Shameless Review – Majo Koi Nikki

So, you are one of the many people who fell in love with the last game created by the famous “Nakige” writer Niijima Yuu, right? In this case, you better not watch this video!

26 responses to “Shameless Review – Majo Koi Nikki

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA ouch, my sides. HAHAHA so much love for Hijiri. Although that plot twist at the ending was shocking, I never did cry at the end of the story. I mean, looking back at protagonist’s endless sexual liaisons and love affairs… I’d like to question why the heroines even love him. He does make one hell of a good nukige protagonist though. The second ending made me go “what the hell just happened?” and he deserves that NICE COGWHEEL!

    • Thank you!
      Hey! I just noticed that damn nun got the same name as that fucking samurai girl from Himegoto Union, the same bitch who renamed my Ctrl key to “Hijiri button”. No wonder I hate her! It seems I have a problem with characters named “Hijiri”.
      About the twist at the end: Meh! Monobeno did something similar before and it was better done! It had so much impact on me that I spent the whole night thinking about it! They even made a sequel only to give a happy ending for that twist and the fans asked for the heroine’s “true form” to be censored in that sequel, because of how shocking and tragic it was. In the case of this game, not even the voice got different! I actually had a part talking about this twist recorded for this video, but I cutted it in the end, because it would be a huge spoiler…

      • Hijiri button lol! Come to think of it, I haven’t played Himegoto Union yet despite playing Taiyou no Promia.

      • I think you might like that one, but in my case, it’s right with Majo Koi and Hikoukigumo in my Black List of Eroges!
        BTW, I think Mevantiana just said “cool! I didn’t know any Eroge player from Norkse until now”

    • I guess this game isn’t like Hatsuyuki and the other season games by him.

      Hey, Sheltis, you can’t possible be Norwegian? Trode ikke jeg kom til og møte none Norkse Eroge spillere her. 😛

    • Aha, well when i saw the “.no” at i assumed the blog was hosted in Norway, thus you being Norwegian. ^^

      • BlogSpot usually add your region code to the end of any blog address, so the “.no” portion is only seem by people from where you live. You can even erase that “.no” from the link and it will still work

      • Wow, a norwegian in a brazilian dude’s blog that is all written in english about japanese games… that’s the internet for you

  2. Also the translation from what i said would be “I didn’t think i would come across any Norwegian Eroge players here” I am aware of a few Norwegian eroge players, but not anyone who is able to read Japanese, nor anyone blogging about English translated ones. So, yeah, i thought, Holyshit!

  3. I laughed at the beginning, but halfway through the video felt that the whole point was to criticize the game and you just leaved all sort of explications towards some of the points you raiser and picked a character talking quirky just to make fun. In the end it was indeed funny, but it’s too biased to be called an review without commenting in a lot of factors, guess that’s why it’s called shameless, though you probably should switch for shameless opinion.

    • Thank you for your opinion. Sorry if the video was not as informative as you would like. I had a lot cutted from it because I thought it would offend Niijima fans, and I didn’t want to make any spoilers either.
      In the end, I decided to let things a little vague and talk only about some of the problems that bothered me the most, but maybe you’re right. Maybe I should be more shameless in my next video review.

  4. I’ve read three of his games, including this one, it is the weakest of his works, in my opinion (Natsunagi>Hatsusaki>Majokoi), and I can see from where it came the things that bothered you. It was a good satire and funny, but since there was nothing more besides the video felt like you disliked the game and wouldn’t recommend it for someone else to check it out, at least that’s what I would think. Maybe you should add a short text telling with a more broad vision? Anyway that’s just my opinion.

    On a side note, are you enjoying the WC?

  5. I was not going to play this game at first because I am not a Niijima fan since I played a couple of his games. However, some of his die hard fans told me “Every single of his works are perfect!”, but when I told I’ve played “Coming×Humming” and “Kisaragi Gold×Star”, I was informed those games are shitty even for the fans (what ever happened with the “perfect” thing?), and I was told that “If I wished to judge Niijima fairly, I needed to play one of his most recent games” (funny thing is that Kisaragi came AFTER Natsuyume – who everyone seems to love – so I guess experience has nothing to do with this). I talked with my friends about it and one of them said “Let’s make a video about this new one, because it seems stupid, so there will be lots to make fun of!”.
    In the end, I played the two trials, and after 3 hours (long trials!), I had a horrible first impression. Even so, the fans kept saying “You should play the complete version if you want to understand or criticize the game”. Fair enough! I played the real thing and it was one of the worst experiences I had this year (Seriously! I complained A LOT about this game on twitter).
    Two things happen when I get angry: I offend lots of people and the quality of my reviews drop quite a lot. I amost gave up on doing this video, but I wanted to warn everyone about how bad this game is. To avoid my two problems, I decided to make the video short and give me just a few lines.
    Yes! I hate this game from the bottom of my heart. And since even a Buddha will be angered after the third stroke, I will never play a Niijima title again. I don’t want to recommend this game to anyone, but the truth is a lot of people love it, and I respect everyone’s opinion.
    Maybe it would be better to add some more info in the video, but it would feel unnatural to add more info later. I will just let the video as it is, mark it as one of my mistakes and use it as references for my future videos.
    About the WC: I love soccer almost as much as I love Majo Koi. Sorry for being such an asshole, it’s not always like this! When I play bad games, I usually just get bored…

