Game Review – Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle(PS Vita)

moerochronicle01Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle spammed from the ever popular Monster Monpiece, which somehow became a series. A close translation to the title is “Records of the Protuberant Limits – Burning Chronicle”, and the “burning” part refers to the Otaku term “moe” rather than the literal “burn”. From this name alone, you can already get the gist of this spin-off.


2014-06-06-210438When the pet bird of a monster-girl named Lilia died, her human childhood friend Io tried to cheer her up but, being just a child, he could just stay still looking to the poor girl while she cried. Feeling embarrassed by Io’s glare, she calls him a pervert on the spur of the moment. This made the young Io awkward to interactions with females, but this also made him become conscious of the opposite sex. Feeling guilty about his impure thoughts, he isolates himself in a temple to get rid of his mundane desires.2014-06-05-131612Since the little Lilia was a direct decedent of Istasha – the mother of all monster-girls – she had a strong magical energy and unconsciously affected Io’s with it, causing the boy’s impurity to leave his body and gain a body and will of its own. Naming himself as Kargoth, the monster spread his impurity to control other monster-girls, giving them the ability to transform humans into weird monsters in the process. It didn’t took too long until even the great Istasha became one of his pawns, making the world fall in a great danger. 2014-06-02-195349As the most unoccupied person in the village (read: useless), it’s up to Io to save the monster girls and the world, or he shall remain banned from his village forever. But he is not alone, as Lilia vows to help her precious friend. They are also joined by many other monster-girls they find along the way, as well as a weird pink-seal-thing…


2014-06-05-093159Ok, let’s start with: What the hell is a monster-girl? Are they real monsters? Are they an entirely different race from humans? Or are they just a bunch of lunatic girls who are ridiculously strong and like to cosplay? Because the later seems more likely! I feel like the developers want to “play safe” by not using any fetish too hardcore for the mainstream public such as monster girls, but it gets so “vanilla” that you can’t even call them “monster-girls” anymore. Be it a Dullahan with the head always attached to the body or a biped centaur, those girls are certain to make every fan of this fetish really disappointed.2014-05-15-110314They main objective of this series is to make its players aroused with all kinds of cute and sexy girls, and to achieve this goal, it uses silly visuals and concepts with double meaning everywhere. This fan-service is used as an convenient plot-device to move the “story” forward, forcing the player into doing some really awkward things while he fights against some equally awkward situations.2014-06-01-202312The world setting is really simple. There’s only one human village – witch is used as main-base. All the rest of the map is the so-called “Monster-girls’ lands”, being divided into 6 areas recognized only by their respective numbers (Io eventually gives a new silly name for each new place). You can notice how there was not much thought put into this world, since the main focus is elsewhere…


2014-05-15-102103The basic gameplay would classify Moero Chronicle as nothing more than a generic dungeon crawler, but being part of the “Genkai” series, it has many mechanics in common with the original game.2014-05-15-134856First you must aim for the “weak spots” of a monster girl in order to strip her naked, this takes you to the obligatory “touch-screen action” where Io must give a sexual massage to the poor monster-girl until she falls to the might of the vibrator sword.moerochronicle02 Feeling completely enslaved by the pleasures offered by Io’s touch, the monster-girl will join your party. Once back in the inn, you can dress your new party member with even riskier clothes, reform her room, give her presents, and force her to lay an egg for you to use as an item. You need to do those things for the sake of raising a strong party and to unlock more scenes of romantic comedy with your favorite girls. All those elements combined make you feel like you’re playing some odd mix between Pokemon and Tamagotchi, the difference is that you have lewd human girls instead of little monsters.2014-05-15-101948This idea not only looks stupid, IT IS STUPID! However, in Japan, it is a brilliant concept! “A Pokemon game where you need to strip and touch anime-girls in order to capture them”? Every Japanese Otaku would love to catch’em all. What’s more, it’s a really easy game, probably the easiest dungeon crawler I’ve ever seen, and you can even change the difficult setting to make it easier, probably making any grinding unnecessary. This means anyone can enjoy the hunt, even those unexperienced with the genre. The biggest flaw in the gameplay is the touch mechanic, even If you accept all that ridiculous sexism in the game.2014-06-01-101021 This is because the hit detection and time restrictions during those sections can deem some captures as nearly impossible, forcing you to take on a boss fight against the same monster girl many times, over and over, until you find the right way to touch them at a “weak spot”. This can be a really frustrating experience, especially because you don’t get any experience or items when you fail to please the monster-girl. It seems they tried to fix that with a recent patch by giving some few EXP points for each try, but there are still times where you get nothing.


2014-05-31-125753As most dungeon crawlers, this game doesn’t get any visual appeal on the department of backgrounds, enemies, playable characters, special attacks or anything normal, leaving you only with the extreme H fan-service involving girls losing their clothes and changing facial expressions from “fear” to “sexually aroused”.2014-06-06-210414The characters will also present some simple animations for mouths and eyes during events, those events are at a Galge style, with characters facing the camera and talking to the emptiness.


2014-05-15-084839Most of the voice-cast is composed by seiyuus who usually dub Eroges, this is most likely for the huge amount of moaning in the game. Additionally, there are many risky lines all over the place, for example: When focusing his energy, Io will say things like: “I am cumming”, or “I can’t hold anymore!”. In response, the girls will shout things like: “It’s filling me inside”, “It’s warm and tasty”, or “It feels so good”. There’s much more! It gets even worse (or better) when you have to strip and touch the girls! Aside from delivering Ero-voices, the voice acting is pretty decent, as most Japanese games.2014-06-06-210421The music can feel somewhat familiar, going from Donkey Kong Country to Mario and others, but even those tracks don’t live up to the originals. However, there are a few catching BGMs here and there, some even with vocals!


2014-06-06-210449Moero Chronicle is exactly what it looks like: A really silly game full of sexism and no real plot or innovative gameplay. If I was to say something positive about this game, I would, at least, praise how they were self-aware about everything. Nobody tried to sell this as a super masterpiece full of drama, plot-twists, great graphics, epic music or anything like that. They gave what their public wanted, and if there’s a big demand for this kind of game in Japan, who is to blame for, anyway?

6 responses to “Game Review – Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle(PS Vita)

  1. Nice review. I was close to getting this one last week, yet opted for Criminal Girls Invitation instead. Not into the whole Monster Girl thing (not even sure why it is so popular), so I will mostly likely be passing on this one.

    • You sure are a wise one, my friend! Even though Criminal Girls can also be quite…risky as well! 🙂

      • Can it be risky? Yes! However, is the story good? So far, yes to that as well. I do admit I could do without the punishment system and it does get tedious after while, but is surprisingly better than I imagined. Just something to pass time until July and August come in. Did wish I had enough cash for Chou Megami Shinkou Noire, but willing to wait for it to go on discount.

      • I only played the PSP version, but I am sure it is better than Moero Chronicle’s “incredible plot”. I got Noire as well, but I probably will only play it after Ao Evolution

    • Dont call it monster girls. These things arent monster girls, I dare you to say that to me in my face lol but seriously they are just regular humans dressed like something but not monster girls. An horn or wing or cat ears doesn’t make you monster girls. These companies got them all wrong.

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