Manga Review – Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

jitsuwawatashiwa00I will do something different for this review because circumstances made me unable to avoid this format. Just pretend this is a Manga and Galge review…but not really. Anyway: It’s vampire time! And how a vampire-centered love-comedy must go? Is it full of possibilities? Well, most Japanese writers don’t seem to agree with that, but there are some exceptions…

005_ev01_03The protagonist is a good-for-nothing with no unique traits about him. During a certain night, he finds a vampire in his school and is easily over-powered by her and her overly-loyal servant for no good reason. They are about to kill the poor protagonist who can only get paralyzed in panic, but the master orders her maid to stop, since she finds the main character to be “interesting”…016_ev04_01For the surprise of no one, the two end up transferring to the same class as the protagonist, and continue to treat him like a retarded. Her name is pretty exotic for Japanese people, and many have difficulty to pronounce it correctly. She is completely oblivious to Japanese Culture and couldn’t care less for it, even if she knows she is offending people around her. After all, it’s them who must adapt to her ways.062_ev18_02She also claims to be filthy rich, and acts accordingly, being very egocentric and snob, she even uses an archaic and very polite Japanese dialect, even though it’s not her native language. She is also very intelligent and school has no real challenge for her level, the same can be said for daily-life problems.107_ev33_02The reason for her sudden interest for the main character remains unexplained, but she keeps treating him like trash to make everything even more senseless…001_00000Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki is a Galge by Alcot Honey Comb released November of last year, but this was NOT a synopsis for this game! To be precise, it was NOT a synopsis ONLY for this game. This is a story re-used many times, with many different elements other than vampires, but this is a prime example of the main stereotype for this blood-sucking creature.113_ev35_02Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki got many negative reviews and mediocre scores at best. The most praised thing was its art, which I must admit to be really good! But it feels like one of those games that are relying much more on the CGs rather than the story. Still, most Japanese stories featuring vampires don’t get much different from this. Nevertheless, is it really impossible to run away from this over-used story structure?jitsuwawatashiwa12After I got really bored with this galge, I ran into this manga by chance. It’s art-style is really weird, with drawings reminiscent of the early 90’s. It is called “Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa”, which would translate to “The Truth is I Am…” (often simplified to just “I Am…”). On further research, I found it is a manga about a vampire, so…WHAT THE HELL! I gave it a try and read the first chapter.jitsuwawatashiwa05The main character is Kuromine Asahi, he looks like a loser, but he is just too honest for his own good, and everyone can read him like a book. He is unable to keep secrets, even when he really wants to, it’s just his nature.jitsuwawatashiwa03Therefore, it’s only natural that all of his friends already know about his crush on Shiragami Youko, a calm and cold girl who never speaks with anyone. Since he knew Shiragami only leaves the school when the gate is about to close, he used the chance to make a confession when they would be alone. He suddenly enters the dark classroom to find Youko in an unusual form…jitsuwawatashiwa04That’s right! She is a freaking vampire! And what’s more: All the reason behind her weird demeanor was just so she could keep her secret, since she really wants to attend school, and if anyone was to find out her true form, she would be forced to give up going to a normal school forever! What will happen now? Will she kill or threaten to kill Kuromine in order to keep her dream?jitsuwawatashiwa02No! Of course not! Who would do that? She is a selfless and humble girl who decides her dreams are not more important than her classmate. However, Kuromine doesn’t accept that and he begs that she stays in school because he will keep this a secret, since he really wants to become her…FRIEND.jitsuwawatashiwa08Yes! He gets a bit nervous there and is unable to ask her to become his girlfriend, but he later notices it was better this way, otherwise, it would sound like he was blackmailing her to go out with him. And what more, Youko seemed really happy, as he was her first friends from school, but she knew how poor of a liar he was and was convinced this wouldn’t last long.jitsuwawatashiwa10However, much for her surprise, Kuromine was able to go against his own nature in order to keep his promise and even challenged some of his greatest fears. This let Shiragami really impressed and their bounds grow to be really strong.jitsuwawatashiwa06Becoming more intimates with Youko, Kuromine learns she has a Kansai dialect, which is considered to be one of the most “casual” Japanese dialects. Not only she doesn’t sound “noble-like”, she is not really rich, her house is not exactly big or beautiful either, as she lives in a tiny apartment.jitsuwawatashiwa11Different from what you would expect, she is not exactly too bright, and simple daily-life problems get the best of her, since her common sense is all over the place. That’s when Kuromine-kun gets his chance to shine! He is always there to help her during emergencies during situations that are simple misunderstandings but turn out to be really amusing thanks to how unpredictable they are!jitsuwawatashiwa09So, this manga has likable characters with an unique art-style, understandable character motivations and an admirable protagonist who the reader can easily relate to. For Pete’s Sake! Why does this sound so normal but it’s actually so rare to find these days? Jitsu Wa Watshi Wa is being published by Akita Shoten on the Shuukan Shounen Champion magazine and has 7 tankoubons for now. The translation got to the chapter 25 and it was a bit slow but it recently gained some speed thanks to the series becoming a bit more popular around the net. Hopefully it can reach the most recent chapters in Japan, but I also hope it can sell enough so it could get an anime adaptation. It really deserves it!jitsuwawatashiwa07

2 responses to “Manga Review – Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

  1. I agree, this is one of the best normal romantic comedies that is growing in popularity, here in the US. And on top of that, it has been green-lit for an anime series coming out later on this summer. (2015)

    • At the time I wrote this review, the English scanlations just had got as far as the 1st volume and there was no sign of this series ever being licensed in the U.S., which made me think: “Maybe it’s lacking lolis and big boobs…or lolis with big boobs!” But thankfully, the series never had to go that far and ever since has grown in popularity with even an anime adaptation coming soon. I’m so glad!
      When the anime come out, I will finally be following a cute series that the vast majority loves, too!

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