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Galge Review – Ren’ai Harem ~ Daisuki tte Iwasete

ren-aiharem20What you need to do in order to make a good Galge? If it is too hard to accomplish, what you need to do in order to make a profitable Galge, instead? The answer might be known by many, but it’s in your subconscious! To learn this truth by playing this game, I had to “Exceed the Limit”, just like Rick Stro…NO! MUST STAY FOCUSED! NO REFERENCES! HAVE-TO-DO-REVIEW!

TOP TEN – Favorite Galge Openings

cover01That’s right! Everyone in this community does that, so it is finally my turn. Feel the suspense as you find out who is going to come out on top and get the exhilarating prize: The privilege to have everyone asking “Why the hell doesn’t this get an anime adaptation?”.