Anime Review – No Game No Life

NoGameNoLifeNo Game No Life is an anime about a couple of siblings who end up in a new world where everything is based on games. Well, being an addicted gamer myself, I just have to take a look on this one!

It all begins with a great battle between two groups of players in a MMO (sorta) game.01We are at the ending of a massacre where 4 players defeated 1200 opponents. Hey, did I say 4? No, there are just 2 protagonists in this story, so it actually has been a victory of 2 people controling 2 characters each against 1200 other players. And the little sister controled both her characters  using the mice with her feet. While eating a snack. Yep, I think we got ourselves a pretty overpowered pair of protagonists, guys.nogame (2)Hey, is she… You know what:02I can accept 4 characters defeating over 1000, I can accept people controlling 2 characters, I can even accept people playing with their feet, but I call hoax on playing on high level using those socks to control the mouse. Have you ever tried to play DotA or whatnot using glooves? It’s horrible, it really gets in the way.Balrog knows how it's done!Basically, Sora and Shiro are neets who do nothing but play games. Add Anime and they would be like me, but a little cooler. They live their lives in this stuck way in a world they don’t like until this fatidic day where someone invites them to a new world where everything can be solved by gaming.nogame (3)But to be accepted in this world they need to show their power in a game of chess. Cool, this is not just about videogames. I like it. And winning they finaly get transported to the world called Disboard and…03Why does this so called goddess talk about her rules at one thousand billion miles up in the sky? I kinda lost myself there. To sum up, gaming is serious business here and you can get anything by gambling.04Even a kingdom. Literally, as there is a poker tournament  happening right now to determine the new king. It doesn’t matter that there is a perfectly health princess.nogame (4)But who cares about a kingdom, Sora gambles for a whole little bag of gold. And he bets himself and his sister for it. Personally, I think Shiro, as a cute loli sister is worth a lot more but it IS against a small fry, so…05And Sora just beats her. With a Royal Straigh Flush. WOW. What a lucky guy. A shame that is by luck, I myself would prefer a good strategy. Unless… Oh. He cheated! Ok, the goddess rules Do say that you can’t be caught cheating, so it’s fine. Now, how did he do it?06And so our first episode ends with promises of many more adventures to come… WAIT!! How the hell did he do it? Seriously? How?nogame (7)By the way, this anime did not show us how did they win any of their games! For reals. They won in the MMORPG but we only see the game graphics, no strategy is ever mentioned. We do not see the chess game except for, like, 3 moves. We do not see the game against the 3 thiefs in the road to the city. And now we do not get any explanation on how the hell did he cheat a Royal Straigh Flush to his hand!nogame (5)Sounds like little to you? He changed 5 very expecific cards from a deck that was handled by someone else, while another experient cheater was looking. That was suposed to be the good part of the game! Is it the generic explanation number one : Magic? Or number 6: It is an elven deck. Maybe it was the number 8: He is really good at it.Season_1Yeah… I am not going to crucify this anime just yet, but I really hope it is different in the light novel. It is interesting enough and with good characters so I will keep going but if this “we do not explain” trend continues when we start going to the non small fry opponents I will be going to somewhere else…nogame (8)But don’t forget that this is just the first episode!

6 responses to “Anime Review – No Game No Life

  1. I heard concerns about the lack of explaining their gameplay from other people too. I’ve read the first two volumes of the novel, so I can assure you that the games to come will be followed with more detail. Episode 1 only covered the Prologue and half of Chapter 1, The chess game, poker game, and the game against the thieves were glossed over since they were just plot devices to introduce the story and the rules of the world. Next episode, we’ll get a simple but nifty game of janken (rock paper scissors) with a side of groping.

    • Yep, I had the feeling it was more because of the small-fryness of the opponents. A episode with multiple cases of F.A.G. is kinda weird though
      I will keep on watching, could definitely go for some groping janken

  2. One of my friends actually recommended this title to me saying it was really good, but all I can say is that it doesn’t look to different than your other crappy series that’s being produced recently. I’m already done with anime in general, so I’ll simply look forward to your review when you finish the series. You are smart to not get your hopes up, haha

    • Well, being honest i think most of my concerns are first episode problems, but is hard to say how much I hope for it to get better. I want it too tough, I love gaming and would like a good anime about it. If I still up for it all the way, I’ll give some feedback on my final opinion

  3. Juan-Arturo Nunez

    um…… tet is actually a god not a goddess ( hes a boy )

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