Shameless Review – Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort

So, I was planning this video thing for my 100th post, but I also wanted to make this as a monthly post, that’s why I wanted to release it ASAP, so let’s say this is my 100th post from the future! But, please, leave your suggestions and complains and I will receive them right away!

11 responses to “Shameless Review – Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort

  1. GOAHAHAHAHA, right in my ear with full volume on.

  2. Yep, congratulation on your 100th post. 🙂

  3. Sorry man, i just woke up. I’ve really no idea how i made “So, I was planning this video thing for my 100th post” into “this is my 100th post”

    Okay, okay, now i am awake! i read the post over again! lets see..Alright! I’ll be sure to check out the full version in the future, if you don’t post another video right away, but that would also be in the future, probably?

  4. Goodness, is that redhead at the beginning laughing or barking?

    Anyways, good effort in the video editing, keeping things moving and giving plenty of visual references. But the deal breaker is intelligibility. Maybe I’m too reliant on subs these days (yes, even for English-language films and videos), but I’m having difficulty making out a third of what you say, especially when distracted by the visuals. That’s why I avoid pretty much all video reviews in the first place.

    Might I ask what recording equipment and video editing software you used?

    • Thanks for your opinion!
      Both the red-haired girl and Tidus are doing the same thing: teaching someone of the opposite sex how to laugh their problems out by using the worst laugh possible as an example. It was a scene so similar that I couldn’t resist!
      I believe you’re not at fault on this “intelligibility” matter, because my pronunciation is horrible, indeed. It’s kinda hard to focus on my accent while I fight against amazonian monkeys, but I promise I will do better next time.
      Part of the subs were actually to try fixing this problem, as such, some are just repeting lines which were hard to understand.
      We used Fraps to capture any game footage, Audacity for audio, Sony Vegas for edits and finally, we compressed everything with meGUI. This part was much easier than I was expecting!

  5. where did you get the 4-koma?

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh god my sides. I just noticed this post. Looking at the date, I was in Hong Kong so no wonder why I didn’t see this. Hahahaha dammit, this made my day XDDD .

    • Oh, thank you! I am really glad you like it. I needed this to give me some incentive to make new ones! I intent to make at least one per month, which is the most noteworthy of the month (being the best or worst).

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