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Shameless Review – Majo Koi Nikki

So, you are one of the many people who fell in love with the last game created by the famous “Nakige” writer Niijima Yuu, right? In this case, you better not watch this video!

Shameless Review – Sakigake⇒Generation

There’s something in this game that only Clochette is capable to offer: BOOBIES! And I don’t mean any kind of breasts! These are GIGANTIC! It’s what everyone wants from a game! What? Plot? What is that? Is is round and bouncing?

Game Review – To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy (PS Vita)

tolove-ru06To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy is a simplistic game with a shallow story and some cheap action parts, but it’s still able to please many people thanks to its main feature, sexy appeal. In other words: It’s the most perfect adaptation the To Love-Ru series ever had for video-games!

Game Review – Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle(PS Vita)

moerochronicle01Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle spammed from the ever popular Monster Monpiece, which somehow became a series. A close translation to the title is “Records of the Protuberant Limits – Burning Chronicle”, and the “burning” part refers to the Otaku term “moe” rather than the literal “burn”. From this name alone, you can already get the gist of this spin-off.