Shameless Review – Harem Tengoku da to Omottara Yandere Jigoku Datta(PS3)

 “What? A console-based Galge? But everyone hates them!”
Well, I don’t! Some of my first Galges were for console, and I honestly don’t understand why Galgamers hate those so much, but I will try to find out what makes them so different from the ones for PC!

5 responses to “Shameless Review – Harem Tengoku da to Omottara Yandere Jigoku Datta(PS3)

  1. Although i m not interested, it is still surprising to see Nippon Ichi made a Galge…

  2. In my very limited experience with console titles like 77(Sevens) and Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi (my only two console titles, lol), I really can’t tell the difference, unless it is something trivial like removal of sexual content. Although, I have seen a few ports and native titles prove that assumption false. Not sure if I want give this one a try despite the length (Yandere characters frighten me, lol), but will consider it during my break.

    • I started playing Galges from consoles, but I also can’t say the difference between the PC ones. All I can say is there are many galges for PC with very weak characters and story. While most of those are nukiges, there are many that are not. Those weak titles rarely get a port for consoles, and I guess it’s because they would be too boring without H-scenes. Which makes me believe the console Galges – not having any H-scenes – need to have at least a good plot. Which means they are like a filter.
      Anyway: This game got a really low score from famitsu, which made me think it would suck, but it actually was, by far, the best Galge I played this month! Maybe non-galgamers don’t get convinced by moe or H fan-service, making they be more demanding with the story than most PC-players.

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