Anime Review – Seikoku No Dragonar

Seikoku no Dragonar is an anime with a medieval setting that revolves around dragons. Well, I don’t know you but I love me some dragons, they are my favorite magical beings, so this anime has quite the initial appeal to me. Let’s see if it lives up to it.

dragonar2Living in a place where, at a very young age, everyone of his kind is united for life with a magical being, our hero is plagued with a curse: he is left all alone, he has no companion. And, even though he is a brave hearted kid who tries really hard to be do well, the others around treat him differently for it. But that is about to change, for our hero has dreams of the future that is about to come. Dreams that lead him to his destiny. Dreams that will bring forth his new Magical companion:Time.Link.full.1355022Ok, I am sorry. But I couldn’t help but notice some … resemblances. But he really does dream with his new magical companion to be in the future:NaviWait, what? Her name IS Navi?? Then forget what I said, I am not sorry for that joke, they just asked for it…

Putting that aside, our main character is Ash Blake, the number one problem child of the Dragonar School. The problem is, since people can’t help talking about his lack of dragons, Ash can’t help wanting to punch them in the nose. I kinda like that, it shows some guts.marcaLike all the students, ash has a tribal mark that signals their potential as a Dragon Breeder. But his was given to him by a dragon together with the whole arm that he had lost trying to save a girl years ago. Now he has this HUGE mark, compared to others, but no dragon to use. And I am sure there is a dirt joke to be done here, but I will pass on that.ArmWhat baffles me is the fact that Ash shouldn’t be the target of jokes, but studied so others could be like him. You see, he can ride other people’s dragons, which is impossible in this world. That is quite the unique power for a protagonist! Well, not among protagonists, that “has all powers” is a cliché ability for main characters. But it is pretty unique for this world.JAMADAAt this point, we are introduced to the first important girl in the series: Silvia Latreamont. I will be very blunt here, sorry if it offends you: she is a bitch! You know that annoying aunt that we always have, that talks very loudly when complaining just to, purposely, make everyone awkwardly aware that she didn’t like something? The one that everyone dislikes. Well, that is Silvia’s future. Sorry to tell you that while she still looks young and beautiful.PUNCH_Nourin_-_08_HD.mkv_snapshot_21.58_[2014.04.01_20.22.35]During a practice class to mount dragons, there are gigantic lizards running and flying all over the place and the main character is mounting his friend’s dragon (that sounds so gay!). Well, it’s just a friendly exercise (it got worse!) and the Ice Blue Princess “Silvia” Does that:princessDon’t worry, with the power of the generic rule number 11 (the “she is cute” rule) no one is actually hit by that. Know what isn’t ok? Jumping back to avoid an attack with this stupid number of dragons flying and running all around the place and, accidently, colliding with a cute girl’s dragon if you are a protagonist in nowadays animes. If you do that, people can respond with this:bitchslapWhy the hell is that a big deal?? Seriously, the dragons are both ok in the end and that kind of accident is no surprise with that number of HUGE LIZARDS doing it at the same time. I would make a big deal if one of those lasers where to hit a student passing by. But since the protagonist did it, he gets scolded, slapped and has to listen some heavy shit from the cute girl.friendMy japanese is kinda rusty, I will admit, but I am pretty sure she just asked if his dragon hasn’t already died because of him. Dude, I would so punch this chick in the mouth. There are things you don’t joke about, even if you’re a Dokuzetsu cute girl. The death of important ones IS one of those things. Well done anime, I am never gonna like this girl now. And I am pretty sure you’re gonna try to convince me she has a good reason to be like that and make me forget it…challengeShe then proceeds to challenge Ash to a race. If he wins she will apologize. I like that the protagonist doesn’t run from the challenge but, there is something kinda wrong in this race idea, right? I mean:raceSeriously? She can freaking fly? And, after he gets left way too behind, he is ok with losing the race to her? He is not angry anymore? Dude, you have no pride. I was kinda liking the protagonist so far.

But no time for that, it is time for this anime to have a few seconds of awesomeness. Here comes Milgaus.milgausMan, I am such a Takehito fanboy. Well, the girl who accompanies Milgaus attacks Ash and he runs like a bitch. Which makes sense since he went looking for a loud noise without the dragon, his one way to defend himself.girlLooking at the protagonist, she decides not to kill him. Maybe it is because of his super special awesome magic arm, maybe because he is so pathetic that she ends up pitying the fool. And then she falls down of a cliff and Ash executes the most “gravity doesn’t work that way” maneuver I’ve seen in a while (not really):physicsWell, at least he is now definitely a main character, since he is unquestionably really kind. And now that the protagonist is falling to a certain death, it sounds like the perfect time to activate his hidden power. It is time to bring his dragon, “Navi”, into the story. Also, it’s aways time for some naked loliness!naked loliWell, she is cute and, since Navi was very… acceptant of Ash in his dreams, I think this is going to be an adorable loli girl. As long as she doesn’t awake and punches Ash’s face for her being naked, I am sure I am gonna like her. And they already have the anime’s bitch anyway!loliI am not part of the target audience of this anime and definitely did not like most of it’s characters so far. But maybe, just maybe, I can stick with it a little longer if The Girl prooves to be a little more likeable than the rest has been so far.

But don’t forget that this is just the first episode!

“Scenes of the next episode”



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