Shameless Review – Sakigake⇒Generation

There’s something in this game that only Clochette is capable to offer: BOOBIES! And I don’t mean any kind of breasts! These are GIGANTIC! It’s what everyone wants from a game! What? Plot? What is that? Is is round and bouncing?

2 responses to “Shameless Review – Sakigake⇒Generation

  1. No lie: I’m right now crying because I laughed so much.

    These video reviews are simply the best of the best a review can ever get. I’m humbled by your talent of making these trashy games actually worth trying out, and let me catch my breath and calm my sides before actually doing whatever I was doing…

    • Thank you! You flatter me too much!
      I think this game can become an “innocent” piece of guilty pleasure. It’s full of unnecessary fan-service and endless stupidity in the plot, but it doesn’t feel like I should be taking this too seriously in the first place, which helped to keep playing this when things got really silly.
      So, yeah! It may be worth trying this for some H, especially if it’s about boobs! I wonder if this will be the most boin game for this year…

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