Manga Review – Tenraku Akuma! Demon’s Core

Demon's Core24“A normal teenager gets involved on supernatural battles upon a fateful encounter with a mysterious beauty who take him as her servant. She starts to live with him and become the master of the house, monopolizing the best room, food and tools just for herself. This is quite fair, actually, since the normal teenager is not too reliable at battles or at anything, for that matter”.
How Many mangas, animes and Eroges fit in this summary? There’s a ton of it, but how many had the courage to change things around? After reading the same story for the hundredth time, this manga was one of the most refreshing titles I’ve read in a while!

Demon's Core06The Demon World seen here is more like a big city full of giant corporations dominating everything, even the hunt for human souls. It’s in this scenario where Izumi lives, a homeless demon girl whose only friends are low-level stray creatures. She has not eaten anything decent for the past few days, and since she is an earnest girl, she desperately looks for an “honest” job (for demons), but only high-level demons with horns can travel to the human world, so she can’t take big tasks.Demon's Core01Or so she thought, but it turns out a suspect person offers her the chance to pass through a portal which would transport her to Earth under the special circumstances that were met in that specific day. Once there, all she needed to do was to kill a normal student, or to take his life energy and make him her undead slave…whatever! It seems really easy!Demon's Core03Yeah! But nobody warned her that Abenobashi Haruaki is a FREAKING BADASS! Being one of the few remaning Initiators, an existence close to exorcist, but instead of sending demons back to hell, they absorb their power or return them to nothingness.Demon's Core05This makes someone like Haruaki the most fearsome enemy a demon could have, and when a puny demon like Izumi is before a giant like that, the natural thing to happen is for him to feel pity for the girl!Demon's Core07After giving her food at this rad Ramen store, she follows him home to serve him as his personal servant (You read it right! The demon girl wants to serve the teenager!). After refusing Izumi’s offer many times, her horrible smell gets the best of Haruaki and, after giving her an arousing bath full of excitement and nice feelings (her words), the initiator lets her stay for one night. However, this suddenly changes when some weird people appear before our heroes.Demon's Core09They are from the organization who hires demon hunters like Haruaki and they received a suspicious message from his father telling him “to take care of Izumi”. The most suspicious thing about this whole story is that, in the past, Haruaki had his memories sealed by his own father, who went missing soon after that and hasn’t show up ever since.Demon's Core10Trying to organize his ideas, Haruaki and his merry comrades go out to eat delicious Ramen at the Woodstock’s stall, which serves the best Ramen in the region!Demon's Core11Unfortunately, Haruaki is not given time to think, as Izumi suddenly gets impaled by an assassin demon, and things get pretty ass-kicking from there on:Demon's Core13And then, this happens:Demon's Core14Being a demon and all, the assassin survives, but gets in a near-death state. She runs for her life, but Haruaki had too much of his energy consumed by his sword and was about to die. He never expected to be saved by Izumi, who was supposed to be dead, which leads Haruaki to suspect she could have much more importance to him than he could imagine. Haruaki reveals that, since his powers consume too much of his life-energy, he needs to drain demonic energy from Demon Cores he gets from demons he slays, but by draining Izumi’s energy, he can restore his powers instantly, as it turns out Izumi is immortal, which means SHE IS A FUCKING BUFFER! Wait, she is a female, right? This can’t possibly be correct!Demon's Core22So, the manga story does many paradigm shifts with an overly used concept, which alone would make for a very interesting story, but it doesn’t end there, as the visuals are excellent, with awesome fighting scenes and a competent fighter as protagonist!Demon's Core04The characters are really charismatic as well! And even cooler characters are introduced in the following chapters. Not only Izumi starts to officialy live together with Haruaki, but he even gets a free loli as a bonus!Demon's Core17Who inexplicably turns white during chapter 5.Demon's Core18But, it’s ok! She gets cured, later! Talking about chapter 5, it’s where this happens:Demon's Core16Wait, this feels too borderline! And upon further research, I discovered the author, Musashimaru, is one of many mangaka who used to draw H-mangas, which explain the lewd nature of the whole chapter five!Demon's Core15Actually, I can go even further and make a prediction that Izumi will turn out to be Haruaki’s imouto!Demon's Core19This would explain the connection between their powers, amnesia and missing parents. But, what give me this idea? Nothing, really! It’s just because Musashimaru’s previous H-manga was called “Touzen, Imouto ni wa Naisho de” (Of course, keep this as a secret from my little sister), showing this guy is really into incest, or should I say: “wincest”?Demon's Core08Probably! I mean, look to Izumi’s face! Those sad puppy eyes are against the rules! She is probably the cutest heroine I’ve seen these days, and I play a lot of Moeges!Demon's Core23Unfortunately, this manga was not localized or translated, yet! I just hope someone do it soon, because this is a title that certainly deserves it, being something different AND good! Those are some qualities that don’t go together too often.Demon's Core21


5 responses to “Manga Review – Tenraku Akuma! Demon’s Core

  1. Hey this looks actually interesting. The story summary really fits so many contemporary of today. Really no translation? Aww. My Japanese is very limited. 😦

    • Unfortunately, no translations yet. But, hey! Even though the girls are not on top and the protagonist is competent, this manga is still full of cute females, so it’s very likely to become popular, making it get a translation soon!

      • Hahaha! I love it when you say the reason why this will get translated is because of the cute girls! I think you are quite right though, as sometimes maybe it is a primary factor – especially with fan translations (I like to get your insight on this one as I might be wrong though) and not because there are mechas or swords or some interesting plot and skills.

  2. Just wondering, but were you the one who placed some occasional translations in the dialogue boxes? Or did you find that elsewhere? Because I’ve been always trying to find a translation for this

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