered feelings. Here, you can see many occasions where the girls have their heart broken by seeing how happy and decided the protagonist is about his love. cloverdays01This is so nice! It’s hard to see things like that being treated seriously on those games. But here you don’t feel that indifference nor that convenience, which makes the characters way more interesting and convincing!


cloverdays16The graphics are really beautiful! They are cute, detailed and full of vivid colors. This isn’t for nothing, since veteran artists from ALcot worked together once more, and they have teamed up just enough times to become used to each other’s styles. So much that it becomes almost impossible to make them apart. Except for Chikotamu, who is an experienced freelancer who worked for many different brands. It’s clear he is not at the same level as his co-workers, being just a “helper” at best.cloverdays14The measures are also less “explosive”. There are big boobed girls, but their busts don’t seem to be about to burst out from their clothes. There are more assorted measures for girls, which also makes them more different from each other.cloverdays04


Really nice music! Both for vocal tracks used in openings and endings, as well as for the background music. Those are really pleasant to hear and use a lot of piano and violin to it, and I love it!cloverdays22The voices, how anyone could expect, are really great! I love everyone working on this game! Well, except for some male extras, but nobody cares for men on those games, right?


cloverdays13Since the development on every route is nothing that can impress, I have no other choice than to consider this a “charage”, but is ONE HELL OF A CHARAGE! Even with all the things I didn’t like, this was still a very nice game to play overall! My favorite for this month is still Hello Lady, there’s no doubt about that! But this one is not to be tossed out!

18 responses to “Galge Review – Clover Day’s

  1. Its been a while since I’ve commented but I couldn’t resist the chance in doing so on a game like this. Despite its flaws, I enjoyed a lot from the characters especially the twins routes with all its glorified icha rabu scenes. Nice review and wanted to ask you a few short questions (if you have the time to do so or if it is not possible the feel free to ignore this)

    1. You’ve made a lot of insightful reviews of galge ever since i discovered the review of tojita sekai no tori colony and hope that you will continue with your entertaining readings.

    2. This is just a personal question, but do you have in mind in creating a list of harem of 2014 this year. If so, I’d be looking forward to it.

    Thank you for your attention

    • Thank you for your feedback!
      1- I will continue trying to be as entertaining as I can for my reviews, but I also tend to be an asshole many times. I hope I can control myself so I don’t end up doing shit reviews. Please, keep me informed if I am going overboard at any point!
      2- I honestly don’t know. It’s not that I would not like to, I just never thought about doing one. The main purpose behind those are to show what titles have the most “delicious” girls, right? It’s much like a TOP10. I was actually considering about doing some TOP10s last year, but lost the opportunity. I was thinking about doing one for this year’s best galges, but I will take your idea into consideration as well. Now, I will take a look at other people harems for references and see if I can write something cool at this format!

  2. wow Thanks. That was a fast reply. Thank you for your consideration. As for my final words for today, I look forward to your next galge reviews and if there are not many candidates for the harem list or if it is not possible then I’m fine with other lists such as: best scenario, or best character (both male and female) or something along the lines.

    May luck and fortune always smile upon thee. Cheesy line I know, but still wish you good luck.

  3. hue, so the main heroine’s anri? yay!

    i thought anzu since she’s so centered in the web and op o,O

    • To be honest, Anzu’s route is actually much more about Yuuto than anything else, so you can technically say it is like a “true route”. However, Anri’s route tells more about the Takakura family and goes much further to develop her romantic relationship with the protagonist than any other heroines’ route (it’s also the only route you can see into THE FUTURE! But who wants to see a cute loli as a full grow-up and sexy woman, anyway? I DO!). I think it depends on what you expect from a main heroine. For example: I consider a main heroine to be the one who better represents the game’s main theme and is usually the one who is more in love with the protagonist than anyone else, (but there can be exceptions for this last one).

  4. Again, I am so sorry that I haven’t even finished 50% of the game before you were completely done and wrote up a review for it Dx

    On that thought though, I feel kinda relieved to read your review, because throughout the game I was thinking “wait, am I supposed to be rejoicing at how awesome this game is…?”, and I’m apparently not the only one.

    Great analysis of the characters, and expect my review to have the same tone, but different criticisms/compliments.

    Splendid review as always! Looking forward to your reviews for the April games! 🙂

    • Thank you for reading my review and for giving your thoughts about it.
      This is to show the extent of my “Hima” abilities! By the way, I already finished another one as I was writing this review. My “vagabondity” knows no bounds!
      Oh yeah…the April releases! I was almost forgeting about those! I was actually thinking about playing some console-based Galges for next month, so I don’t know if I will pick as many PC titles as I did for last month releases…

      • Speaking of which, are console-based games good? I know that some of them are pretty much pressing the button to continue with the story and such (such as White Album for PS3), but I know some actually have interactive gameplay.

