Galge Review – Scramble Lovers

001_titleThere are some things you should always expect from Aries games: Weird mouths with cat teeth, enormous boobs and (more recently) incest! Their newest title delivers everything that was expected, so…Mission Accomplished?

 Story & Characters

ShingoAoi Shingo has always been forced to move out thanks to his parents’ job. To comfort his twin little sister, he looked for the most exotic and delicious foods in the city and made a promise with her to look for the most delicious delicacies of each new city they have to stay. 293_ev401acThis awakened a love for touring cities and looking for every interesting spot. After a while, he finally got the permission to stay in an apartment while his parents continue their job across the country and his sister enrolled in a boarding school. Life was really peaceful and fun, but one fateful day, he got out to a walk and met with 4 special girls.212_ev306aaThe first one was Kiriyu Sarasa, who was about to fall from the stairs, but Shingo was just in time to save her. This made this ojou-sama fall in love at first glance for Shingo, like he was a prince out of a fairy tale. She becomes immediately interested in him and is willing to do anything for him.129_ev205aMibu Natsume has just come from the country-side to the big city for the first time and was completely lost, but Shingo gave her a nice tour while guiding Natsume to her destination, this gave a very reliable impression of Shingo, and she wished to know more about him.302_ev404cWhen Shingo finally got home, he met again with Yui, his adorable imouto! She came to live and study together with her beloved onii-chan, and she is actually a prick who is always trying to insult her brother and make him look like a turd! Isn’t that lovely?!003_ev101bIzumo Sakurako also was the last one to have a chance meeting with Shingo, but at the time, she didn’t know how to react, since her social skills are pretty low and she depends on a note book to guide her on how talk with others. She tries really hard to hide her shyness and gets really nervous around strangers, but for some reason, she felt secure next to Shingo, and wanted to know why.scramblelovers01Fate reveals itself on the next day, when they find out all those 4 girls have come to the same city at the same day, got transferred to the same school in the same classroom, had a fateful encounter with the same guy, moved to the same apartment and they all got Herpes! Wait, NO! Sorry, they didn’t get Herpes! Everything is juuust fiiine!367_ev901aaSo, during a random conversation, the girls find out they are yet to experience their first love. Reaching the conclusion this could not go on, they form the “First-Love Alliance”, which basically means they will practice dates and other lovey-dovey events with Shingo, until one of them finds their first love, but their feelings for Shingo are really obvious, so this will only last until he settles down with one of them.

Routes & Themes

202_ev302eH-scenes with lots of boobs! There’s really nothing much other than that. You are forced to skip through a lot of repeated events on each playthrough until you get into a specific route. When you have to choose your destination on the map, you’re unable to save, unless you changed the shortcut command of the mouse’s right button to open the save screen beforehand. Each route is really short, making the heroines look really shallow. There are a bunch of info and elements on their page from the official site that goes unused, and there’s no real conflict during the route’s climax. Natsume’ route, for example, has the couple posing for a magazine as the ideal couple. The article is really well received and they get happy. THE END!140_ev207bBut the worst part was during an obligatory event during the Matsuri festival. there’s a parade of Brazilian men doing a half-naked dance like Brazilian women would do during carnival. According to a pamphlet, they are doing that to make up for how machist they were. It’s insulting and ironic to see Japanese folks, of all people, accusing an entire country of machism, but it doesn’t end there. The nude men bring their dance to Sakurako as they start to rub their bodies covered with sweat against the poor innocent girl while releasing macho war cries. The pure Sakurako could only scream at disgust until the brave Japanese young man Shingo comes to save her from the weird Brazilian creatures…Why Japan? WHY? I already had to go through the stupid gaijin parents from Majo Koi Nikki last month! Why do I need to suffer even more? Is Racism a new comedic trend in Japan?316_ev408acYui has a really silly incest themed route! I shit you not: Shingo claims they shouldn’t have sex because they are not able to make a baby, since they are blood related…I am pretty sure this doesn’t work like that!


010_ev102dInuzumi Masaki is the main artist behind Aries titles and this is the main feature to attract buyers. This is because he became considerably famous since his work on the light novel “Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsui Shimashita” (commonly known as Yuushibu). I personally was never a big fan of his art, but I understand why he is popular, with those giant boobs, cat teeths and those red marks on the skin. Everything is really MOE, so if you like this type of thing, his art will not come as a disappointment!


309_ev406dSome of the voice-acting feel really newbie-like during some events, it’s awkward when it’s during a drama scene. Maybe this is why they cutted the climax so short. There’s nothing interesting about the music.


368_ev902Aside for the repulsive Brazilian carnival scene, this game was a regular chara-ge. Nothing special to write home about, but it’s not like the game was even trying to tell you a story, to begin with. It’s a bunch of moe girls with giant boobs. Did you really expect something different?

8 responses to “Galge Review – Scramble Lovers

  1. Dat Shingo.
    That is all.

  2. Pew, :/ Either Nukige or this. That’s 90% of the visual novels coming out this year, and the year after that and so on. So, gangrelion, how was the soundtracks?

    • The soundtrack was completely unremarkable, I don’t even remember a single track right now, It was the regular .midi a guy alone would compose with a couple hours while watching TV…

      • Ah, alright. Thanks. I sometimes tend to look up the soundtracks, even Nukige’s sometimes have descent OST. would be awesome if you could include any comment on the soundtracks the game has. I might not comment, but i have pretty much read all your reviews since i followed you 😛

        P.S Piano/violin and Dark violent once would be nice if you pointed out! 🙂

      • In fact I did include a comment about the soundtrack. It was when I said “There’s nothing interesting about the music”. But I shouldn’t made any comment based on what I said on one of my past reviews, about them always being below average and I having to write the same thing about the music on every new review. It was when I decided I would only write something about Eroge soundtracks when they are at least average…
        P.S. What do you mean’t by “Piano/violin and Dark violent”? Is it about the instruments used in the music?

  3. Yep, the instruments. Here is an example of a happy/sad one: and this too is an good example

    Devils devel concept had pretty many badass dark once, especially Message of darkness, 蒼昴, 悲しみの果て, エンカウント. No signal and Mistake, was pretty damn good stuff too.

    Simple theme’s when you know the boss is here: and – Man G-senjou no maou had freaking numerous of awesome ST.

    But yeah, really from songs that get you emotional and the bad ass stuff.

    But of course, no need to force yourself to put it in, just an idea. 🙂

    • Actually, I already write a lot about music on my reviews, because I actually love game music! However, it’s really rare for a galge to have good BGM, so it’s difficult to write about something that is not really there.
      Therefore, if you don’t find anything about the music on my reviews, it’s because the soundtrack is nothing special. But, if the BGMs are really outstanding, I may even include some samples (like in my Ao no Kiseki review).

  4. Ah, yeah, i remember going fast over the Ao no Kiseki review, however due to it being a RPG, i kinda didn’t have that much interest, but i think i listened to those youtube videos, weren’t bad stuff. 🙂

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