Top Five – More Stupid Things About Galges




Top10-05v4After the constant attacks against the innocent and pure community of Galge, many new norms and censorships are created all the time. One would think this would ruin our “way-of-life”, but little they know that we galgamers can adapt really fast! Well, not as if this would be a problem, anyway! As one of the most rigid rules imply that all heroines must be over 18, and to that effect, we can rarely see the age of a heroine being mentioned during the story. However, we can clearly see billions of clues to their real age, and sometimes, they even say to our faces! Have more shame!Top10-05v5There is also the rule about censorship of such words as “Omanko” or “Chinko” (Woooh! I feel so nasty, today!), but some games are not doing this at all, and no one seems to care…Except for us, the public! Our adaptation capabilities have gotten the best of us, as it gives a big lackluster feeling when we don’t hear the *beep* in the middle of lewd words anymore! Oh! The irony!TOP5-03-05Those things became so pointless that they could just simply put their warning at the beginning like this:Top10-05v2

Top N-04back

Top N-02

6 responses to “Top Five – More Stupid Things About Galges

  1. I don’t mind the magical sex in eroge, but it sure the heck is awkward when it comes to the anime adaptations. SUDDENLY DOLPHINS

    • Ha! Ha! That was funny! But It seems they did the same thing in the PS2 version in order to “erase” the sex scene. But I guess it didn’t had any Dolphins, which is a shame! I love Ecco!

  2. Oh my sides. I’m just laughing so much at these.
    It’s not the stupid things themselves, but how you say “Oh I feel dirty today!” that just cracks me up.
    I was a little busy recently, but I’m getting back to eroge slowly. I’ll be reading some of your posts and writing up reviews of my own. Good luck to you, and thanks for a hilarious post!

    • Welcome back! I am glad to “see you”. Suddenly, everyone I knew from this community was disappearing one after another, but thankfully, everyone is coming back. I am happy to know my silliness is useful to make someone laugh, because it’s not like this TOP will ever be useful to something. I hope my entries in this TOP are not too stupid or offensive, after all, it looks like I have a natural talent to make people angry…

  3. Hey, the guy you used to censor, is he from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei?

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