        I’d also like to know if they’re actually comparative to PC games, in terms of story. I mostly see relatively unfavorable reviews for them (the console-based games, I mean), so I just don’t understand what makes you continue with it

      • My favorite Galge from last year was actually a console-based one (XBLAZE), so all the more reason for me to keep trying them. Most are not so different from PC-based galges in terms of “gameplay”, but the production values are way higher than the PC ones and the focus is usually on the story rather than cute girls and ero-stuff. As a result, when there’s drama or battle stuff, it’s way more convincing than most Eroges, because girls actually look like they can handle a fight or two, and the protagonist is usually decent.
        When they are not about fights, it’s usually an adaptation of sorts (from a famous anime or light novel), those have a high probability to suck, but there’s Guyzware that usually makes good adaptations. I think fans of the respective series are quite pleased with their games, as I usually am (except for the last Oreimo game for PS3). Games like IdolM@aster and Dream C Club are amusing on their own way, and those offer way more different gameplay than others.

      • …and this makes me want a console game, but considering how little time I have for them in the first place, and how hard it’ll be to get my hands on the game copy, I think I’ll have to pass… 😦

        But it does sound very interesting: anything not related to school-life ichaicha romance is always welcome in my eyes.

        This convinces me to be following your blogs a bit more thoroughly. Thanks for the information 🙂

      • BTW: The first Galge I’ve ever played was a console one! Such good innocent times!

  5. I disagree about Izumi and her change of character. I thought she had a good amount of Tsuntsun and Deredere in her route. And the “violent” part weren’t actually violent you can see it was made for comedic effect. It wasn’t out of character it was Izumi’s character =] other than that i agree this game is a great Charage

    • I am glad you were able to enjoy Izumi route more than I did. I consider Izumi violent acts something “out of character” simply because she never did something like that before they started dating, and I was not expecting it. Furthermore, things like violent girls are not for my liking. Yes, even the “comedic effects ones”. After all, if it was meant as a joke, it gets pretty boring if you didn’t find it funny, right. I really wanted to love Izumi and her route, but i just couldn’t… 😦

  6. BTW I forgot to add Chikotamu is female… surprised me as well anyhow the dynamics between Yoshiomi and Shion is actually a very good dynamics that make them the perfect couple heck in the intro alone I’m already a shipper for them and Anzu’s route made me solidify my amount of shipping squee actually the twist in her route shocked me the most but still it was a good twist for me, Yoshiomi maybe a useless father outside but he’s a very caring father none-the less but you know WHERE IS THAT PROMISED HAREM ROUTE!!! CAN’T YOU AT LEAST MAKE YUUTO FUCK YOUR DAUGHTERS IN 3P! SERIOUSLY… COME ON… <_< *ahem*… Shion has her own flaws and she knows about this in Anzu's route its not hard to at lease congratulate her for trying where she did once failed, over all the game is good at an average point I can easily recommend it to people to remind what makes a good family it maybe not that realistic but you have to look at it in a larger picture the theme of the game is family and family bonds, ok probably Hikaru and Hekiru asides… yes Anzu's route may not be her route but who says a route has to be heroine centric…

    • I mostly agree with everything you said (especially about the 3P thing!), but I really can’t apreciate the maid and father’s relationship, not even a bit. I really despise this kind of comedy and comb. You could say it’s the total opposite of a perfect couple for me. I was even thinking about dropping the game at the beginning just because of that couple. But this can’t be helped, as this is already a personal taste thing. You see, I am a “S”…

  7. I do believe all the ideas you have introduced for your post.
    They’re really convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for beginners.
    May just you please extend them a little from subsequent time?
    Thanks for the post.

  8. I just started reading this VN(sense English patch for common route is out), but I quickly lost interest in pretty much most the characters, I’m not such of a big fan of female characters going high heels and being all over our MC(I’ve taken a liking to the lost twin sister sadly theirs no route for her?, well I’m not so far in yet, Anri and Tsubane seems okay too), which made me lost interest in the female characters really quick, like that kiss out of no where from Hekiru, I was deeply disappointed with her and the MC for such a week reaction, leaving me a bad impression on him. Also I personally didn’t like our MC that much too, there seems to be a lot potential in him as when it was showing his childhood memories, but as a teen now and how he acts(like prob one of the most perverted MC in VN I seen so far -> lots of perverted jokes) made his personally really weak.

    When it comes to VN or even anime, I take a strong look in their personally/development, I hope it doesn’t really keep going this way…

    I do really agree with the artwork and character designs being really nice :D, but just the character’s personally was really …….. didn’t stand out too much

    Dang and I thought the maid was awesome D:, but yah if she did said something like that your father is only good for money, that would also leave a really bad impression on me :/ and it seems as a lot of the “head maid” are somewhat violent haha(well she’s the only maid in here)

    Overall I’m not even so sure if I wanna keep reading…just the characters being all over our MC really made me lost interest…it’s like all the flags had been trigger already…no romance and character developments…

    Really nice review. Thx for the review 😀

    • Unfortunately, I think the plot only gets weaker as you go further in the game. Well, at least in my opinion, anyway. My favorite part of the game was the beginning. Afterwards, the MC’s personality gets even more predictable and less admirable. The romantic development also feels really sudden. After all, as you mentioned, all heroines are already in love with the guy since the beginning. I’m not against heroines who already have feelings for the protagonist from the start, but this usually comes together with some kind of obstacle to be surpassed along the way, to give you a sense of achievement. Without that, it feels just like another “charage”.

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