Anime Review – Mekakucity Actors (Kagerou Project)

mekakucity12A review about one of the most hyped animes for this season. But a very brief one, because Shaft.

mekakucity11Kagerou Project is an AMV series posted on NicoNico, which uses the VOCALOID tool for songs. It is the second franchise of its kind. However, unlike Black Rock Shooter, this one seems to have a proper story since the very beginning. It spawned into several adaptations across different medias, like CDs, mangas, light novels and finally this animated TV series made by Shaft.mekakucity01The episode opens with this guy Kisaragi Shintarou, a hikkikomori who wastes his precious life writing stupid reviews about animes and lying about having worked with animation.mekakucity08Being a shut-in, his only company is a virtual girl named Hatsune Mi…I mean: Ene! But she is nothing like you would fantasize about “your very own artificial girlfriend”.mekakucity07Nothing more happens until Shintarou spills coke on his keyboard when he gets too pissed-off with Ene. Now he has no way to use his PC properly, so he asks Ene to look for a sto…HEY! CAN SHE OPPERATE THE PC WITHOUT THE KEYBOARD?! Why doesn’t he use her, then? What’s the problem, anyway? Will he look into porn or something? WHO DOES THAT?mekakucity09Shintarou’s monologue gives us a short flashback where she appears suddenly when he opens a mysterious E-mail. What a digital dummy! Everybody knows those things are filled with viruses, spams, malwares, rappers and…mekakucity03Anyway! Since there was no delivery service for the next 3 days or so, our intrepid heroes make their resolve to brave the wilderness of the outside. I am doing my best to make this as exciting as I can. To be honest, it has been pretty boring and slow until now and the protagonist is not someone I would consider as charismatic…Actually, he is a Hetare!mekakucity04v2It’s when a group of terrorists attack the mall and make hostage of everyone there, including Shoutarou.mekakucity05Then, two guys use fabulous secret powers to distract the criminals and free Shintarou who, in turn, does this:mekakucity06v2And this:mekakucity10And then…the episode ends! I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING! From what I got on my quick research through the net, this series is about people with magical eye-balls, so it’s possible it becomes interesting later. But for now, this was a terrible first episode! It didn’t make a proper introduction of the main characters neither did show the series main focus or themes.mekakucity13But don’t forget that this is just the first episode! Even though there’s nothing that makes me excited enough to watch the next one…HOLY COW! This Opening is FREAKING AWESOME!

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