    • Fair enough, we just have really different tastes after all. I’m still in awe about your opinion on Hikoukigumo but that’s another history. Guess it’s valid to hear someone who have a complete different taste as me to see the novel from another side, also don’t mind too much my opinion too.

      About the WC, too bad, guess I was wrong thinking you’re an Brazilian too.

      • No! You got that right! I am a Brazilian. I just don’t like soccer…and carnival…and samba…and boi…andWAIT A MINUTE! Am I really Brazilian?

      • I’m also not your “average” Brazilian and don’t like most of those stereotypes, but football… not everybody is a fan, but downright disliking like you seem to do with majokoi, that’s a first, well besides my gay cousin.

        Keep up the good work, I will definitely keep looking for more of your content and giving my (worthless) feedback from the ones I played, especially for more “serious” novels and anime, by the way, are you guys playing Reminiscence next month?

      • Reminiscence was somewhat of a half-good game for me. There was a lot that I loved about it, but a lot I despised, I will probably play it, but much later…

  6. “WAIT A MINUTE! Am I really Brazilian?” Yes, yes, you are. A quite weird one, but…

    About the game, this video was quite troublesome to do. I got REALLY sick midway, lost my voice and still can’t hear shit on my right ear, and I should be the one talking the most since Gangrelion couldn’t stop his “i-hate-this-game” syndrome long enough to make the long explanations. Sorry, I will try to not almost die next time. But don’t take this the wrong way with the negative feedback, just joking with the fact that it was actually funny recording in those conditions.
    Btw, we always welcome feedback. Even more when it is constructive like you did.
    P.S.: It is pretty funny to see Gangrelion’s face whenever he has to talk about this game again so… so long and thank you for all the comments.

  7. I died from laughing too hard.

    I love how you created this review. It must’ve taken a lot of effort (at least compared to a plain text review), and I definitely commend you for that.

    Absolutely hilarious how you presented the material as well as how you spoke. I’m loving your reviews every single time you post them. Keep it up, brother!

    • Thank you! I am really glad you liked! This gives me the incentive to make more of these.
      It sure takes a lot of effort to finish those videos when we both are sick, but when the game is at least decent, it’s pretty fun to make those reviews!
      I already have one or two ideas for what to pick from the july releases, but I don’t know what to choose from the “loli-june”. Maybe I should try something different.

      • “…and it sucks bawls”
        That phrase. The timing. The tone you used to say it…
        I repeat just that line from the video for the 34th time and I’m still laughing like a dumbass…

      • Thanks! It was actually Zebaca who say this, but I also appreciate your words!
        Wait a sec! So it was true! Our voices really are similar! And I spent so many years joking about it, but maybe Zebaca is really just an imaginary friend! I better ask this to him later…

    • Well, thank you for the “sucks balls” compliment! I will try to keep it funny in the future. Also, I am not Gangrelion. Right? I mean… We go to different places and have different friends… And … I wonder if we should make the first rule about Otaku Overdrive being “You do not talk about Otaku Overdrive”?
      (Fight Club joke nobody gets of the day, check)

      It does take a lot of effort, but is quite fun to do these videos, so we will try to keep the good work. Thank you for watching.

      • Oh wow! So it WAS both of you. I noticed that there were two voices in the video, but for some reason, immediately thought it was just gangrelion using two tones of voice. I should’ve realized that one of them had an accent while the other did not XD

        So I’m guessing that’s what you guys did for the other review, too.
        That’s pretty amazing how you both work on a collaboration review that’s hilarious like this.

        Say, if you ever feel like letting me join in on your video review, that would be absolutely amazing!

      • Thank you for your compliments. I would love to have special guests, not just you but other people from the Galge community as well!
        I know you usually are really busy, so tell me when you get more free time and we could record something.
        But if that is the case, I would like to use something else to communicate with you, because those things take a lot of preparations, and it would be difficult to decide everything through comments on wordpress.

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