Game Review – Boushi Sekai ~ A Little World

boushisekai08Art by 何処子

For every Galge I play, there must be a RPG, and since I did a special doujin post just the other day, it would be appropriate that this other game would also be of doujin nature. That’s why I choose this game, which a really nice guy recommended to my on twitter. I was a bit worried with the game’s quality, since this was built with RPGmaker, but it turns out this RPG is excellent!


boushisekai14The story is set in many different worlds and dimensions. There are beings of immeasurable powers who can even create an entire world for themselves. They are known as “managers” since they are responsible for the world they build. Currently, there is a dispute between the TOP10 managers, who aim to attack other managers in order to take possession over their hats, which is the source of their power. This will not be an simple conflict, since each manager is essentially a god, as long as they reside in their own worlds. Even so, they all have strong reasons to not give up.


In a very unusual move, you can choose between 6 of the 10 TOP managers. There’s also a different partner for each character, plus one ally character who everyone shares.boushisekai01Doora is responsible for the World of Toys. She and her creations believe in the everlasting beauty of dolls, and wish to share this by turning everyone into lifeless objects. Her partner is Meshureya, who seems to be a bit uncertain about Doora’s ideals.boushisekai02Tsuki manages the World of Time and is the conductor of Yggdrasil – the train that moves time forward. She is, however, very bored with her position and acts nonchalantly about everything and most of her words are full of sarcasm. She strongly believes no one can undo the mistakes from the past. Her partner is Tsubame, who is a specialist at gathering information and is said to be able to read into her opponent’s heart.boushisekai03Nataly commands the World of Laws. She is a perfectionist who would never take part in an impossible fight. She possesses a clairvoyance ability, which gives her the ability to see throu

gh everything. She always remembers to keep harmony and rules in her heart. She is assisted by Yunoh, who has the role of being a walking-tutorial for the party, and always team up with whatever group the player chooses.boushisekai04Janess is in charge of the World of Battles. She is not too bright and has horrible social skills, which she is completely conscious of. In the past, she worked as an officer to keep the peace at the World of Hats and her catch-phrase is “the defeated earns nothing”. Her partner is Melissa, a very mature and sexy woman who was among the strongest managers with her World of sensuality, but now she enjoys spending her time in Bars on her own pace.boushisekai05Lavie is the one looking upon the World of Life. A pacifist with a very kind personality who worked together with Nataly on a research to cure illness from managers. Her mantra is “Every human is equal in life or death”. She also gets help from Yunoh.boushisekai06Mel supervises the World of Dreams. She is a bit mischievous and her weak memory lead her to forget important things. She looks very young, but it’s said she is actually the oldest among managers, which would explain her dirty mouth that doesn’t fit her appearance. She is followed by her little sister Shocolla, who usually acts very kindly with anyone, but is much more rigid when dealing with her older sister, doing the tsukomi role for Mel.

Routes and Themes

So…A story with a bit of a dark atmosphere and girls wearing hats who are traveling between different worlds? I am sure I’ve seen this somewhere before, I just don’t remember where! I am sure the answer is somewhere among my memories! I want to see you, but I am not able to! Where are you? I will be sure to find you!boushisekai16The story can feel simple at first, and has many elements borrowed from other titles, but the setting has it’s own unique charm, thanks to the characters and the really competent designs.boushisekai15Right when you start the game, you get to a character-select screen, something uncommon for nowadays RPGs. Depending on the character you choose, there are some changes on the dialogs and the order some characters join your party, but the main plot stays nearly the same.


boushisekai12The exploration is side-scrolling, which resembles Valkyrie Profile a lot. The battles are triggered by touching enemies sprites, and are fought in the same screen for dungeon exploration, just like Chrono Trigger.boushisekai10Each manager gets her own room, known as “My Home”, which works as the main base. From there, you can visit any dungeon in the game by simply opening the menu and selecting the Map option. If you get defeated, you just get transported to your room with your party restored.


boushisekai11The graphics are really something! While they are not in HD and the number of frames per animation is nothing impressive, it’s important to remember this is just a doujin running on a simple platform. It’s also important to notice how this game puts a lot of attention to little details everywhere, making even simple things look beautiful.boushisekai09


The game lacks any kind of voice acting, but again, this is only a doujin game! To make up for it, the music is really catchy, even though I don’t know if this is just some default music that is already included with the basic RPGmaker package…


I am serious about the quality of this game, but since words or still-images are not enough to describe this game beauty, I made some videos showing the basic mechanics of the game, as well as the completions of a dungeon for each video:

This video shows the battle system basic mechanics in the first dungeon.

This one has the mechanics of the main base (My Home), also it shows some minor characters, item recipes and the first side quest, ending with the second dungeon boss.

The two other videos are just a walkthrough for the next 2 dungeons in the World of Toys:


boushisekai13This game was created by Enu with RPG Maker VX Ace in 2012. Many other games were also made by this creator and you can find the link for a free download on the official site. Please, feel free to give it a try!

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