TOP TEN – Favorite Galge Openings

cover01That’s right! Everyone in this community does that, so it is finally my turn. Feel the suspense as you find out who is going to come out on top and get the exhilarating prize: The privilege to have everyone asking “Why the hell doesn’t this get an anime adaptation?”.


Aaaah! Galges! It has been a while since I started “playing” them (more like reading). A lot have changed since, like my hair! I remember it like it was just 11 years ago…


But, of course It wasn’t a Galge! It obviously was an Otome Game!4komaEX2Anyway! There’s a lot that haven’t changed at all as well. Like the fact I don’t really like Galge Openings that much. They are mostly an uninspired and poorly animated flash animation with one or all of the seiyuus singing an unremarkable song. But even for someone as annoying as me, there are those exceptions who are able to make my heart skip a beat. If you’re still reading this, please, go ahead to see a very atypical TOP10 about Galge openings:



Song: “Farewells” by MASAMI/Faylan

I don’t have the slightest idea what this game is about! I never played or found it anywhere! All I know is that it is a title dating back from 2002, which was around the time I got this opening using Winmx (does anyone still knows what this thing is?). The art is made by Happoubijin, the same guy who illustrates the currently famous Bishoujo Mangekyou series. The lyrics is by Takeuchi Kouta, who is also the scenario writer and have worked on a bunch of Da Capo games, I never knew he had this talent! The Vocal is from MASAMI, who nowadays goes by the ALIAS of Faylan and is more commonly recognized as the one behind a bunch of BLAZBLUE songs (I liked her way better back then).

With such a dream team, why hasn’t this become an instant classic? I don’t know, but HEY! The opening is awesome!

Great Moments:


Top N-09



16 responses to “TOP TEN – Favorite Galge Openings

  1. I was hoping Muramasa would pop up somewhere around the top 3 and you did not let me down! It’s just too bad that the one live performance I’ve found of this song on Youtube was probably one of the worst… maybe Ono just had a bad day or something. :p

  2. Axanael and Sumaga look really up my alley, I wish somebody would translate them already so I could read it properly.

    You have a Djibril opening so you pass the test! Plus bonus points for the Touhou parody! Akio Watanabe is the best! That catchy tune and dance! And the same kind of SD dancing has been in the Djibril OPs since the beginning, which predates Haruhi, so it’s definitely not a Hare Hare Yukai parody! Oh, there’s even a new Touhou parody!

    In my list, I’d have to include another Akio Watanabe masterpiece. Half the world has seen the dance from this one, it’s that famous!

    But they can’t tell the kids where the original dance came from, the video is too lewd! If they found out it came from a lolicon eroge OP, who knows what disaster would befall the world…

    • That’s right! I also remember this Popotan dance from before Caramelldansen became a thing. It got me really confused at the time!
      Didn’t remember SD dancings from the Djibrils I played, just remember a scene where the SDs fought and run to draw the attention of the viewer, but it has been a long time, so you’re probably right (I should have re-watched those before). Anyway: Pro points for them, because they did not copy Hare Hare Yukai like everyone else!
      This alternative Touhou version is also pretty nice!
      Sumaga and Axanael are not so hard to understand. Muramasa, on the other hand, it’s REALLY DIFFICULT on the vocabulary! It has lot’s of military terms, archaic dialects, technobabble, complex war strategies and much more!

  3. Now I think I’m kinda sure that you’re really have a weird taste after reading this.

    • Well, what would you expect from the guy with the Jojo themed blog? My favorites are the ones with cool-looking characters and action-packed stories, but it doesn’t mean I don’t play the cute and funny Galges as well. In fact, I play those a lot! After all, I also enjoy reading something to relax. Ironically, those cute-slice-of-life usually makes me nervous. Not because of the dramatic development or complex relashionships, but because some characters tend to piss me off! For some reason, this doesn’t happen too often with the battle-centered games, for example: I love every single character from Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen!

  4. No MLA?

    Anyone some that, in my opinion, are very good and my favorites

    Akagoei 2

    Both Baldr Sky

    Rewrite Op 2

    Aiyoku no Eustia

    Also I think Dies Irae opening was better than Senshikan, maybe because It’s a better game?

    Shinning Braves

    • Your picks are great as well! Specially Dies Irae. I want to play this game for a long time because it looks really interesting, but it has so many versions, fan disks, sequels and sub-sequels that I got confused where to begin. I played Hachimiyoujin first because it is the first chapter of a new story…I guess! I tried to do the same with Kajiri Kamui Kagura, but it turned out to be an alternate universe for Dies Irae…

      • ~Amantes amentes~ is the most complete version, but it’s censored and you miss the ero and some guro parts that were toned down. If you want the whole experience play it ~Acta est Fabula~ version and finish all the routes, then AA and pick the additional content, which is another route and side stories.

        Then play KKK.

      • Yeah, like I expected: Complicated. Thank you! I will put it on my schedule.

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