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Galge Walkthrough – Dream C Club Gogo.(PS3)

DREAM C CLUB Gogo05Dream C Club is a weird but nice series. It gives you the interaction and playability lacking in the big majority of Galges. It also embraces being a charage more than most PC-based Eroges, ditching any central plot to focus only on the heroines and their short stories for character development. For that reason, doing a review would be kinda unnecessary, so I decided to make 2 videos showing the basic concept and mechanics behind the game, which means those would be like FAQs or tutorial videos. However, be aware! This game is for the HARDCORE! If you miss too much, you will have to start over, and there’s only auto-save, which means you can’t go back to fix your mistakes! I recommend to buy I guide for this game, just like I did! Now! GET READY TO GET DRUNK!