Galge Review – Love Sweets

lovesweets23Hey! Do you play lots of Galges? Have you played Berry’s? So you probably have already played this one, too! In a way or another…

Story, Characters and Cake!

lovesweets04v2The story takes place on Zawame city, where the Yggdrasil Corporation is using teenagers as guinea pigs to test devices called Lockseeds.LoveSweets09But this is just too exciting of a setting, so let’s instead follow the steps of a regular teenager by the name of Futami Itsuki, who is not too bright, interesting or remarkable in any way. Oh, wait! He is a “positive person”. Silly me! such a special individual he is!lovesweets13v2He is blessed by the constant presence of his childhood friend Ichinose Yui, whose life purpose is to deliver lovely phrases like: “The only joke here is your face” or “Not as peaceful as your head, which has nothing inside”, when answering to Itsuki’s greetings. Not forgetting she also punches him all the time…Don’t give that look! I know everyone love those things!LoveSweets16There’s this Otonashi Kushina, one of those tiny creatures who are desperate for attention and are jumping and screaming all the time. In real life, those are really annoying, but here, they are tottemo kawaii, ne?!LoveSweets08She happens to be a cousin to Otonashi Kanae, the school’s super-duper-idol-celebrity-of-popularity-and-high-quality. Intelligent, gentle, beautiful, athletic…She has big boobs as well, which explain lots!LoveSweets05Itsuki was tired of his boring virgin school life and decides to start a part-time on a fast-food called “Hot Chocolat” to lose his pureness the same way it happens with Galges, and just like those, he is the only male working there, except for the manager Tokita, who is invisible, so no one cares.LoveSweets10Itsuki is so desperate that he would even lay his fingers on his adorable sister Iori, who would actually receive him with open arms. Ah, she was also working there since before! Call it destiny. On the other hand, Yui is just stalking. Yes, she also gets the same part-time and immediately becomes way more efficient and capable than Itsuki. Man! This guy sucks!LoveSweets18Last but not least, Enjou Minamo. The slow-paced hot chick with giant boobs and the innocence of a little girl. She is everyone’s Senpai, both in their job and school, as it turns out, everyone studies at the same place. Convenient, right? Aaah! Just shut up and take your cake!LoveSweets07

Routes & Themes

LoveSweets14You have your usual “I’ve always loved you” and “I love you, but I am not sure why just yet”. No one here is trying to impress, they are just following the old “Learn how to make Galges even if you are a monkey” manual.LoveSweets12You have an assorted “menu” of girls at your disposal. Those come in all different kinds of flavors and sizes! Choose the Kanae or Minamo set for a “meatlicious” meal, also recommended for those who want something light to calm the heart. The Yui-course is as nutritious as the former two, but is full of fat and can be hard to chew, with high probabilities to make one sick. Finally, we have the kids’ set: Kushina and Iori’s happy meal! Few meat and much wackiness! Kushina is dumb and loud, while Iori is obsessive and perverted…HAPPY!LoveSweets19This “great epopee” is really similar to what was delivered on Sphere’s fast-food romance. It’s not like this was a unique concept, since Pia Carrot and many others have done the same thing, but those others have much more elaborated characters, specially the protagonist, and GOD DAMN! Itsuki bores me to death and I hate him the more I get to know him!


LoveSweets20We get a nice art by Sakurazaka Tsuchiya and Hinata Nao, famous for their preivious works on…Nothing…No! Wait! Tsuchiya was one of the many artists behind this other Moonstone game, he also made this doujinshi. But his drawings are decent, trust me!LoveSweets11Can’t say for sure when Tsuchiya’s art ends and Nao drawings take over, so I will give them pro points for this!


LoveSweets15A weird lack of sound effects and voices for some mobs. Music is your usual deal, I don’t remember any, and I am hearing them right now as a write this review! It’s like I never heard them in the first place! But who cares for the BGMs? Everything is swell as long as the voices are cute, and this is exactly what you get: Moe voices for everyone! Just don’t expect much for dramatic scenes…


LoveSweets22What can I say about this game? It certainly is not remarkable, but it’s not bad for what it strives to be: An average game with an absurdly boring protagonist! No, wait! There’s something more: The shortcut for Auto Play is on the “A” key. This makes me so happy!

5 responses to “Galge Review – Love Sweets

  1. I’ll pass on this one, thanks for saving me space in my hard drive and time.

    • It’s good to know there’s something useful from reading shit games like this one. At least I can prevent people from wasting their time with them.

  2. When I saw that “Shout it looooouuud”, I half expected to see 「自分だけのStyle」 right after XD

    (That’s from this OP:

  3. I knew it that this one will turn out like Berry’s. Glad I didn’t play this one since it didn’t look interesting too.

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